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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Message from God. “Your Nation Shall Experience Fires, Destructions, Calamities, and Chaos." (Sept. 17, 2017)

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Message from God. “Your Nation Shall Experience Fires, Destructions, Calamities, and Chaos."

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are going through trials and difficulties, such as the loss of jobs, family problems, work-related problems, financial problems, and other difficulties, but God will deliver us as we look to Him, and put Him first. This message from God will show us future events that shall happen soon, and shall affect us and all those in this country of America, and likely Canada too.

People will lose jobs, the economy will get weaker and weaker. The dollar will lose more and more value. Nations such as Russia and China will invade this country when God appoints that judgment to strike. Russia and China are not our enemies. But, they will be used to judge wicked people who will not repent, I am sad to say, in the same way that Babylon judged ancient Egypt and ancient Israel (see Jeremiah 29).

However, if we forsake sin, (looking to God for help) and obey God, and trust only in Jesus Christ for salvation, God will certainly provide for all our needs, and deliver us. I encourage you to seek God about this message and to find out from Him what He wants you to know. God says in His Word, the Bible, (in Jeremiah 33:3) that if you call on Him He will answer you and show you great things. I will pray for you as you look to Abba Father God and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, through these trying times. I could use your prayers too.

God bless and keep you.


P.S. Psalm 62 and Psalm 9:9-10 are very helpful for trials and difficulties we face.

Psalm 62:8
8 Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.

Psalm 9:9-10
9 The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.
10 And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.


On September 17, 2017, God said:

“My people, there is a storm coming to your nation. The dollar is going to start collapsing in value. It will lose value rapidly over the next few months, and it will drop by large amounts when I allow it. The dollar will lose value because your country has not valued Me, but has valued money and material possessions. Many people in your country have taken out huge loans to go to college, or loans to purchase extra large homes or the latest vehicles.

But, I want you to be content with Me. I will meet your needs and supply every need that you have. If you look to possessions to meet your emotional and spiritual needs, you are looking to the wrong source. So, look to Me, and I will bless you.

[“Your nation shall experience fires,
destructions, calamities, and chaos,” God said.]

Your nation shall experience fires, destructions, calamities, and chaos. There will be riots in cities as people fight each other for selfish reasons. I will continue to call out to your nation, but it will continue to rebel against Me, I am sad to say. But, look to Me through all trials you face, and I will bless you. Do not be afraid when you see food prices go up, or when you see your insurance and mortgage rise over time, for if you look to Me, I will provide for you all your needs. That is correct, My children.

The stock market will begin to experience problems, which you may have heard people talking about. It will become weak like a sick man and it will lose its steam. There will no longer be successful, prosperous companies that produce high stock prices and stocks that investors snatch up by the fistfuls. Stocks will drop in value over time. There will be no brokers that can offer you good stock, for it will lose its value and potential very soon.

For, your country shall suffer from a powerful economic failure from which no financial or governmental tools will be able to pull your country into the safe zone. In other words, the government and financial experts on Wall Street will have no power to recover the falling stock prices or the weakening dollar. You have seen the situation in third world countries, such as Venezuela.

Venezuela was prospering and it was starting to emerge from its continent as a fairly wealthy country, but it has hit rock-bottom because it did not put Me first. It put its own welfare, and prosperity, and selfish ambitions first, and it put Me last. I am calling out to Venezuelans and pleading with them to repent and turn to Me for salvation. What they are experiencing in Venezuela is better than what America will experience when your country experiences a powerful economic collapse. I will not rescue it because it is hardening its heart against Me.

Your nation shall be struck a final blow at the appointed time. From that blow no recovery will be possible. The world will be shocked by the destruction that happens to your country and by the utter end of the American dream. There will be no turning back from this destruction, for America will not utter a word of humble prayer to Me. America will not repent for its sins and turn to Me. Some will turn to Me, but the majority will only harden their hearts and try to justify their sins. But, I will still continue to call out to them.

[“The judgment of your nation is beginning,” God said.]

You know of Russia and you know of China. These countries will observe your nation slip downward and sink into economic problems. They will secretly plot on how they can take advantage of your nation’s calamities. And, at the appointed time, both of them will invade your country. That is a certainty. I do not want you to be afraid of this future event, but I want you to seek Me and get to know Me, for I will provide for all your needs and protect you, but you must put Me first. That is correct, My children.

Why do many of you love the world and its ways, which are against Me? I am calling out to you and pleading with you, who are turning away from Me. I am calling out to you who are serving idols, and who do not want to know Me personally. If you do not want to know Me personally, then idols will be your focus, and your desire will be on the world and its ways. Do not be afraid if you are serving idols with part of your heart.
Just repent from them, turn to Me, and make Me first and foremost in your life. Your sins will be forgiven.

