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Thursday, December 28, 2017

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 36) - "Angelic Encounter" - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 36)

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Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

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But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

Miracles will abound and awesome sights will astonish people in these last days.

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ART 36: ◼ “Angelic Encounter” // ◼ "Novosibirsk"


“Angelic Encounter”

- Russia -

(CHETRA TM-140. Click for source.)
Like a lion slowly stalking its prey, the Russian army CHETRA TM-140 tracked truck rolled toward the group of six Christians who stood around a tracked UTV and a snowmobile. Fumes and vapor rose into the air from its exhaust pipes like smoke from a dragon’s nostrils as the mechanical beast snapped its way through fallen branches and twigs.

Having just been delivered by God from a pack of hungry, vicious wolves, the Christians were now faced with a new and equally deadly foe: communist soldiers who were determined to either kill or capture the Christians. And, the TM-140 was full of them.

Steve O’Neill stared at the approaching truck with concern and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. But, he quickly began giving it to God as he watched the TM-140 pull up to a stop just forty feet from him. Its headlights mercifully were aimed to the side and illuminated the forest beyond the small group. The rear doors in the troop compartment swung open and communist soldiers poured out. Each soldier wore snow camouflage and helmet-mounted infrared optics which took the form of a black device lowered over the right eye.

(Forest at night. From Free images.)
The infrared optics allowed the soldiers to see wavelengths of light given off by warm objects. Human shapes were no longer cable of being hid in the dark due to this technology. Armed with grenades and AK-74M automatic rifles, the soldiers were a threat which was a test to the Christian’s faith. Would God allow them to be captured or killed? That was a thought rushing through Steve and his friend’s minds as they saw the enemy soldiers drop into the snow and quickly take up positions.

They took aim at the small group of Christians and some cycled their bolts to load fresh bullets into their gun chambers while falling snow gracefully fluttered to toward the ground and slowly coated their helmets with a dusting of powder.

“Raise your hands!” a soldier shouted at them as he pointed his gun at Sergey.

Sarah, Ivan, and Alexei quickly raised their hands. But, the three others didn’t.

“Dear God, come through for your children and deliver us like you did all those times before. We trust you,” Sergey, a burly, bearded, middle-aged Russian, said. As he spoke, he felt his heart beating fast, but peace began to fill his chest where fear had once been strong.

“Raise your hands!” another soldier shouted louder than the first as he glared at Steve, Sergey, and Jason.

“I command blindness to fall on your eyes in the matchless Name of Jesus,” Steve said calmly and with confidence that God was giving him.

The words were loud enough to be heard by the soldiers, but gentle, having no bitterness behind them.

The soldier took aim and Steve and said, “Shut up and obey my orders, or you will die!”

“Steve,” Ivan said quietly, “why don’t you just do what he says? He has a gun.”

Just as he finished his sentence, a burst of gunfire erupted from an AK-74M and a stream of bullets shot toward the group of Christians. A trigger-happy soldier had determined that he was going to make an example of the Christians. There was now no time to think. In milliseconds, the lethal projectiles would reach their targets.

Just as the closest bullets were ten feet from Steve, a supernatural event occurred which would forever remain in Steve’s mind. In that tiny fraction of time, an angelic being dressed in shining, golden-like armor appeared. The bullets struck his giant, round shield and ricocheted off with a series of rapid “pings”. From head to foot, he was 12 feet tall and muscular. He wore a white robe that went to his ankles. Underneath his robe he wore trousers which were covered with leg armor plates. He wore metal-plated boots over his feet and these created large impressions in the snow. On his head was a stately helmet resembling the Corinthian-style helmet of ancient Greece.

From his back, large, white wings were tucked up behind him like the wings of a resting eagle. On his left arm was fastened a large round shield that had a golden luster. In his right hand he carried a giant broadsword which was five feet from the pointy tip to the pommel.*

[* The pommel is a weighted knob at the end of a sword hilt (handle).] 

Light emanated from his skin, face, and armor, causing the trees, falling snowflakes, and bushes nearby to be lit up in its brilliance. The Russian soldiers’ jaws dropped as they beheld this miraculous spectacle. Guns began plopping into the snow as the soldiers dropped them, one after another. They had not been trained to fight a supernatural warrior from God’s angelic armies.

