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Thursday, December 7, 2017

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 33) - ➤ “Winter Chase in Siberia” - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 33)

Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

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But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

Miracles will abound and awesome sights will astonish people in these last days.

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PART 33: “Winter Chase in Siberia” 


“Winter Chase in Siberia”

(Yamaha Sidewinder. Click for source.)
A blue Yamaha Sidewinder snowmobile tore through the snow, racing past pine trees in a Siberian forest. The cold air tugged at Sergey’s brown, leather ushanka, which was fastened under his brown-bearded chin. The sky was darkening to dusk as Sergey drove his snowmobile through the forest which bordered Medvedski, Russia.* Speckles of snow were beginning to fall, which turned into little, fluttering, ice stars that sparkled in his headlights.

[* This is a fictional town in Siberia.]

(A forest during the winter. Pixabay. Free images.)
Fifty yards behind him raced a grey, treaded utility vehicle (UTV) with a 4-person transport trailer attached behind it. The UTV had a small, two-seater cab with a short flatbed behind it, and resembled a Honda Pioneer UTV. In place of tires, this all-wheel-drive vehicle had four treads, which gave it excellent traction in deep snow.

Both vehicles zipped around trees and bushes, and avoided logs and rocks, as they reached speeds up to 38 miles per hour. The loud buzzing drone of their engines kept them from hearing the engines of four snowmobiles and two, large, communist Russian army CHETRA TM-140 all-terrain trucks, which were partially loaded with Russian soldiers, who were in hot pursuit of Sergey and his friends. The Russians were some distance behind Sergey and his friends.

Four people sat in the UTV trailer, gripping onto steel handlebars, on either side of the trailer, as if their lives depended on it. All four, and the two drivers, wore thick winter coats, gloves, and either leather or fabric ushankas.* [*A ushanka is a winter hat with long ear flaps popular in Russia.]

“Alexei, I hope that Sergey knows where to go,” Sarah said to a red-bearded man who was sitting in a seat in front of her.

She and her husband, Steve, were sitting in the two rear seats of the snowmobile trailer, and Alexei and Jason occupied the front seats. Sergey had constructed the trailer years ago using a blacksmith shop he had rented in another part of Medvedski.

Being a blacksmith by trade, the burly, bearded Russian had skillfully produced a metal frame and had fasten wooden boards to it to form a bed for hauling stuff during the winter. He had removed the skis from two of his old, junked snowmobiles, which he had fastened to the bottom of the hand-made trailer so it could travel smoothly through the snow.

(A Honda Pioneer UTV with tracks. Click for source.)
Driving the grey UTV, which they were being pulled by, was a new follower of Jesus named Ivan, who had a brown mustache and wore a thick, blue parka and a brown ushanka. When not doing other things, Ivan was often seen reading the text of the Bible on a computer tablet. After hearing Sergey preach in the Russian village of Medvedski, Ivan had had a thirst to know Jesus Christ and to read the Holy Scriptures. After Sergey had asked people he was preaching to if they wanted to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, Ivan had chosen to dedicate his life to Jesus and had trusted in Him for salvation. [Read about Sergey preaching in Medvedski and being harassed in chapter 28.]

Sergey’s blue Sidewinder hit a large clump of snow-covered dirt, which jolted him and sent the snowmobile two feet into the air before it landed with a bump and suddenly swerved wildly. Ivan watched Sergey’s snowmobile slow to a complete stop. ‘What’s wrong with Sergey’s snowmobile?’ Ivan wondered as he slowed the UTV to five mph.

“Sergey, are you okay?” Ivan called out to his friend as he slowed the UTV

The thick-bearded Russian turned around and hollered back, “I’m fine. I just hit a rough spot and landed on a patch of ice.”

Then, Sergey accelerated forward, and quickly reached a speed of 37 mph. Once Sergey picked up speed, Ivan accelerated the machine and continued zigzagging through the woodland, avoiding bushes, rotting logs, trees, and rocks.