But, to those who will not repent, woe be to you! Your idols have become your god. Your life and its passing ways have become your focus and goal. Your money, hobbies, friends, family, and past times have taken away from your desire for Me. Woe to you if that be so! Repent while you still are able to.

You will know when you are able to repent when you desire to repent and feel that you must repent. When a person is hardened greatly against Me, he or she would not feel sorry or feel that he or she needs to repent from sin or turn to Me. Yes, a person like that can go through the motions of repenting, but they are not truly sorry. That is why I spoke of a day of salvation and spoke of a time when people will not repent.

Look at Pharaoh, the king of Egypt during the Exodus. He hardened his heart every time I called out to him through mighty miracles and by My outstretched hand. But, he refused to repent, and he was so hardened that he went into the Red Sea after the children of Israel, even though he knew that it was a miracle for the walls of water to be suspended in place on either side of the path through the sea.

But, his heart was so fixed on his own goals that he did not care if I was doing the miracle. That is how hardness works. Such a person does not desire to repent. They only offer false repentance so that they can get what they want. True repentance is a desire to forsake sin and to hate sin. Seek Me and cry out to Me until you have a desire to forsake sin, if your heart is a little hardened. I will help you to have a softened heart.

You do not have much time left before your country is invaded by the Russians and the Chinese, which shall dismember your people and shall turn your land into a wasteland. Chemical and Biological implements will be dropped on your land, which will cause massive destruction of life. There will be bodies piled on top of bodies, and there will be too many for them to be buried, for the chemical attacks will kill more effectively than any nuclear bombs could kill. This is the sad truth about what shall happen. That is why I shall keep calling out to your country until the time that the chemical attacks strike your nation, and until the time that your cities lie in ashes or in abandoned, forlorn wastelands.”
[NOTE: The Russians and Chinese are not the enemy, but God will use them to judge America in the same way He used the Babylonians to judge Egypt and ancient Judah. Both of those nations had served false gods, and refused to repent. See Jeremiah 29.]

“You may be shocked to read this message and to hear that such things shall happen to this country, but these things shall happen because of how wicked your nation is, and because when I keep calling out to it, it keeps hardening its heart against Me, overall. So, I shall allow the economy to suffer and I shall plead with people until the rain of destruction takes their lives. I don’t wish for these things to happen, but hardness of heart and sin are very grievous and very wicked.

Look to Me and forsake sin, and you will be blessed, and I will provide for you through this time. I shall never leave you nor forsake you if you are one who chooses to love Me and obey Me.

[“A message to people who
are turning away from Me,” God said.]

If you do not desire to love Me or obey Me, beware that your life will be short and I will not provide for such a one as you. I will keep calling out to you until the day that you die and go to the pit of judgment, which is the eternal abode of the dead. People who dwell in those fires shall never escape, for their souls are trapped there forever because they are very hardened against Me, and will never truly repent from their sins.

I am calling out to people such as you who are hardening your hearts against Me. I know who you are and that you do not love Me. But, I will keep calling out to you because I love you and I want you to know My Name and be saved from your sins, if you can repent, and if you can recognize that you must be saved. If you can recognize that you must be saved and that you are in need of repentance, you have hope. If you cannot recognize these things, you are lost entirely and have become like Cain who killed his brother Abel or like Pharaoh who sought to kill the children of Israel in the Red Sea.

I love all who I make and who I create, but I cannot love those who are so hardened that they never will repent, for they have reached a level of hardness that will never repent, just like Satan himself. I am grieved with such people. In the Psalms, I wrote of them, through various Psalmists, that such wicked men would be turned into Hell, but that the righteous would be delivered from calamity, and from destruction, and from perdition.

All who love Me shall be blessed, but those who hate Me shall bear their sins and shall go into punishment. Take the offer of salvation and forgiveness. Do it for your own sakes while you still have hope. Otherwise, I shall have to cast you behind My back and forsake you for the hardness of your hearts.

[“A message to those who love Me,” God said.]

Now, My children who love Me, don’t think I am speaking of you. I am speaking of the wicked, who will not repent, unless they are jolted to life by words of encouragement and admonition. Don’t fear, My children who love Me, all will be well with you. Just stay in obedience to Me, keep forsaking sin, and look to My Word, and you will be blessed. I will help you to do these things if you look to Me for the power to do them. And, I love you very much.

All your needs shall be provided for. Just seek My best will, and you will do well. I shall take care of you through all difficulties and bring you to places of safety at the appointed times. And, I the LORD your GOD and Abba Father have spoken.”

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