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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Adventures of Matthew Jeremiah in New Babylon (Obama Shall Return to the White House) (A Story / Word from God)

 The Adventures of
Matthew Jeremiah
in New Babylon

(Obama Shall Return 

to the White House)


This is a word from God written in the format of a story.
The characters are fictional,
but what shall happen in America’s future is not.
Please seek God about this document and about the
messages that are presented in it. God will reveal the truth to you.
America is in for some very interesting times in the years ahead.


This is a word from God that is framed in a story format. Wherever a quote is attributed to God, it truly is a word from God. (Please seek God about this if you are wondering.) The characters taking part in the story are fictional, but the nature of the story is very realistic according to prophecies God has given in recent times. These prophecies do not hold the same weight as the Bible itself, but the Spirit of God reveals truth through the Holy Bible to those who seek Him.