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Friday, December 1, 2017

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 32) - ➽ “Cartel Attack" - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 32)

Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

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Chapter Thirty-Two

PART 32: ∎ “Cartel Attack” 


“Cartel Attack”

Blam! Blam! Blam! … ‘Odin,’ a drug cartel member, fired off another six shots from his 9mm Ruger pistol until his magazine was empty. All seven rounds were fired toward Steven O’Neill’s chest from just inches away. As the gangster emptied his clip, the bullet casings bounced off the concrete patio and some rolled off into the grass below. But, Steve remained standing in his front door, unaffected by the gunshots, except for the fact that he was closing his eyes and clenching his teeth. After the last shot was fired, Steve opened his eyes and felt his heart pounding in his chest. [Read Chapter 31 here.]

Adrenaline was pumping rapidly through his body and he could hear his own breathing. Though he felt fear, he also felt calmness and peace overwhelming the fear. As he looked down at his chest, he noticed it was perfectly fine. There were no wounds or any indications that a gun had been fired at him from such a short distance. Not a single bullet had hit him, and the hot exhaust gas from the gun muzzle had miraculously not touched his shirt.

There was no natural explanation why he was still alive and unharmed. Also, amazingly, his ears were not ringing or feeling any damage from the loud gunshots.

The would-be assassin back up, with his mouth wide open, in shock. His two, armed henchmen were likewise stunned by the miracle. After a few moments of speechlessness, the criminals turned and walked away from Steve’s property. They quickly hopped into a new, shiny, grey Cadillac Escalade, which was parked on the street, and drove off.

Once he was sure they were gone, Steve turned back into his house and shut the door, locking it. His knees felt a little wobbly, but that quickly faded, and he felt strength return to his body.

“I was praying for you the whole time,” Jason said as Steve entered the living room. “God protected you! You don’t have a scratch!”

(Cadillac Escalade. Click for source.)
“That was really amazing. Praise God!” Steve said before exhaling, releasing his stress.

“You really did well,” Jason said, patting his friend on the back. “That was God’s Spirit guiding you and protecting you. I am certain you had warrior angels keeping those bullets from hitting you and the muzzle blast from singeing you.”

“My ears aren’t even ringing,” Steve said.

As he spoke, Steve still felt his heart beating fast, but he gave his fears to God, and then turned back to his wife and Jason.

“Steve, are you okay?” Sarah said with concern on her face. “What happened? I couldn’t exactly see what you were doing. I was afraid you might have been injured or even….”

“I’m perfectly fine,” Steve said. Then, he recounted the whole experience and all that was said. When he arrived at the part about the gunshots, he said, “Then, the crook fired off his whole clip at me from just a couple inches away, but not a single shot hit me, as you can see.”

(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
“Praise God!” Sarah said with tears in her eyes as she looked upward. “Thank you Abba God for saving my husband. I almost lost him. I almost lost my Steve.”

“I have a feeling those crooks might be coming back or others in their gang might come here, so we need to seek God what to do,” Steve said. “Excuse me. I think I’ll go into the basement.”

He walked toward a door in the side of the living room not far from the front door. Opening it, he descended stairs leading into the basement.

“I’ll seek God in my bedroom,” Sarah said to Jason as she walked into a hallway adjoining the living room. At the end of the hallway, she slipped through a door and closed it behind her.

Jason remained standing in Steve’s living room and quietly sought God.

About thirty minutes later, the door to the basement stairway opened and Steve entered the living room. Jason turned to face Steve and saw his friend looking at him with an expression of peace and great joy.

“What did God tell you about my situation?” Steve said.

“What did God tell you, Steve?” Jason said.

Steve cleared his throat and said, “Abba God told me that three days from now, He will translate us to a certain place in Russia, and will lead us to a group of Christians. He promised to provide for all our needs for the rest of our lives. And, he said you are coming with me and Sarah.”

“That is wonderful,” Jason said. “I heard God telling me that as well.”

