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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 24) - "Hotel Escape" / Or "The Escape from Norway" - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 24)

Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

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Chapter Twenty-Four

PART 24: “Hotel Escape”
(Or, "The Escape from Norway")

Karl awoke in the darkness. He sat up in his hotel bed and gazed at the digital clock on a lamp table beside the bed. It displayed the time in green numbers: 12:30 AM. Still wearing his daytime clothes, he got out of bed and walked toward the window of the hotel room he shared with Toben. The Nigerian man was asleep on the other hotel bed with the blankets drawn up under his chin.

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Karl felt in his spirit that something was wrong. He slid the window drapes open and peered down a the parking lot below. LED street lights splashed bluish light on the pavement below and cast shadows from cars in the hotel parking lot. Stars twinkled in the night sky adding to the serenity of the night. Nothing seemed to be amiss, but Karl had a feeling that he had woken up because God had him wake up.

[Read about Karl Holst's escape from Oslo, with his friends, 
and his arrival in the town of Hamar, Norway in Part 22.]

“Father God, did you wake me up?” Karl said as he gazed down at the parking lot and the street beyond it.

“My son, I am with you,” Abba God said. “Yes, I woke you from sleep so that you could pray for your group. I will send a test to try your faith to see if you are willing to bear your cross and follow Me, but I will be with you through this test, and I will certainly deliver you. Pray for your group that they will seek Me, for if they will not seek Me, I cannot help them because they would not be willing for Me to help them.

“Pray for the other members of your group, which are not with you now. I am calling out to them and sending them to places of safety, for the persecution is going to ratchet up very soon. Indeed, it is starting to as I speak. The time of judgment is come. The darkness in your nation, and across Europe, and around the world is growing more intense. Indeed, soon, the Antichrist will arise and will enter the earth. He will come to deceive many and to lead them into the New World Order, which I prophesied would happen in the book of Revelation, and in the book of Daniel, and elsewhere in My Word.

“The communists have been persecuting people in your land for a little while, but now they shall increase their persecution manifold. I shall deliver all who trust in Me and who look to Me for help. I love you very much. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

“Wow,” Karl said as he thought about what God had said. “Father, thank you for this message. Thank you. I will pray for the group. And… I just want Norway and the world to open their eyes, Abba Father, and see you for who you really are. You are the loving Father God who desperately wants us to know you on a deep, personal basis. Thank you for what you have shown me.”

“You are welcome, My son,” Abba God said. “I shall guide you in what to do. Now, you may pray for your group. And, I the Lord your Abba Father and God have spoken.”

Karl began interceding and praying for each member of the group as they came to his mind. There were about 30 people who regularly attended an underground Bible study, which happened on a weekly basis, that God was having Karl lead. Karl desired and prayed that each one of them would seek God and know Him as their best Friend, and know His gentle, loving voice, and His great love and care.

(A digital clock. Click for source.)
After what seemed a few minutes had passed, Karl heard his Heavenly Father showing him to wake up Toben. As Karl walked back toward the two beds, he noticed the digital clock read 2:35 AM. About two hours had passed since he started praying, but they felt like fifteen minutes. He while he had prayed, Karl had felt a connection with his loving Father God, which brought great joy and peace to him. And, that connection in his heart remained with him afterward.

“Toben,” Karl said, nudging Toben’s arm.

The Nigerian man’s eyes opened and Toben looked up, squinting. “Huh?” he said groggily.

“Father God was showing me to wake you from sleep so you could have time with Him,” Karl said.

Toben sat up in bed and squinted at the clock on the table between the two beds. “Karl, it’s 2:36 AM. You said that God told you to wake me up? I’ll ask Him.”

After less than a minute had passed, Toben stood up, still wearing his tan slacks and collared shirt. Neither he nor Karl nor any of the others had brought gear or extra clothing with them, since they had been shown by God to leave Oslo and head north, without delaying.

“Karl,” Toben said, smiling with a tired expression, “I am glad you woke me up. God does want me to seek Him.”