The angelic warrior lifted up his sword and jammed it’s sharp point into the ground. As he did that, the shocked men turned and ran for their lives, fleeing into the dense woodland undergrowth. Some threw off their helmets and combat belts to help them run faster. The men in the CHETRA TM-140 tracked vehicle popped the cab doors open and leaped to the ground. Once their feet connected with the crunchy layer under the fluffy top layer of snow, they sprinted off into the darkness beyond the angel’s light, leaving trails of footprints behind them.

The AK-74M guns were scattered all around, partially hidden in the deep snow where they were dropped. Some abandoned helmets, scattered here and there, resembled fallen acorns, in Steve’s mind.

Just as Steve was returning his attention to the angelic warrior, the supernatural visitor vanished from sight, taking the light with him. But, Steve knew that the angel’s presence was still there among the group, even though he was invisible. And, most of all, Steve knew that God’s Presence was in his heart and that God was fulfilling His Scripture from Psalm 91 to divinely protect His children who trusted in Him.

While Steve pondered what had just happened, he heard a still, small voice speak to him. It was the familiar voice of God that he knew.

“My son, Steve, I love you very much,” God said to his spirit and soul. “I have protected you from the onslaught of the enemy and I will continue to keep you and to protect you. I will now have you and your friends leave this place, and go where I send you. You will head over to the village I told you about earlier, where I will guide you in ministering. I will keep you safe and protected.

“These Russian soldiers will not present a threat to you because they have witnessed a great miracle, and they will be changed forever. Some of them will become hardened against Me because they are turning their hearts further away from Me as I call out to them. But, others will be more open to the Gospel message. I will now have you drive this machine away from the main road and have your friends and you rest for a few hours before you move on, on your journey. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

“Thank you for protecting us, Father God! Thank you so much,” Steve said with awe and thankfulness.

Then, he walked toward the large rig, which was still rumbling, since its diesel engine had not been shut off.

“What are you doing, Steve?” Sarah said as she saw her husband leave the group.

“Honey,” Steve said, “I am going to drive this rig away from our vehicles and I will come back on foot. Then, we all can get some needed rest. That is what God showed me to do.”

“Okay, Steve,” Sarah said, smiling. “Isn’t it awesome how God protected us?”

“It is wonderful who our great, awesome God is. Yes,” Steve said, looking up toward the winter sky, which appeared in patches through the tree tops.

Then, he quickly walked up to the vehicle and climbed up into the cab and shut the door. It thumped dully and something clicked as the door closed. Shifting into drive, he turned the vehicle around and drove it 120 feet from the group until he found a dense cluster of pine trees with an opening among them where the vehicle would fit.

Seeing he had found the perfect place to hide it for the night, Steve shut the engine off and left the key in the ignition. Making sure the door was not locked, he slipped out of the cab and shut it. Then, he pushed his way through the prickly pine branches and headed back toward the group of five, which surrounded two winter vehicles Sergey owned.

(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
Steve was tempted to take the truck and use it instead of the Sergey’s snowmobile and UTV, but he knew this was wrong. The UTV had quit working after the fuel display had suddenly indicated that the vehicle was critically low on fuel. He hadn’t been able to tell Sergey about it yet and was baffled why it would suddenly be so low on fuel. A bullet might have put a hole in the gas tank to cause it to leak. Or, it could be an electrical problem. But, Steve had resolved that he was not going to steal anything, knowing that God’s Word said in Exodus 20:15: ‘Thou shalt not steal.’

As he walked back toward the group, Steve thought back to all the miracles God had done in his life. As he thought about them, great joy and peace overwhelmed his soul, and he felt like singing praises to his Abba Father God for who He is and for all He had done. Even though the UTV had either run out of fuel or encountered some system failure, Steve determined that he would trust God to provide for him and his friends and get them safely to the Siberian village of Gryaznov.


We will now leave Siberia and turn our attention to a time a few years earlier, before Steve, Sarah, and their friends were faced with a communist army at their heels. Steve and Jason were talking with each other after both heard gunshots coming from some nearby houses in Jason’s residential neighborhood. Steven and his wife Sarah had been staying in a spare bedroom at Jason’s house when the shots were fired. It was shortly after 3:00 AM and chaos was starting to reign in Jason’s part of Cincinnati, Ohio as gangsters broke into homes and rifled them, stealing anything valuable they could. We will pick up the story from where we last left off.