____  ____  ____

(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
Shortly after their street evangelism in Medvedski, Sergey and his friends began teaching the new believers from the Bible and explaining to them more about God and His ways. Alexei (a red-bearded Russian), Jason (a normally clean-shaven man), Steve (who had a short, brown beard), and Sarah (Steve’s wife) stayed for a week in Sergey’s two-story house before trouble was stirred up by some of the locals, and the Russian military began to take action. One night, God had spoken to Sergey in a dream, showing him that Russian soldiers were going to enter Medvedski and attempt to capture or kill him.

God had shown Sergey that it was time for him and his friends to leave and travel to the small village of Gryaznov,* located 100 miles (or about 160 kilometers) from Medvedski, as the crow flies. He would have to travel through a practically untamed forest because the only road connecting the two towns was going to be watched by Russian soldiers. [* This is a fictional village, but it is a real Russian surname.]

____  ____  ____

A few more minutes passes before Sergey spotted a large hill rising out of the relatively flat ground. Covered with trees and bushes, it offered a perfect place to find concealment from communist Russian troops, in Sergey’s mind. Sergey steered his Yamaha Sidewinder toward the densely wooded, somewhat steep hill, and the grey ATV followed. Hopefully, the Russians pursuing him through the forest, on tracked winter vehicles, would not be able to spot him and his company among the snow-caked bushes and trees, which covered this particular hill.

____  ____  ____

When God had showed Sergey to leave, he had packed some gear into rucksacks, with the help of his five friends, and had put them on two winter vehicles. To make sure he had plenty of fuel, Sergey had attached some petrol (or gasoline) containers to his blue Yamaha Sidewinder. Being an enterprising handyman, he had modified a snowmobile utility trailer (which he had built years earlier) to carry his friends in.

Sergey had visited an abandoned factory building, which was overgrown with pine trees and weeds. There he had found some old cars which were slowly rusting away. He had removed four front seats from the cars and had bolted them to the 11-by-5.5-foot trailer bed. On the day they left for the woods, Sergey and his friends had loaded the trailer with some supplies and equipment they would need, such as backpacks and sleeping bags.

Three days after the day that God had told them to prepare to leave, the group had set off into the forest, but had soon lost their way. Sergey had been confident that he knew the best route to the nearby village of Gryaznov, but his confidence had been shattered when he realized that he was taking the group in circles through the forest.

That same day, about an hour later, they had realized they were completely lost. The group had begun seeking God regarding what way to go. After a couple minutes had passed since they had started seeking God, Alexei had told them that God had given him the answer and had shown him to simply follow God’s voice as they drove. They didn’t need any map because God would guide them.

____  ____  ____

Now, Sergey’s blue Yamaha Sidewinder began climbing the densely wooded hill he had set his eyes on just moments ago. Spitting out showers of snow behind its rubber tracks, the snowmobile cut a path up the hill and squeezed between some snow-laden bushes. The grey utility vehicle (UTV) with Sergey’s friends followed in his wake.

A male Oriental cuckoo leaped from a branch and took off flying as Sergey’s machine approached its tree. As he climbed the hill, Sergey noticed an unusual sound coming from down the hill behind him. He turned his head to gaze back down the slope below but Sergey couldn’t make out what the source of the strange sound was.

Suddenly, in the area below the base of the hill, tearing through the snow, a white snowmobile, carrying two Russian soldiers, came into view between the trees. The charging vehicle rapidly approached the tracked UTV, which was just starting to climb the base of the hill. And, the rearmost soldier on the white snowmobile was preparing to fire his AK-74M at Sergey’s friends.

(Russian soldiers on a snowmobile. Click for source.)
Worse still, the UTV was having a little trouble climbing the hill, due to weight of the four people in the trailer, and was moving slower than Sergey wanted it to. It would be an easy target for the communist soldiers. Sergey knew God had the power to stop bullets, but fear attacked him, nonetheless. He wondered if God would truly protect his friends now.