“You’re welcome,” Karl said as he reached for the light switch and turned on the desk lamp.

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Another hour of praying passed. Karl quietly talked with Father God as he read God’s Word while Toben did the same sitting on the other bed. Their small backpacks lay on the ground. Suddenly, without warning, the hotel room door clicked, making the sound of unlocking. ‘What is that? It sounds like the door had just unlocked,’ Karl thought, turning toward the door. Toben Nenge had the same question on his mind as he gazed at the door.

“My son,” God’s loving voice said to Toben, “tell Karl that you both need to leave now. Go down to the street level and leave. Bring the women and Abdul with you. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

Toben stood up from the bed suddenly, drawing Karl’s attention.

“Karl,” Toben said, “we need to get Abdul in his room, and the women in their room, and get out of here. God is showing me we need to leave now.”

“What’s happening? Why did God show you that?”

“I don’t know, but I know I need to obey God,” Toben said as he placed his Bible into his green backpack and zipped it shut. “The secret police might be lurking around here.”

('Toben noticed a green light appear
on the cardkey lock of Abdul’s room door.') 
Toben led the way, carrying his small backpack in hand, and Karl followed. Entering the hallway, the two men walked briskly toward Abdul’s door, which was beside their room. Toben noticed a green light appear on the cardkey lock of Abdul’s room door. It indicated that his door was unlocked. ‘That isn’t right,’ Toben thought.

Then, he looked back and saw a green light appear on the cardkey lock of his hotel room. The green light should have been off since his door was now latched shut. Toben realized that someone had remotely unlocked the cardkey locks through the hotel’s computerized security system. It could only mean one thing: the secret police had arrived.

Toben knocked at Abdul’s door. After a few seconds, the door opened and Abdul stood before them, wearing his daytime clothes and holding a Bible. Toben quickly informed him about the situation. “The secret police know about us? I pray that God will protect us from them,” Abdul said, trying to hide his fear.

“We need to leave right away,” Karl said.

“Felix must have turned in the rest of this group,” Abdul said as he walked back into the room to get his backpack. Then with anger in his voice he said, “He needs to suffer for what he’s done to us.”

[Read about Felix turning in the group in Part 21.]

“Abdul,” Toben said, “you shouldn’t say that. Bitterness is our enemy. We need to forgive our enemies, and leave them in God’s responsibility.”

“You’re right, Toben,” the young Syrian man said, sighing. “I was wrong to despise him. I choose to forgive Felix. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and to forgive those who despitefully use us, didn’t He?”

“He certainly did,” Toben said. “Let’s see if Inga and Elise are awake.”

A few doors down, they found another unlocked door with a green light. It was the room where Inga and Elise were staying. Karl knocked on the door loudly. There was no answer. ‘Could something have happened to the women?’ he wondered.

Then, the door opened and Elise stood in the doorway. She also looked fully awake and was wearing the same clothes she wore when they left Oslo: a long dress that reached down to her ankles and a loose-fitting blouse. “What is it, Karl?” she asked. Inga, also wearing a long dress and blouse, appeared in the doorway.

(A hotel hallway. Click for source.)
“God showed Toben that we need to leave this hotel right away. Our doors were unlocked and we think the authorities are aware that we are staying here. It may be only moments before the police arrive.”

“What about checking out of the hotel?” Elise said.

“We will do what God shows us. I am sure He will show us what to do about that,” Karl said. “But, we need to hurry.”

The women looked at each other and then nodded. They left the room carrying their purses and followed Toben as he led the way down the hall and toward an elevator. The moment that the doors closed and the elevator began to descend, a fear began attacking Karl strongly. ‘Could they be descending toward a lobby filled with police?’

At the first floor level, the doors opened and they found themselves in a carpeted hallway leading toward the lobby. But, Toben led them toward an exit which opened into the parking lot. The moon shone down on them from its lofty height above the earth. Stars sparkled in the clear night sky and some wispy clouds hovered thousands of feet above the ground. The lot had a few cars, but it was mostly empty.