“Praise God,” Steve said, smiling, as he thought about God’s promises being fulfilled in his life. ‘Thank you for taking care of me and for protecting me, Abba God,’ Steve said silently to God, without moving his lips.

(Kremlin. Click for source.)
The door at the end of the hallway opened, and Sarah emerged. She walked briskly down the hallway, wearing a smile on her face. Once she was in the living room, she said, “Steve, God showed me that we are going to Russia, and that Jason is going with us. He told me it will be by way of a miracle that He brings us there. I assume God was speaking of translating us like He did with Philip from Acts 8, like Jason told us about.”

“That is what God told both of us too,” Steve said, glancing at Jason.

“Praise God for His provision and love!” Sarah said, again lifting her eyes to heaven.

“Steve, Sarah,” Jason said. “I just now heard God telling me that He would like me to have you stay at my house.”

“But, won’t God protect us here?” Steve said.

“He certainly can,” Jason said, “but I feel that your house is a place He is moving you from so that you won’t be emotionally attached to this area. And, I just moved into my house about a month ago.”

“Let me seek God about this,” Steve said before walking toward his spare bedroom. He closed the door behind him and sought God for several minutes. Finally, satisfied with what he was hearing, Steve left the bedroom and returned to his wife and Jason.

Steve said, “God is showing me that Sarah and I need to pack up some belongings and purchase some cold weather clothing today. He gave me a list of some items we would need.”


“A Conversation About God in the Jungle”

(Mrs. Gould's sunbird. Click for source.)
Hopping from branch to branch in a nearby sea fig tree, a brightly colored Mrs. Gould’s sunbird curiously stared down at the five Asian men walking on the rainforest floor below. It was a bright, sunny day, and sunlight streamed through gaps in the dense jungle canopy and caused upper leaves to change from a dark green shade to a light green shade. Furry macaques climbed through the branches of a maprang tree fifty feet away, searching for and greedily devouring maprang fruit and bugs.

Hu Zheng, a young Chinese man, looked up at the colorful Mrs. Gould’s sunbird and noticed its brilliant, purple head; red upper body; and yellow belly. It was nice to see one of God’s creatures in all its colorful splendor. After a few moments of watching the dazzling bird perched in the tree, Hu returned his attention to his new friends.

“What were you looking at?” Sheng said walking beside him, and still wearing a Chinese army combat uniform.

“Oh, it was just a colorful bird,” Hu said.

(Jungle foliage. Click for source.)
Some days had passed since Sheng, a newly born-again, former Chinese soldier, had first met Hu, Quang, and Cheng. Hu, Quang, and Cheng had been traveling through the jungle for several days and had encountered Chinese soldiers seeking to either kill or capture them, but God had protected and defended them miraculously. [Read about that in Chapter 18.]

“You like birds, don’t you?” Sheng said.

Hu Zheng, a 24-year-old, from Yunnan Province, China, met Cheng Yuan while traveling through the Yunnan jungle of southern China. He had fled from his parents and relatives when his aunt and uncle had pressured him to give up his faith, and his aunt had threatened to turn him into the authorities, which she later did. But, God had miraculously delivered him, nonetheless. [Read about Hu in Chapter 13.]

Cheng was a 42-year-old married man who had left his wife and children behind because she was not willing to leave China and be counted as a Christian. Later, both Hu and Cheng ran into Quang, while traveling south toward Mainland Southeast Asia.

“Yes,” Hu replied to Sheng’s question. “Songbirds and colorful birds remind me of God’s love for music and beauty.”

While Hu walked down the trail, he liked to observe wildlife. Suddenly, Hu’s head turned to the right. Rapid movement came from the branches of a nearby grey ebony tree, catching his attention. It was some kind of bird fluttering its wings–Hu couldn’t tell what kind it was. Then, a green imperial pigeon hopped off a branch and rapidly beat the air with its wings, flying overhead. Moments later, it vanished behind a dense network of leafy branches.