As Sergey’s snowmobile passed through a cluster of snow-coated evergreen bushes, he flinched as he saw what lay ahead of him. Up the hill a little ways, another snowmobile with two Russian soldiers had just emerged from a dense stand of bushes, and the rearmost soldier was training his machine gun at Sergey’s torso. This new threat was blocking his path ahead, and the Russians near the base of the hill were cutting off retreat from his friends in the UTV. Sergey and his friends were now caught in a trap for which there was no human way out, seeing they were unarmed and alone.

That’s when Sergey stopped the Yamaha Sidewinder and began to pray like he hadn’t prayed before. He had seen God do miracles, but now he felt fear attack him strongly. A thought began to pester him like a pesky insect: ‘Will God actually deliver me now? Or, will God abandon me now?’

“Dear God, Abba Father, please deliver us like you did those other times. May we, your children, see your power at work again to rescue us from this dire situation,” Sergey prayed silently while his heart throbbed in his ears.

(A Russian soldier in the arctic. Click for source.)
“Stop where you are and raise your hands now!” The rearmost Russian soldier in the snowmobile (up the hill) shouted at him. He was menacingly training his gun on Sergey.

Sergey raised his hands in the air and continued praying silently.

The soldier barked at him: “Stand up and leave your snowmobile!”

Sergey stood up and walked away from the snowmobile.

Behind him, the grey UTV with his friends stopped, and Sergey heard the soldier behind them shouting for them to raise their hands and slowly stand up.

At the base of the hill, Ivan reluctantly opened the door of the UTV cab and stepped into the snow. His winter boots sunk in a couple inches. The snow was too deep for him to attempt running away, but Ivan knew that was not an option. He wouldn’t leave his new Christian friends, even if he could safely escape the conundrum they now were facing.

(Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe.
Click for source.)
The four people in the trailer stood up and stepped out into the snow, wondering what God would do to answer their prayers. The UTV engine was still idling, sending up small clouds of vapor into the winter air. A couple rucksacks occupied the passenger seat, and more luggage was strapped to the small flatbed behind the UTV cab, but none of it was useful now.

The Russian soldier on the rear of the snowmobile hopped off and kept his gun trained on the small group before him. He was dressed in a white camouflage uniform and was equipped with a communication headset and four grenades.

“Dear Abba Father God,” Steve prayed quietly, “we need you to do a miracle like you did for us when the Chinese soldiers were seeking to destroy us. Or, do something else to deliver us, I pray. Let your name be glorified.”

“My son, Steve,” Abba God said, “command that his gun will jam in Jesus Christ’s Name.”

“Should I speak loudly?” Steve said quietly as he kept his eyes on the AK-74M in the soldier’s hands.

“Yes, My son,” God said.

Then, Steve gave his fears to God and stepped forward. With boldness that he knew was from God, Steve said firmly in Russian, “In Jesus Christ’s almighty name, I command that your gun will jam and will not be able to fire.”

Ivan looked toward Steve, startled. ‘What is Steve doing?’ Ivan thought. ‘Does he want to get us killed?’

Sarah closed her eyes and prayed silently.

The Russian soldier stared coldly at Steve and then began to chuckle. “You think that Jesus will save you from your fate?” the soldier said mockingly. “I’m guarding you until my comrades come to take you away to a prison camp. There, you will learn why your beliefs are foolish.”

Just then, Steve heard a droning hum come through the trees behind him. He turned to see a  CHETRA TM-140 tracked, all-terrain truck, with winter camouflage, churning through the snow and snapping fallen branches as if they were toothpicks. Behind a wide control cab, it had a large box-like enclosure for protecting soldiers or equipment from the weather. The big machine somewhat resembled a tank, and it’s approached seemed foreboding.

“My son,” Abba God said to Steve, “get back on the snowmobile.* You may drive it. But, have the others get onto the snowmobile, for I will do a miracle in your midst. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

[* The grey UTV is a type of snowmobile since it has treads for handling snow.]

