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Saturday, November 11, 2017

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 28) - "Confrontation in Medvedski" - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 28)

Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

PART 28: “Confrontation in Medvedski”


(A Yamaha Sidewinder. Click for source.)
As Sergey drove through the Russian town of Medvedski, a Gaz Tiger police truck turned onto the street in front of him and flashed its police lights as it pulled to a stop up ahead. Sergey stopped the Yamaha Sidewinder and waited to see what would happen. As he waited, he prayed. His breath came out in puffs of vapor as he poured out his heart to God.

Then, he pressed the megaphone trigger and said, “God is calling out to you, people of Medvedski, to repent and turn to Him before it is too late. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation. Repent because Jesus Christ will have to judge you if you will not make Him your Savior and Lord. And, Jesus wants you to be saved from the fires of Hell and to have eternal joy and everlasting life with Him.” [If you are interested in being saved through Jesus Christ and having a relationship with God, click here.]

(Gaz Tiger. Click for source.)
The two front doors opened in the truck and two Russian police officers emerged, wearing ushankas and armed with the standard police gear. They approached both sides of his snowmobile with expressionless faces. As they walked toward him, one officer looked familiar to Sergey. He was one of the police officers who had seen Sergey, a day earlier, successfully command blindness, in the Name of Jesus, to strike one of the officers who was going to arrest him. [Read about that event in Chapter 16 here.]

This man stopped in his tracks as the realization donned on him, and he began backing up toward the truck. The other officer was a new guy in town. He looked at his coworker with surprise.

“What are you doing, Dmitri?” the newer officer said.

“That man commanded blindness to strike an officer yesterday,” Dmitri said. “Let’s leave this place.” He started walking more quickly back toward the police truck.

“Come back. Don’t be a coward,” the other man said to his coworker as he approached Sergey.

Then, shaking his head, he turned toward Sergey and said, “Did you make two police officers blind yesterday? And, did you use some kind of chemical spray or some kind of laser technology to blind them?”

“No,” Sergey said with a peace, calmness, and renewed boldness. “I did not touch them or use any sort of technology to blind them. God blinded them by His power because they were not going to humble themselves before God. This was so that God would be glorified. God said in His Word that we believers have power over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt us. That’s Luke 10:19.”

“You expect me to believe that? You must be an escaped psychiatric patient,” the officer said condescendingly before he drew his MP-443 Grach service pistol and trained it on Sergey’s chest.

“Raise your hands in the air so I can see that your hands are free,” the officer said firmly.

Sergey let go of his megaphone, since it was strapped to his wrist, and showed the officer both his hands, which were empty.

“I’m placing you under arrest for harming law enforcement officers,” the officer said, “and for interfering with police procedures, and for illegal proselytizing, and for being a member of an outlawed cult.*”

[* Born-again Christians will be called various derogatory terms when communism returns to Europe.]

(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
The man reached for some handcuffs on his belt. A woman, standing in her house doorway, began clapping her hands, seeing Sergey in the process of being arrested.

“My son,” God’s loving voice came to Sergey’s soul and spirit.

“Yes Father,” Sergey said.

“I want you to call blindness and dumbness on this man, for he is hardening his heart greatly against Me,” Abba Father said. “He knows that you released a miracle in My Name, but he doesn’t want to admit that because he wants to be an atheist. He will not listen to Me unless I allow something happen that will affect his body in a physical way. Go and release the blindness and dumbness in Jesus Christ’s Name.”

“In Jesus Christ’s Name, by God’s authority,” Sergey said as the officer approached him with the handcuffs, “I command blindness and dumbness to come on you. You will not be able to see or speak until the day that you repent from your sins and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord to the Glory of God the Father.”

Just as the man was less than five feet away and about ready to place the handcuffs on Sergey’s wrists, he recoiled back, dropping the handcuffs into the snow. He placed a hand over his eyes and cried, “What did you do? I can’t see anything. Everything is pitch black.”

Then, he dropped his pistol and cussed at Sergey, issuing bitter and vile words.

(The village of Shirakawa-go, Japan.
This just gives an idea what Medvedski
 (a fictional village) might look like. Click for image source.)
The neighbor lady, who had just applauded Sergey’s arrest, gasped and rushed up to the police officer. Cussing and shouting, he was moving his arms through the air, trying to find his way.

“What happened to you?” she asked the police officer.

“That Christian …” the officer started to say when suddenly his words became unintelligible babbling and guttural sounds.

Something had happened to the officer’s vocal cords as he tried to speak. It appeared as if he was unable to form some vowel sounds, such as the long “a” vowel sound. 

“Sir, what happened to you?” the lady asked again with concern on her face.

The police officer opened his mouth again but no words or sounds came out. As Sergey listened, he realized that the man was mute and blind, just as God said he would be.

“What did you do to him?” the lady said as she turned toward Sergey with an angry scowl.

“I didn’t do anything to him,” Sergey said. “God brought this upon him because this man refused to listen to God’s call and refused to let me do God’s will.”

Then, she cussed at him and said, “You are a monster!” And, without further ado, she trudged back to her house through the snow.

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Sergey throttled the engine, driving the snowmobile down the street, and continued calling out to the people with his megaphone. In his side mirrors, Sergey saw the driver’s door open in the Gaz Tiger. The seeing officer emerged and walked toward his blind and mute comrade.

More house doors opened as he slowly passed by, calling out to the people with an amplified voice.