Cincinnati, Ohio

Jason moved the drapes back over his bedroom window and sighed. “Lord,” he said, looking up, “I need you to work a miracle and put an end to this violence.”

“My son, Jason, I love you very much,” God’s tender, whisper of a voice spoke. “You are precious to Me, and all Christians are precious to Me. I want you to know that very, very soon, you and the O’Neills will be translated to Russia where I will start you on a new leg of your journey on this planet. You will see miracles take place like you couldn’t imagine. You will see lost souls being saved and mighty works of My Spirit happening on a regular basis. Now, watch what I will do.”

That moment, a miracle happened which would forever change Jason Harper’s life and the lives of his friends.

______  ______  ______

Novosibirsk, Russia

- Russia -

(An apartment building hallway. Click for source.)
In a split second, the bedroom vanished from Jason Harper’s view as he was translated from his room wearing a T-shirt and pajama trousers. The bedroom was instantly replaced by a tan-carpeted hallway, which was lined with numbered doors in a white hallway. Fluorescent lights quietly hummed overhead.

Jason was now wearing his blue carpenter jeans, a tan collared shirt, and his hiking boots. A backpack was resting at his feet. He picked it up and saw that it was a rucksack and it felt kind of heavy. It must be packed with items God saw that he would need.

Jason looked to the left and right and saw that the hallway stretched about one hundred feet in each direction before it reached stairwells on either end. ‘How did I get here? Am I dreaming?’ Jason wondered, somewhat dazed by the sudden change of scenery.

Just as he was wondering what to do, one of the numbered doors, number 53, swung open and a red-bearded man, wearing a brown backpack, stepped into the hallway. He appeared to be in his early thirties, fairly tall and of an average build, like Jason. The open door was just fourteen feet to Jason’s left and the man who had just come from it seemed to be heading toward a specific destination because he was moving quickly.

“Excuse me, sir,” Jason called out.

The red-haired man turned to face him, pausing in his tracks. “What did you say?” he said in Russian.

Jason didn’t know Russian, so he didn’t understand the Russian’s question.

“I’m American. Do you speak English?” Jason said, indicating himself by placing a hand on his chest.

“American,” the Russian said, chuckling. He said in Russian, “What are you doing in Russia if you can’t speak Russian?”

“My son, speak to him in Russian,” God’s gentle voice said to Jason.

“Abba Father, I don’t know Russian,” Jason said quietly.

But, a thought came to his mind that the early Church did not know the languages of the Jews who came from Crete, Mesopotamia, Arabia, and other countries during Pentecost in the Biblical book of Acts. Nonetheless, the early Church spoke to the people in their languages by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit.

Finding courage, Jason looked to God to give him the words and spoke. The words that came from his mouth sounded strange to his ears, but he somehow understood what he was saying.

Speaking in fluent Russian, he said, “I am Jason Harper, a believer in the Messiah. I wonder if you are a follower of Jesus too.”

The red-bearded Russian chuckled and shook his head with amazement. “What is this? You can speak perfect Russian? This is strange. You must have taken Russian in language classes.”

“No, sir,” Jason said, smiling, “I never learned any Russian except for words like ‘vodka,’ ‘borsch,’ and some place names.”

“You aren’t joking?” the Russian said, curious, as he stepped closer to Jason. “Where did you come from?”

“I came from Cincinnati, Ohio,” Jason said.

“Oh, you’re and American. I couldn’t tell if you were Canadian or something,” the Russian said.

The bearded Russian became serious and furtively glanced back and forth down the hall. Then, he said quietly, “Come into my apartment. It would be better to talk in there.”

Jason followed him into the apartment and the Russian quietly shut the door and engaged a bolt to lock it tight. They were standing in a medium-sized apartment furnished with a small kitchen to the right, a somewhat spacious living room, and a hallway which was lined with a few doors. A large picture window revealed a breath-taking view of a large city spread out below. High-rise and mid-rise apartment buildings and office buildings formed a skyline of an unknown city and fluffy clouds floated overhead in a blue sky.

“What time is it, by the way?” Jason asked his host.

The man glanced at a wrist watch. “It is 3:34 PM,” the man said.

“Wow,” Jason said, astonished. It had been about 3:31 AM when he had been instantly transported from Cincinnati to somewhere in Russia. Now, it was 3:34 PM. But, Russia was on the opposite side of the world from America’s perspective.