“Thank you, Abba Father,” Steve said silently. “I choose to believe you.”

(CHETRA TM-140. Click for source.)
Then, Steve said to his friends, “Everyone, God showed me He is going to work a mighty miracle. Let’s get back on the UTV trailer.”

“You are a fool. I will shoot you if you move or try to escape,” the soldier said.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command your gun to jam,” Steve said. “And, in Jesus Christ’s name, I have authority over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt me. Luke 10:19.”

“God showed you something,” Sarah said.

“He did,” Steve said as he hurried toward the idling UTV.

The Russian soldier pointed his gun at Steve and pulled the trigger. But, the gun didn’t fire. It was jammed. The soldier angrily tried cycling the bolt and attempted to get it un-jammed.

Steve was now seated in the UTV cab. He revved the engine and his friends hopped onto the trailer behind him. The other soldier got off the snowmobile and whipped out his machine gun, which was slung across his back on a sling. Aiming, he pulled the trigger, but his gun also jammed.

Furious, he tried to cycle his bolt, but the grey UTV, with the hand-made trailer, began to move and churn up the snow. It didn’t move far before Steve realized that the weight of his passengers would prevent it from going up the hill that rapidly. ‘What do I do now?’ he thought. The lowest gear didn’t help.

He glanced back at the two Russians behind him. They were cursing and trying to un-jam their guns. Then, Steve turned his head forward and looked up the hill to a white opening in the trees where Sergey’s blue snowmobile was parked. A Russian snowmobile was blocking Sergey’s path and a Russian soldier was slowly walking toward Sergey. The soldier’s snowmobile was idling a short distance away.

“Sergey, come down to me,” Steve shouted with cupped hands. “God is protecting us.”

Sergey had been distracted by a Russian soldier who was slowly approaching him. But, as Steve called out to him from the base of the hill, Sergey turned in his snowmobile and saw that Steve and his friends were a short distance from where the Russian soldiers had stopped them. To his surprise, Steve was starting to drive off, heading toward more level ground some distance away from the hill.

The Russian soldiers in the snowmobile at the base of the hill were working with their AK-74Ms, trying to get them to un-jam. ‘That is strange,’ Sergey thought. ‘God must have caused their guns to lock up.’

“What should I do, Father God?” Sergey said quietly.

“Follow your friend,” came God’s gentle reply.

With that, Sergey revved his engine and applied the throttle. The soldier, who was slowly approaching him on foot, cried out in anger as Sergey took off.

“Stop!” the soldier shouted as he raised his rifle to a shooting position.

Now, Sergey’s blue Yamaha Sidewinder was moving. The Russian soldiers just a short distance up the hill both took aim and pulled their gun triggers, but like the other soldiers below, these also found that their guns were jammed.

Sergey accelerated his machine to 20 mph and roared off toward the bottom of the hill, on a course away from the Russian soldiers who were threatening Steve. Sergey could see his friends on the grey UTV making a beeline through the trees in the forest below the hill.

As Sergey raced to reach them, his snowmobile hit a large, snow-covered object and was catapulted four feet into the air. The snowmobile landed hard onto snow-covered ice, and swerved. To keep his vehicle stable, Sergey increased his throttle a little and steered the machine on a zigzagging course through the trees near the base of the hill.

Soon, he was on level ground and the hill he had driven down now rose up to his left. While he was preoccupied with driving and zigzagging, Sergey didn’t notice a large CHETRA TM-140 all-terrain truck lurking behind a thick stand of pine trees a short distance from the base of the hill.

As Sergey headed across flat ground in the direction his friends had driven, the large, tracked vehicle suddenly roared out in front of him, from behind the stand of trees, and blocked his path. The forest on either side of him was fairly dense with bushes and closely spaced pine trees. So, there was no escape to the immediate right or the left. Sergey glanced back. Right behind him, the two snowmobiles he and his friends had escaped were fast approaching him.