Hu chuckled to himself and said, “That bird was afraid of us, but he could see we are on the ground.”

Nguyen Duc Quang, whose given name is Quang, was a 44-year-old Vietnamese man who had been sent by God to meet and escort Christians through the jungles of Southeast Asia. He was a calm and soft-spoken man who had great courage and faith, like Hu. He walked directly in front of Hu and talked with Cheng, who also was a man in his forties.

(Elijah calls on God to send fire from heaven
 to burn up a sacrifice. 1 Kings 18:36-39Click for source.)
After escaping from Chinese troops, who had been consumed by fire from heaven, Hu, Quang, and Cheng had encountered a 24-year-old Chinese soldier, named Sheng. Instead of threatening them, Sheng had wanted to know the God of the Christians, the God who had destroyed his wicked comrades, who were very hardened against God and His ways, like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Hu and his friends had witnessed to Sheng and showed him from the Bible the truth about Jesus that his country had forbidden people to learn about, and the young soldier had put his trust in Jesus for salvation. After becoming a follower of Jesus, Sheng had many questions to ask Hu, and the young Chinese men had many discussions about Jesus and the Old Testament men and women of faith.

“Speaking of birds… Hu, you mentioned the other day about how Noah had sent out a dove from the ark,” Sheng said, looking at his friend, “but it returned to him because the water was still too high for Noah and his family to leave the safety of the boat.”

“That is right,” Hu said, remembering a conversation about the flood of Noah they had had a couple days earlier.

“Why did the raven leave the ark, but the dove remained longer?” Sheng said.

(Raven. Click for source.)
“The raven is a scavenger bird and could eat carcasses, but the dove wouldn’t touch such things. After the flood, there may have been carcasses of some animals, such as dead fish, floating on the water,” Hu said. “God has shown me that the raven is symbolic of the devil and people who rebelliously go after sin. Sin is like rotten meat. If properly disguised, it may look okay to eat, but once you bite into it, you will get sick and vomit. God wants us to forsake all sin and look to Him alone to meet all our needs.”

“That is an interesting analogy God gave you,” Sheng said.

They walked a little further and then he said, “Hu, what exactly is sin?”

“Sin is going against what you know is right to do,” Hu said. “It is also going against God’s Ten Commandments, which he gave to Moses, a Hebrew man who wrote a number of books of the Bible.”

“What is a commandment that you would consider the most important of all the ten?” Sheng said, looking at his friend’s face with some concern.

“Jesus taught us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength,” Hu replied. “And, He taught us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He said that there is no commandment greater than those two. That is from Mark 12:29-31.”

“What if I don’t keep all those commandments? What if I sin against God?” Sheng said with some apprehension in his voice.

Hu thought of the fire falling from the sky through the trees and consuming Sheng’s very hardened, fellow soldiers. ‘That event must have terrified Sheng. He must be somewhat scared of God,’ Hu thought. ‘Sheng needs to know that God only destroys those who will not repent, and who will not ever choose to turn away from their rebellion against God.’

“When we sin against God…,” Hu said. “The Bible tells us in 1 John 1:9 that if we confess our sins to God, He will cleanse the sins from us and make us whole. 1 John 1:7, just a couple verses above that one, tells us that if we walk in the light, we will have fellowship with Abba God, and Jesus Christ’s blood will cleanse us from all sin.”

“What does it meant to walk in the light?” Sheng said.

Meditate on God’s Word and obey it, keeping the truth found in Galatians chapters 3 and 4 in mind,” Hu said. The book of Galatians shows how we are not required to fulfill all the laws related to feast days, sacrificial laws, and other such things. We only need to keep God’s moral laws, the Ten Commandments.”

“Hmm. That’s interesting,” Sheng said as he pushed a low-hanging, leafy branch out of his path.

“There is nothing to be afraid of if we desire to walk in fellowship with God,” Hu said. “When we sin, we can confess it to God, repent or turn from it, and He will forgive us. Now, God doesn’t want us to tell ourselves, ‘I can sin now and then confess it later’ because that is not true repentance. That is false works and it is honoring God with our mouths, but putting our hearts far from Him and from His ways.*” [* Jesus spoke about that in Mark 7:6-8.]