(BMW M760. Click for source.)
Carrying their backpacks or purses, the group reached the sidewalk bordering the nearby street. Karl noticed a grey BMW M760 sedan parked under a tree. A man was sitting in the car looking in their direction. ‘What was he doing here at this time of night?’ Karl wondered. The man pressed something on his belt and spoke into a small speaker, which was hidden from view.  Suddenly, he opened the door and stepped out.

Elise felt butterflies in her chest as she saw the man emerge from the car. ‘He has to be a member of Norway’s Special Command for National Protection,’* Elise realized. 

[*Note: SCNP is the official name for the secret police, in this story. It may have a different name after Norway is conquered by Russia in the not-too-distant future. The future Norway will be controlled by a puppet government that secretly answers to Russia.]

Then, another BMW M760 pulled up in front of the group and two men sprung out, after their doors flung open. They quickly drew silenced pistols and aimed them at the group. As this happened, Elise placed a hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming. Karl’s heart sank. How could this be happening? He didn’t want to be placed in prison again.

“Put your hands on your heads where we can see them,” the first SCNP officer to approach them said.

“Why are you here?” Toben said boldly as he slowly raised his hands, eyeing the men dressed in black pea coats and black slacks.

“You’re under arrest for conducting illegal religious activities,” another officer said.

“You cannot touch one hair of our head because we are children of the Most High God, and He promised to protect us,” Toben said boldly.

Unfazed, the first officer to speak said, “Place your hands against the car.”

Toben knew that if he complied with the secret police, they would snap handcuffs on each member of his group and take them to concentration camps, after giving them a brief stay in a prison. With no miraculous intervention, one could remain in a concentration camp until the day he dies. Toben uttered a quick and fervent prayer at that brief moment as he pondered over those concerns.

“I said, place your hands against the car,” the SCNP officer said louder and firmer.

Suddenly, a bright light shone from a height of twelve feet above the ground, and the secret police covered their eyes, and two dropped to their knees. Then, Karl fell to his knees too. He saw the others doing the same. The first man to approach them dropped his gun and fell to his knees as he gazed into the bright light, and at the being from which it emanated.

Greek Corinthian helmet
Descending toward them was an angelic being, twelve feet in stature, with white, glowing wings, which resembled the wings of an eagle. He wore a white tunic that went to his feet and a golden belt. Over the tunic the angel wore golden-colored armor that resembled the armor worn by Greek Hoplite soldiers and a helmet that resembled the Greek Corinthian helmet. White shining hair poke out from under his helmet, and all his armor and clothes glowed with pure light. He carried a long sword in his right hand and held a shiny, round shield in his left arm.

As the first officer to speak beheld the angel hovering down toward him, he suddenly cried out in fear, scrambled to his feet, and ran for his life. One of the officers in the car flung his door open and ran down the street. The two men on the ground crawled toward their fallen, silenced pistols and snatched them up as the angel descended. Then, both, still on the ground, aimed at the angel and fired. The shots were suppressed so that only 15 percent of the normal gunshot report would be heard.

Spent cartridges fell to the ground, pinging against the concrete, as the pistols blasted away, but nothing happened to the angel. Then, terrified, the men got up and ran. The angel remained for a few more seconds, and then vanished from sight, in an instant.

The five friends were dazed as they stared up into the sky, blinking with amazement at the miraculous appearance and vanishing of an angel.

“My son, Karl,” God said to Karl’s spirit and soul, “you have seen an angel who is assigned to protect you and your group. I shall keep all of you safe in My hands. It is true that the taxi driver reported you to the police, and that they gave him a reward for his assistance in their desire to capture you. The time you have left before you go into a new phase in your life has come to a close.

“Now, you are entering a new stage in your walk with Me, and in what I am calling you to do. You and your friends will go and purchase backpacks, clothes, and hiking boots. I will be sending you out into the wilderness of Scandinavia where I will keep you safe and protected from the roving eyes of satellites and of authorities.