Ahead of him, doors in the rear of the large, tracked truck flew open and Russian soldiers poured out. As soon as they hit the ground, they aimed their machine guns at Sergey. The roar of the pursuing snowmobiles was buzzing through the air and getting louder. Sergey turned his head around and saw that now not two, but four military snowmobiles were closing in on him. Two new Russian snowmobiles had joined their friends.

And another CHETRA TM-140 was following in their wake. ‘Where did those come from?’ Sergey wondered as he spotted the second CHETRA. It seemed that he only had a couple moments to make a decision where to go. Again, the forest on either side of him did not look very open or promising for an escape, since fallen trees, densely packed trees, and thick bushes formed obstacles on the left and right hand, just ten yards ahead.

“Abba Father, what do I do?” Sergey said.

“Go up the hill, My son. I will protect you,” God’s kind voice said to Sergey’s soul and spirit.

Not waiting a second longer, Sergey turned to the left, toward the slope of the hill, and toward the general direction he had come from. He throttled his engine and accelerated, tearing up the snow with his thick, rubber tread. Bushes and trees raced past him at 40 mph. He had to duck to avoid low branches, which could hit him in the head.

Russian soldiers in the rear seats of two of the closest approaching snowmobiles opened fire. Rat-tat-tat! Bursts of machine gun bullets erupted from their muzzles, but since aiming them was a bit tricky, none of the shots hit Sergey. As Sergey began to climb the same hill again, the closest snowmobile closed the distance to just twenty-five feet, and the soldier at the rear took aim with a steady hand, and fired. Rat-tat-tat!

(Russian soldiers on a snowmobile.
Click for source.)
Plunk. Plunk. Plunk. It was the sound of metal and plastic being hit by bullets, and it came from behind Sergey, causing him to shudder. He glanced at his machine and noticed bullet holes in the rear end of the running board near the snow flap, which was just above the wide snowmobile track. ‘That’s not good,’ Sergey thought.

“Dear God, I’m trusting you to protect me and to keep this machine running,” Sergey said as he increased his speed to fifty miles per hour.

Rat-tat-tat! A machine gun sent a wall of bullets toward Sergey, but not one of them hit him as he raced through the snow, zigzagging up the hill. The slope of the hill was now at a 30% grade. (Every 100 feet traveled in the horizontal plane equaled thirty feet of elevation.)

The Russians, who had come from the forest below the hill, were on his tail now and were rapidly climbing the hill, trying to flank him. One was trying to reach his left side and the other was just twenty feet from his snow flap.

Rat-tat-tat! An AK-74M roared from behind him and echoed through the forest, causing Sergey to flinch. Again, no bullets hit him, even though he knew they naturally should have. Then, the snowmobile to his left side gained speed and ran almost parallel to him. The rearmost soldier swung around and fired of some shots, but they again missed Sergey. Some bullets slapped into tree trunks in positions just five inches from his head.

Momentarily distracted by the snowmobile to his left, Sergey didn’t see the large, wide stump of a dead tree poking up seven feet through the snow, until it was too late. In a fraction of a second, his snowmobile closed the distance to the large, threatening stump and was about to crash into the solid wood at a speed of 45 miles per hour.* There was no time to think. There was no time to pray. ‘This is it Sergey. You’re history,’ a thought came to him.

[* 72 kilometers per hour]

Before he could say “Mississippi,” the bark of the large stump filled his vision, and Sergey closed his eyes. But, instead of hitting the solid tree trunk at 72 km/h, Sergey found himself still seated on his snowmobile and tearing up the hill. He blinked and slowed his vehicle to a stop, breathing hard and hearing his heart pound in his chest. He should be dead right now. What was happening? He turned around in his seat and looked back.

The large stump was behind him a number of yards down the slope and, strangely, his snowmobile tracks traveled up from the base of the stump on the side facing uphill. On the downhill side of the slope, behind the stump, his tracks continued. ‘This is bizarre,’ Sergey thought, amazed. ‘Am I dreaming? Crashing into a tree stump at 72 km/h should kill me.’ It seemed that he had passed through the solid tree stump as if it were made of air.