“How do we live a life where we are having fellowship with God, or Abba God?” Sheng said.

“Meditating on God’s word; talking and listening to God’s still, small voice; and desiring to know Him intimately or deeply are essential to know God well.”

“How do I talk to God and listen to Him?” Sheng asked as he brushed a fly off his face.

“Start by meditating on God’s word, the Bible, and asking Him questions about it,” Hu said. “Meditating on God’s word is thinking about it and having a conversation with God about His scripture and promises. Only God can show us the truth from His word that He wants us to know. And, Jesus Christ told us that the Holy Spirit, who is the voice of the Father God, will speak to us and guide us into all truth.”

“Do you remember what verse that was in?” Sheng said.

“That is John 16:13-14. I remember it now. It says: [13] Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. [14] He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.’”

“Does the word ‘speak’ actually mean that God talks to us?” Sheng said.

“Yes,” Hu said. “The original word, translated as speak, means to utter words with one’s mouth, or to speak. So Abba God literally speaks to us, and we can hear Him if we seek Him and desire to hear His voice. And, this is not work. It is just a desire to hear God that opens our ears to hear His voice. And, we know that God will never change His scriptures or contradict His scriptures because He set His Holy Word, the Bible, above all His name.*” [* See Psalm 138:2.]

“That is encouraging. I want to hear God’s voice,” Sheng said eagerly. “It really is awesome how God actually wants to speak to us personally.”

“And, He wants us to be very close friends with Him and receive His great, deep, unchanging love because we are His sons, by adoption,*” Hu said, smiling.

[* See Galatians 4:6-7 and John 16:27. The word for “loveth” in John 16:27 is phileo. It is God’s affectionate, longing, tender love which speaks of God’s desire to kiss and embrace us as His sons and daughters.]


“Steve and Sarah Look at the News, and Are Shocked.”

Steve and Sarah were sitting before their computer in the living room of their small, two-bedroom house in Cincinnati, Ohio. Half an hour ago, Jason had left to return to his home, since the shooting, which took place several blocks down the street, had completely stopped. They had all agreed that it was likely that the SWAT team outside the apartment building, where the two shooters were located in, had broken into the building and taken out or arrested the shooters.

Now, the couple was scrolling down a list of current news articles. One caught both of their attention. Sarah, who was holding the computer mouse, stopped scrolling and gasped.

“A pastor was arrested for preaching about Jesus in a sermon! That is ridiculous,” Sarah said, surprised.

“The article is titled, ‘Pastor Arrested for Preaching Hate Speech in His Church’,” Steve said from beside Sarah. “That is crazy.”

(An LCD monitor. Click for source.)
Sarah clicked on the article and, once it opened, both she and her husband slowly read through paragraphs detailing the arrest of a pastor who had preached on salvation through Jesus Christ at the church he was pasturing. He had preached that Jesus was the only way to salvation, just as the Bible teaches.

But, the news article said this “incendiary” and “provocative” speech is what got him in trouble with the law when some visitors reported his conduct and speech to the police. The visitors had said that the pastor was “violently and angrily” slapping his hand on the pulpit as he emotionally and emphatically spoke of the judgment of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

After he had set forth how they were burned to ashes because of their great wickedness, the pastor had said: “Those of you who are living in sin, unless you repented, you shall all likewise perish. Turn to Jesus and forsake your rebellion, for God is looking at your hearts.”

(Handcuffs. Click for source.)
The article stated that many people were offended when they read the text of the “incendiary” sermon, which was posted on social media websites. But, according to the article, many Christians were petitioning their representatives and senators to put a stop to the new hate-speech laws. The article also stated that the pastor was in custody, waiting for an impending trial, and that his lawyer had refused to make any comments.