As he stood in the living room of his host’s apartment, Jason began to remember the passages in the Bible about translation miracles where men of old were moved from one place to another by supernatural means. Philip in Acts chapter 8 was caught up by the Spirit of God and moved to another location after baptizing an Ethiopian leader. It was amazing to Jason that this miracle had happened to him. He was not anyone special, he thought.

“By the way, I apologize for not introducing myself. I am Alexei Khlebov,” the Russian said, extending a hand to Jason.

Jason shook his hand firmly as he said, “I am Jason Harper, as you already know.”

“I am also a believer in Jesus,” the Russian said as he dusted a spec from a sleeve of his blue short-sleeve collared shirt. “I didn’t want to talk in the hall about Jesus because my neighbors might open their doors at any moment and overhear our conversation. Speaking about Jesus is very dangerous under our new government, which is openly leaning toward communism.”

Hearing Alexei explain that brought to Jason’s mind articles he read in the news about Russia cracking down on Christian evangelism and witnessing. Some critics of the new laws were thrown in jail and others were also given heavy fines.

“There are rumors abounding in Russia that we will soon go to war with America,” Alexei said quietly, “so I recommend that you don’t tell anyone that you are an American. I don’t understand fully how God can give you the ability to speak fluent Russian, but that will work to your advantage. I couldn’t tell that you were an American if I were to just hear you speak how you do. So, it would be better to keep it that way.”

Jason nodded.

(Novosibirsk, Russia. Click for source.)
“So, how did you get over to Novosibirsk, Russia in the first place?” Alexei said as he walked toward his kitchen and opened a cupboard door.

Before Jason could respond, Alexei said, “Do you want tea or coffee?”

“Water would be fine for now?” Jason said as he looked around the apartment.

Alexei reached in the cupboard and pulled out a glass cup and walked toward the kitchen sink.

Jason noticed that the two couches, the three lamp stands, and the kitchen table, which was located in a corner of the living room, were all orderly and uncluttered. Perforated notepads were neatly arranged on a lamp stand beside a green settee. A Bible was placed beside them with a blue ballpoint pen resting directly up against the stack of notepads. Everything looked orderly and unlike how Jason sometimes arranged his stuff.

“Here you go,” Alexei said as he walked into the living room.

Just then, a loud knock came at the door, startling the men. Alexei dropped the glass before he could hand it to Jason and it shattered into sharp fragments. The water splashed across the carpet and speckles of it struck Jason’s trouser legs.

‘I sure hope that isn’t the secret police,’ Alexei thought as he eyed the door. Fear began to grip him and he felt a tightening in his chest. He had once been interrogated by the secret police and they had thankfully let him go, finding no incriminating thing on his person or in his responses.

But, a calm voice spoke to him and said, “Alexei, My son, I am the Lord your God and Abba Father. Answer the door. You will be safe. And, I the Lord your God have spoken.”

“Yes, Abba Father. I choose to trust you,” Alexei said as he headed toward the door.

He placed his hand on the doorknob but hesitated. There was no spy hole to view people on the other side of the door. Anyone could be standing there. It could be men working for the secret police or the regular police. Someone might have seen Alexei witnessing to a homeless man or placing a Gospel tract on a park bench.

But, Alexei decided he would open the door, trusting that God would keep him safe. As he opened the door, he saw, to his surprise, that no one was standing directly in front of it. He stepped out into the hallway and glanced to the left. When he turned to the right, he saw a couple--a man and a woman--standing in the hall and talking quietly with each other. Both had large backpacks beside them. The woman was wearing a modest blouse and a long jean dress, which went down to her ankles. The man, presumably her husband, was dressed in a brown Polo shirt and blue carpenter jeans.

“Excuse me,” Alexei said to the couple as he walked into the hall, “did you knock at my door?”

Both turned toward him and the man said in English, “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

Jason approached the door and peered out into the hallway. He instantly recognized the couple. It was Steve and Sarah. As he poked his head out the door, they noticed him.

“Jason, what are you doing here? And, where are we?” Steve said.

“God translated me and you to this apartment building,” Jason said in English. “We are in Novosibirsk, Russia. I don’t know where that is, exactly, but it is somewhere on the opposite side of the world from Cincinnati, in Russia.”

“What are you telling him?” Alexei said in Russian as he turned toward Jason.