“Did you see what just happened?” a Russian soldier driving the snowmobile to Sergey’s left said to his comrade. They were 25 feet from Sergey and had come to a stop, having seen a miracle take place.

“He went right through that stump like a ghost going through a wall,” the man on the seat behind him said. “He must be stopped.”

Then, the soldier took aim at Sergey with his automatic rifle.

Before he pulled the trigger, Sergey throttled his engine and roared off up the hill.

Rat-tat-tat! The AK-74M poured out another blast of deadly rounds but an invisible barrier kept them from hitting Sergey as he made his escape. The bullets just stopped in mid-flight and dropped straight down into the snow, plunging into the white powder.

(Fallen tree. Pixabay. Free images.)
A loud crack suddenly cut through the air as a large, dead tree suddenly snapped in half and fell to the ground, supernaturally fast, pounding into the snow with enough force to shake the snow off nearby tree branches. It seemed as if invisible giants ‒ angels ‒ had broken the large, dead tree and shoved it over with great force. It now formed a barrier between the Russians army snowmobiles and Sergey, who was racing up the hill on the other side of this new barrier. Dense bushes and younger pines on either side of the fallen tree made it impossible for the army snowmobiles to go around the fallen, woody pillar.

Before fifteen seconds had passed, Sergey was gone from view behind a dense cluster of young pine trees. Three of the Russian soldiers cursed their failure to capture or kill the escaping Christians, but the fourth one kept staring at the stump Sergey had miraculously passed through and began to have second thoughts about non-conformist Christians and their God.

As the soldier thought about this, the two civilian winter vehicles, separated by some distance, continued charging through the Siberian forest, heading toward the location God was guiding them to by His Spirit. Before long, night would fall on the woodland and vicious wolf packs would come out to hunt. But, the Russian soldiers had orders to hunt down and either capture or kill the non-conformist Christians. And, the soldiers were determined that they would obey their orders.


“Continued Pursuit”

(A forest during the winter. Pixabay. Free images.)
Steven, in the driver’s seat of the grey utility vehicle (UTV), was faced with more challenges to his faith and to his life as he zigzagged through a Siberian forest miles from the town of Medvedski, Russia. While Sergey was being pursued by two snowmobiles up a hill, Steven, and those in the trailer behind the UTV, were being pursued by two other snowmobiles and two CHETRA TM-140 tracked trucks, which were some distance behind the snowmobiles. These slower-moving tracked trucks were following in the woods several hundred yards back. Each CHETRA was loaded with many communist soldiers, in the troop compartment, who were itching to either arrest or kill the fleeing Christians.

The Russian army snowmobiles pursuing Steven were already surging forward at high speed and closing the distance between themselves and the grey UTV, and Steven was facing new challenges, which were greatly trying his faith.

While Steve’s UTV was high-powered, tracked for handling snow, and fast, it was a little slower than its top performance speed due to the added weight of the utility trailer and the people and gear inside it. There was no way he could outrun the snowmobiles. And, his friends in the trailer were completely exposed to machine gun fire.

“Steve, can this go any faster?” Sarah said from the trailer behind him.

“I wish it could,” Steve said, “but I am going as fast as is reasonably possible.”

“Father God, please send your angel and deliver us,” Ivan said from his seat near Sarah.

The roaring drone of the approaching snowmobiles caused Steve to gulp and utter some more prayers for protection.

(A Russian soldier firing his weapon.
Click for source.)
Rat-tat-tat…! Echoing bursts of machine gun fire caused Steve to flinch and the people in the trailer to instinctively hunch down in their seats. He heard a bullet zip past his head. A small branch on a tree ahead of him ripped off as another bullet struck it. Rat-tat-tat…! Holes suddenly appeared in trees directly ahead as the incoming bullets reached the Christians in a furious, lethal stream of metal. But, not one of the bullets hit the fleeing Christians.