“Sir,” a man with a brown mustache shouted from his front door.

Sergey pulled his snowmobile to a stop. “Yes,” he said.

“I would like to hear more about what you are saying,” the man said, holding a computer tablet in one hand. “Is there a place where I could take my family to hear more of this message you are preaching?”

“Yes,” Sergey said. “You can come over to my house. Bring your friends and neighbors.” Then, Sergey gave him the address.

“Thank you,” the man said as he typed the address into his computer tablet.

After a little more conversation, Sergey moved on and continued to speak the warning through his megaphone. By evening, he returned to his izba cabin only to find the streets lined with cars and a crowd of over seventy people gathered outside his front door.

While he had been warning the people with a megaphone, Steven, Sarah, Alexei, and Jason had been handing out Gospel tracts with Sergey’s address printed on the back. Sergey had saved many Gospel tracks from a few years ago, which he and his wife had purchased for evangelism.

When she had passed away during a tragic car accident, he had lost the desire to witness. Now, having his spirit strengthened and having the encouragement of his new friends, the middle-aged Russian was eager to warn his neighbors about the judgment to come.

As Sergey pulled the snowmobile up his small driveway and behind his house, toward his vehicle storage shed, he shook his head, amazed at how many people were eager to hear more. Once he had parked the snowmobile, he walked back toward the crowd of people, carrying his megaphone and a Bible he had retrieved from a pack strapped to his snowmobile.

A sense of boldness came on him like never before as he saw all the faces waiting for him in the cold. They were obviously hungry for spiritual things. Some might have heard about the police, who had attempted to arrest him, being blinded the day before, Sergey realized.

“Friends and neighbors,” Sergey said loudly, without using the megaphone, “God has touched your hearts with His message of love and grace. He is calling you and wooing you to Him. I tell you that you may have heard about the police officers who were blinded when they tried to arrest me. I don’t glory in that except to tell you that I have a God who works powerfully on behalf of those who trust in Him. I wish that those same police officers would repent and turn to God, but they must decide whether they want God, or not.”

Some of the people coughed and others gulped, feeling some concern about their souls. Their breath ascended into the air in wispy streams, which were blown away by a gentle but cold Siberian breeze. The branches of nearby pine trees gently swayed, releasing some showers of white powder, which sprinkled to the ground.

“But friends,” Sergey said, “God wants all of us to repent and turn to Him to know Him as our personal Savior, Father, and Lord. There is no other way to salvation but by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 13:12 says that Jesus Christ, sanctified the believers by His own blood. That means that Jesus made all believers (in what He did at the cross of Calvary) holy and set apart by His blood. Let me quote the verse to you.”

Sergey flipped his Bible open to a bookmarked spot and said: “Hebrews 13:12 says: ‘Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered without the gate.’ This is not based at all on our own works because Romans 5:1 says: 'Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:' Romans 5:9 says: ‘Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.’ Justified basically means ‘just-as-if-I’ never sinned.

“This justification is only by the blood that Jesus spilled for us at the cross, and by His death on the cross, in our place. That is the only way that we can be saved, and it happens when we believe on Jesus and receive Jesus in our place: His blood to pay for our sins. Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead demonstrates His power over death and that He is One with God the Father. He is calling out to you to receive Him as your personal Savior and Lord, and to only look to Him for deliverance from sin.

“He will deliver you and He will save you if you turn to Him. Acts 4:12 says: ‘Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.’ In Ephesians 2:7-9, God had Paul write: ‘[7] That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. [8] For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: [9] Not of works, lest any man should boast.’

“There is nothing you can do to earn or keep your salvation from God. It is a free gift. Working for it means that you would be trusting in yourself instead of in Jesus Christ. Only by trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation can you be saved from your sins and go to Heaven. That is what the Bible teaches. So, call upon Jesus and come to Him. Only He can save you.”

“I would like to know, sir, why it is that God would blind people if He wants to save us from our sins?” a woman asked.

“God blinds those who refuse to repent when He continues to call out to Him,” Sergey said. “God blinded an army which sought after the life of the prophet Elijah in 2 Kings 6:18. Since God does not want people to go into Hell, He may allow difficult trials to happen so that they will realize they need Jesus to save them from their sins. Also, I know that the same God who may bring blindness on the ungodly is the same God who can heal the blind and open their eyes, like Jesus did in the Gospel accounts of the New Testament books.”

“How do I ask Jesus to save me?” a mustached man said. He wore a green parka and stood near the front of the crowd. Sergey recognized him from his ride through the town. He was the guy with the tablet.

“Recognize that you are sinner who is in need of only Jesus to save you,” Sergey said. “Your works cannot save you or keep you saved. Then, ask Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior and Lord, and to wash away all your sins by His blood. Then, look to Jesus for help to forsake sin. That is repenting from sin. It is an ongoing thing for Christians to repent from sin whenever we sin. God wants us to look to Him for help to forsake sin so that we can have close fellowship with Him. 1 John 1:7 says: ‘But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.’

“I’d like to know Jesus and I want Him to save me,” the mustached man said.

Sergey smiled. Those were the words he wanted to hear.

“Does anyone else want to make a decision to receive Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior and Lord?” Sergey said. “If so, please raise your hands.”

Twenty hands went up. ‘This is good news,’ Sergey thought. ‘God be praised!’

[If you are interested in being saved through Jesus Christ and having a personal relationship with the loving, holy God, click here.]


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(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

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