After finishing it, Steve said, “This reminds me of the time when five pastors were arrested for refusing to preach in favor of an unbiblical definition of ‘marriage’. They were imprisoned, and their churches were fined millions of dollars.”

“You’re right,” Sarah said. “We’re seeing more and more persecution against preachers and influential Christians than ever before, but persecution against other Christians is also intensifying. You remember when one Christian family had their children taken from them because the parents home-schooled their children and refused to have them go to public school?”

“That’s right,” Steve said. “I also remembered that the parents were then both placed in prison and given five-year sentences.”

“God told us that these things would happen, but it is a little shocking to see it actually happen,” Sarah said.

“And, you remember how God had told us that Russia and China will both invade the U.S.A.?” Steve said.

“I remember that,” Sarah said. “What about it?”

(U.S. tanks stationed in Europe. Click for source.)
“Well, after God had told us that, we saw articles about Russia taking Crimea, and then we later saw articles showing the buildup of tanks and troops in Europe. Well, just recently, I saw an article about more U.S. and Canadian tanks and troops being sent to Europe. Many people are concerned that we could go to war with Russia in Europe, but God has shown us that the war will hit the U.S. mainland first.”

“I think you might have mentioned that article to me,” Sarah said. “But, the war with Russia will cause much destruction to happen to our country.”

(A poison gas attack from WWI. Click for source.
Poisonous gases that exist today are deadlier than
 the poisonous gases used during WWI.)
“That’s right. It will be devastating,” Steve said. “Sadly, millions of people will die overnight. Millions more will be out of food and water. And, millions of others will die from disease, chemical attacks, and biological attacks from Russia and China. But, this comes, sadly, because most people in this country are unwilling to repent and turn to God.”

“That is very sobering,” Sarah said, getting very serious. Her eyes were starting to water. Rivulets began running down her face.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Steve said, placing a hand on his wife’s back.

“I tried telling my relatives…,” Sarah said, with deep sorrow, after some moments had passed. “I told friends... I told my parents about these prophecies, but none of them believed me. They thought I was foolish to listen to prophecies, and called it ‘foolishness.’*” [* See 1 Corinthians 1:27-28.]

Steve reached over and rubbed his wife’s back, and gently drew her closer. And, she began to weep, placing her hands over her mouth as tears flowed down her face.

“I told the wife of our former pastor about these prophecies,” Sarah said as she cried, “but she didn’t want to hear them. She said that I should just put those thoughts from my mind, but I can’t because I see what is happening in our nation. I see what is happening in our country. Some people are beginning to wake up, but most are asleep to the evil that is coming and that is already here. Most are asleep to the fact that this country is being judged, and that the Church has not done what Jesus has desired it to do. It has instead become lukewarm and worldly.”


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(Learn more about the characters in this story here.)
[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

EXCERPT from Part 33 ("Winter Chase in Siberia"):

"... Sergey’s blue Yamaha Sidewinder climbed the densely wooded hill, and passed between some snow-laden bushes. A male Oriental cuckoo leaped from a branch and took off flying as Sergey’s machine approached its tree. The roar of another snowmobile engine caused Sergey to turn his head back toward the base of the hill. Suddenly, a white snowmobile, carrying two Russian soldiers, came into view and rapidly approached the UTV, which was just starting to climb the base of the hill. The rearmost soldier on the pursuing machine was preparing to fire his AK-74M at Sergey’s friends.

Worse still, the UTV with the trailer was having a little trouble climbing the hill and was moving slower than Sergey wanted it to. It would be an easy target for the Russian soldiers. Sergey knew God had the power to stop bullets, but fear attacked him, nonetheless. He wondered if God would truly protect his friends now.

As Sergey’s snowmobile passed through a cluster of snow-coated evergreen bushes, he flinched as he saw what lay ahead of him. Up the hill a little ways, a snowmobile with two Russian soldiers had just emerged from a screen of bushes, and the rearmost soldier was training his machine gun at Sergey’s torso. ... " (Read all of Part 33.)

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