“You will be safe, and I will provide for all your needs. And, I will bring you to a city of refuge at the appointed time. You will not return to your work in Oslo. There is no need to call your boss, either. He now knows that you are a wanted man. Just go where I send you, and I will bless you. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

Thanking God for the message, Karl turned to the others and related it to them. Once he was finished, they praised God.

Abdul said, “God is so awesome! I wondered where He would send us. We are living in the miraculous! His hand of protection is forever with us. This is more wonderful than I can say.”

“Amen,” Inga said, smiling.

“Let’s get going then, shall we?” Toben said. “We need to find out where God would have us go now.”

Abdul closed his eyes and prayed. After a short time, he said, “God is showing me that He will have us go back to the hotel and sleep in our rooms. Then, we will leave early and head toward a store that sells outdoor equipment. We will then take a taxi that will bring us out to the woods on a country road. I don’t know exactly which road, but God will show us.”

“Abdul, I feel the witness of the Holy Spirit in my soul that what you said is of God,” Toben said. “And, God will keep the secret police away. I think they are still frightened of the angel.”

“God is also showing me that what Abdul said is from Him,” Inga said.

“That is great that God is revealing that to you. I now look forward to getting a little more sleep,” Karl said as he started back toward the hotel.


“Jungle Meeting”

Hu, Cheng, and Quang had been traveling through the dense jungles of the Yunnan Province of southern China. Chinese soldiers had located them using heat-sensing technology, but by a miracle of God, the three friends had avoided capture and death. Fire from heaven had consumed many hardened Chinese soldiers, which had searched the jungles for them, just like what had happened for Elijah, in 2 Kings 1, when he had called fire down on wicked soldiers who sought to take his life.

Now, while they were walking down a steep animal trail on a hillside, some bushes had rustled and a Chinese soldier had emerged, saying, “I’ve finally found you.”

Hu felt his stomach tighten at seeing the soldier and hearing his words. But, he remembered what God had done for him earlier to deliver him from Chinese soldiers. With confidence returning, Hu said, “If you seek to kill us, you will not succeed because God will fight for us.”

The man put up a hand as if he was trying to calm Hu down, but Hu was already feeling calm.

“I am not seeking to kill any of you or arrest you,” the soldier said, stepping onto the animal trail. “I want to know who this God of yours is and why He brought fire down on my comrades.”

“You don’t want to harm us?” Cheng said, amazed.

“No, I will not harm you. I saw your God burn up my comrades and I know that that could have happened to me,” the soldier said. “I will not fight your God any longer. I want His will to be done in my life. Only He should be served and worshipped. Only He is the true God.”

 “Praise God!” Quang said, smiling.

“But, I have a question,” the soldier. “Why did your God bring fire from heaven upon my comrades?”

“Your comrades were hardening their hearts greatly against God’s Spirit,” Hu said. “They would not repent from their sins which God was convicting them about. They knew how God had delivered us from their hands earlier, but they had refused to repent. They saw God’s power at work, but would only resist Him as He called out to them.

“Finally, God decided to stop them in their tracks. I felt led by Him to call fire from heaven upon those wicked, hardened men. You saw what happened. It was God who brought the fire down.”

“I want to serve your God. But, would you tell me how to serve Him?” the Chinese soldier said.

“Most certainly. I would be delighted to,” Hu said.

Hu explained to the man how to be saved and why salvation from sin was necessary. Then, he led the man in a prayer of salvation, after explaining the Gospel to him.

[Learn more about how to be saved from sin and have eternal life by clicking here.] 


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(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

EXCERPT from Part 25 ("Leaving for the Woods / Autocannon"):

 ... “What?” Inga said.

“Listen,” Karl said, looking up at the sky, which appeared through openings in the dense, forest canopy.

“What is that?” Elise said, frowning.

Before Karl could respond, a large black object with four buzzing rotors appeared in an opening in the trees. Karl stiffened, realizing it was a large quad-rotor drone, which was armed with a light rotary autocannon. It was being remote-controlled from miles away by a computer. Karl wanted to hide in a bush, but he had no time to hide, ...

Suddenly, Karl saw the rotary autocannon ... begin ..." (Read all of Part 25 here.)

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