Alexei turned his head back toward the pursuing communist soldiers and swallowed hard. He saw a machine gun aimed directly at him. It was in the hands of the rearmost soldier on a two-person snowmobile. Before he could blink, the gun muzzle erupted with orange exhaust as the AK-74M was fired. Rat-tat-tat…! There was no way it could miss since it was just twenty-five feet away and the gunner was holding it steady.

But, when Alexei looked down at his torso, he didn’t see any evidence he’d been shot at. He was fully intact and unharmed by the withering spray from the machine gun. ‘Glory to God!’ Alexei thought as he looked up toward the darkening sky and smiled.

Then, a snowmobile boldly roared up to within fifteen feet of the utility trailer. A soldier seated in the rear seat tossed a grenade into the air directly above the heads of the people in the trailer. Then, the Russian snowmobile slowed, to distance itself from them.

Alexei saw a small dark object sail over his head. A question flashed through his mind ― ‘What is that?’ ― just before the grenade exploded directly overhead ― ka-boom! ― , sending a deadly blast of shrapnel toward him and his friends.

The explosion echoed through the trees and caused all on the trailer to flinch and wonder if they were dead or wounded. There was no human way that they would all miss being killed or badly injured by the blast. The grenade had exploded within just a couple yards from their heads. Alexei felt over his chest and head to see if he had any wounds, knowing that adrenaline could prevent him from feeling pain. He could not find any wounds whatsoever. And, the same was true for the rest of the group.

(Russian soldiers on a snowmobile.
Click for source.)
Vroom! A snowmobile with two Russian soldiers charged forward and drove up toward Steve’s right side. It avoided bushes and trees as it came to within fifteen feet of his right side. The rearmost soldier swung toward Steve with his AK-74M and aimed it at him from nearly point-blank range.

He quickly changed his magazines, loading a fresh one in seconds. Then, he cocked the gun and took aim at Steve’s torso.

‘There is no way that I could miss this,’ the soldier thought as he moved his finger toward the trigger.

“Lord, keep that man from hitting me,” Steve whispered as he drove.

Wide-eyed, Sarah placed a hand over her mouth and prayed for her husband and for all on the trailer.

As the soldier pulled the trigger, his snowmobile hit a hidden dip in the ground and the vehicle bounced violently, but the gun went off, firing several shots. Rat-tat-tat…! None of them hit Steve and many simply hit trees high above.

Suddenly, the Russian army snowmobile began to sputter and slow, and it fell behind Steve. The driver cursed and pulled his machine to a stop while his comrades on the other snowmobile continued the chase. He looked at his fuel level and saw that it was empty. Leaving his seat, the driver crouched in the white powder beside the snowmobile. A hole appeared in the side of his gasoline tank.

He cussed and placed a finger in the hole and noticed fuel dripping from it. ‘How did this get here,’ the soldier thought with deep frustration. Then, it donned on him that a bullet could have ricocheted off a rock and hit his machine. But, the chance that a bullet would hit his vehicle was extremely low to be unlikely. But, it must have happened, however unlikely.

Meanwhile, Steve continued to drive and zigzag through the forest, followed by a single snowmobile. The Russians were getting increasingly frustrated, but they were not about to give up. They had backed up and let some distance come between Steve and them.

Thick snow began to fall and wind began to blow through the trees, sending showers of snow flakes sparkling through the air, illuminated by the UTV headlights. Steve squinted to avoid getting the snow flakes in his eyes since the UTV cab had no windshield. The light was starting to get dimmer as the sun dipped lower in the sky and night was approaching fast.

Then, Steve noticed something very concerning to him. His fuel level was getting very low, according to the digital display on his instrument panel. He hadn’t checked it in the heat of the chase, but now he could tell that he only had about a couple miles left before it was completely empty. Was it possible that the engine was leaking? He hoped not.

Vroom! The army snowmobile was now fast approaching from behind a thick stand of trees. The distance was closing fast as the Russians raced up to their target. Sarah turned around and looked back to see a communist soldier holding a grenade in his right hand. His face was full of frustration and hatred.

