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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Pilgrim’s Journey: BOOK 3: ISLAND QUEST (FULL BOOK) (With a PDF File)


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Pilgrim’s Journey: The Quest for Heaven

- BOOK 3 -

Island Quest

- A Novel / Allegory -

By: Justin Brown (a pen name)
Date Created: Feb. 12, 2019

Chapter 1

Arriving at the First Destination

Wind billowed the square sails of the galleon Red Jasper as it sailed across the placid sea. The moon’s reflection undulated with the water as the three-masted ship passed across the watery wilderness. Stars covered the night sky like an array of diamonds on black velvet. 

The ship had been at sea for five days after leaving the port town of Blanco Risco. Pablo Campo-verde, the captain of the ship, had told his passengers that an island was about a two days voyage from Blanco Risco. He planned to stop at that island before continuing the voyage across the ocean to the mysterious country of Viviente Muerte. That country was the last stop before eight pilgrim knights--Pablo’s passengers--would reach the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven.

“Land ho!” a lookout said from the crow’s nest on the mainmast (i.e. the tallest mast).

[Crow’s nest: This was a platform with a wooden railing on which the lookout, a sailor, had a good view of what lay ahead. The crow’s nest was often located partway up the mainmast.]

A sailor on the half deck (or stern deck) cried up to the lookout, “Henrico, where do you see land?”

[Note: The half deck was at the rear (or stern) of the ship. It rose above the upper gun deck and provided a decent view. The half deck was the top of the aft castle. The aft castle was a raised portion of the deck in the stern (or rear) of an old sailing ship. The forecastle is located near the bow.]

When the lookout had given him the directions, the man on the half deck turned toward the south east and drew out a spyglass (i.e. hand-held telescope). Sure enough, he could see land. An island rose up from the ocean, resembling a grey rock covered with dark-green vegetation. A mountain rose high above the jungle-cloaked land mass. It appeared to be about three leagues away. [Note: One league is about 3 miles in distance.]