“He is a friend from America,” Jason replied in Russian. “His name is Steven O’Neill and his wife is Sarah. I was just telling him about how we arrived here in Novosibirsk and that this place is on the opposite side of the world from Cincinnati, Ohio, where we came from.”

“How did you arrive in Novosibirsk?” Alexei said, curious.

“Would you like to talk in your apartment?” Jason said.

“Oh, of course. What was I thinking,” Alexei said before motioning to the couple in the hall to join them.

They followed him into his apartment and he shut and locked the door once they were in.

Steve was surprised to see that Jason had already arrived at the same building he and Sarah had been translated to just moments ago. Both Steve and Sarah had heard God tell them to get ready to be translated. Before Sarah had finished adjusting her hair and before Steve had brushed his teeth, they were translated from Jason’s home, where they were staying at.

In spite of their appearance on leaving, the couple found that they were now fully ready for the day, being made ready by some miraculous action of God. When Steve was in Jason’s bathroom brushing his teeth, he had been wearing socks on his feet, but no shoes. Now, he was wearing hiking boots, and the laces were tied.

“Would either of you care for coffee or tea?” Alexei asked Steve and Sarah (in Russian).

“What did he say?” Steve said, turning toward Jason, who somehow could understand Russian. How Jason knew Russian was a mystery to Steve. He knew that his friend had never studied Russian before.

“He asked if you and Sarah would like coffee or tea,” Jason said.

“How do you know Russian, Jason?” Sarah said with curiosity in her voice.

“I only know that I didn’t understand Alexei until God suddenly gave me a clear understanding of Russian along with an ability to speak it. Do you remember what happened in the book of Acts, chapter 2, after the disciples had received the Holy Spirit?”

“They were speaking in tongues and telling the multitudes in Jerusalem about Jesus,” Sarah said promptly.

“The tongues is other languages, of course,” Jason said. “And, we have the same ability to speak other languages fluently and understand them when God gives that ability to us.”

“Then, dear Abba Father,” Steve said suddenly, “I ask now that you would give Sarah and I the ability to speak and understand Russian. We need to understand the people in this country. I feel that comprehending other languages is a necessity for this part of Sarah’s and my journey. And, we choose to trust you. In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.”

“Yes,” Sarah agreed.

“Would any of you care for a desert to go with your coffee?” Alexei said in Russian as he stood in the kitchen preparing his coffee maker, which rested on a counter near the sink.

Steve cleared his throat and said, “That would be good. Thank you.” Somehow, the words came out in fluent Russian. Then, he blinked a few times and shook his head. ‘Did I just speak Russian?’ Steve thought. Then, he excitedly exclaimed, “I actually can understand Russian! This is amazing!”

“Let’s try to not be too noisy,” Alexei said, as he glanced at the wall of the living room. “My neighbors might be home and they might hear us if we are too noisy.”

“Oh, sorry,” Steve said apologetically.

“No problem,” Alexei said as he turned to open a cabinet door. He pulled out a box containing a moist desert bread and set it on the counter.

“So, where are we exactly?” Steve said.

“You are in Novosibirsk, Russia,” Alexei said, “which is in southern Siberia, not too terribly far from Kazakhstan. It has a population of about 1.5 million and rests along the Ob River. And, it is the third most populous city in Russia.”

“Do you hear much about the tension between Russia and NATO?” Sarah said.

Alexei set down a knife he was going to use to cut the desert bread.

“We are inundated with propaganda here in Russia about the NATO alliance preparing to invade Russia,” Alexei said quietly, so that Sarah and Steve had to walk closer to hear better. “But, I can guarantee that America is filled with propaganda about Russia being a major threat to its survival. But, Russia is not the threat that your news media claims it is. Many of our leaders want peace and do not desire war to start in Europe or elsewhere. But, some of the war hawks in Russia and in your country of America want war to commence very soon.”

“How close do you think America and Russia are to actually going to war with each other?” Sarah asked slowly.

“Very close, I feel,” Alexei said as he sliced through the desert bread.

Suddenly, a loud knock came from the apartment door and everyone froze.

“I sure hope that isn’t the secret police,” Alexei whispered as he walked toward the door.


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(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

EXCERPT from Part 37 ("The Search in the Vietnamese Jungle" // "The Package in Novosibirsk"):

"... A loud knock had come from Alexei Klebov’s apartment door in Novosibirsk, Russia. ...

Rap. Rap. Rap. The knocking continued. ..." (Click to Read Part 37.)

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