Suddenly, a huge bough snapped off a dead tree ‒ Crack!  and crashed to the ground directly in front of the Russian army snowmobile. It pounded into the ground as if an invisible person (or an angel) was shoving it down faster than the speed of gravity. The bough had landed just yards behind the ATV and just feet in front of the communist soldiers. They didn’t have time to steer out of the way or put on the breaks. Their vehicle smashed into the fallen bough at sixty miles per hour, and the soldiers were catapulted into the air, landing into deep piles of snow.

Miraculously, neither was severely injured or dead, but their prey was now gone from their grasp. Slowly and painfully, they pulled themselves out of the deep snow. One man tried to move his leg to get back to his feet, but he felt pain shoot up his spine, which caused him to wince.

Neither soldier could walk, having received back injuries from their collision with the bough. By now, the ATV they were pursing was gone from view. Only its tracks remained in the snow as snowflakes fluttered to the ground, beginning the process of covering up the tracks. Both soldiers cursed their “bad luck,” as they called it.

Five invisible, angelic beings watched them with deep sorrow, saddened to see the suffering the communist soldiers had brought upon themselves by their relentless pursuit of the escaping Christians. The angels had orders from God to protect Steve and his friends, and they were not going to allow bombs, bullets, or anything to harm the fleeing Christians, because the Christians were putting their trust in God.

Invisible demonic creatures, which lurked around the communist soldiers, continued attacking them by sticking their fingers into the souls of the men and, using technology designed by the devil and his high ranking principalities, the demonic entities began planting thoughts of revenge into the minds of these men. Since the men were unwilling to yield to God’s Spirit, they began to succumb to the demonic thoughts and began to foster plans of exacting revenge on the Christians. [See “Footnote”]

‘Once I am well, I will seek to kill Christians and watch them suffer,’ corporal Konstantine Yerokhin, the snowmobile driver, thought to himself, not knowing he was only repeating the thoughts planted in his mind by the evil, invisible entities attacking him.

The other communist soldier, corporal Kirill Bezrukov, thought, ‘I will not capture Christians anymore, even if I have orders to. I will just kill them once I find them. The more suffering they have, the better.’

Deep inside their hearts, both communist soldiers knew that God had miraculously protected the fleeing Christians. But, both men determined right then and there that they would fight the God of the non-conformist Christians and make His children suffer as much as possible.

(CHETRA TM-140. Click for source.)
In a short time, one of the CHETRA TM-140 tracked trucks arrived and spotted the damaged snowmobile. It stopped, and soldiers disembarked from the troop compartment. Hearing the cries from their injured comrades, they spotted the wounded soldiers lying on the ground. Quickly, two medics carrying a stretcher emerged from the CHETRA troop compartment.

While they attended to the wounded, a second CHETRA TM-140 drove past them and two snowmobiles followed. The two army snowmobiles had come from the hill where they had failed to apprehend Sergey on his Yamaha Sidewinder snowmobile. They had a mission and they were not going to let it completely fail.

As the daylight faded into night, the Russians activated their night optics and began searching the forest for the Christians. Sooner or later, the communists were bound to find their prey, and their resolve to kill was much stronger now, since the Christians had attempted to escape even while guns were trained on them.

[Footnote: See 1 Peter 5:8 and Ephesians 6:10-18.]


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[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

EXCERPT from Part 34 (◼ “Surprise in the Dark” // ◼ “Gunmen”):  

"... a dark figure emerged from the shadows and a large, male Eurasian wolf came into view in their bluish flashlight beams. It had thick, tawny* fur and a white mouth, which was filled with sharp teeth and strong jaws. Soon, other wolves appeared in the LED light. Something in their faces looked unnatural and evil to Steve as he watched them slowly approach.

He didn’t have time to think much about it because several wolves broke off from the pack and suddenly charged toward him, with a demonic glare in their eyes. With ... " (Read all of Part 34.)

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