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Friday, February 23, 2018

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 42) - ◼ “The Night Encounter and the Dream” - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 42)

Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

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But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

Miracles will abound and awesome sights will astonish people in these last days.

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Chapter Forty-Two

ART 42: ◼ “The Night Encounter and the Dream” 


“The Night Encounter and the Dream”

- Norway -

(Forest. Pixabay. Free images.)
Pine trees marched down the sides of steep mountains, which rose up majestically from the Scandinavian, forested landscape. It was summer. Red kites and northern goshawks wheeled through the air in search of prey or just out to enjoy the view. After traveling for five days through the wilderness of Scandinavia, the small group of backpackers reached an area of the woods that was free of all military activity, including drones.

Karl Holst (32), Toben Nenge (39), Abdul Hamed (25), Inga Jacobsen (22), and Elise Tangen (38) had escaped from the communist secret police of Norway and had left civilization behind when they had entered a Norwegian woodland. While hiking through the woods, the group had happened upon a young Muslim family from Syria: Musa, his wife, and their young son and daughter, who were both children.

Days earlier, Karl’s group from Norway had encountered two communist Norwegian military drones, which had attacked them with their onboard autocannons. The lethal spray of bullets had pockmarked trees and ripped off small branches, but not a single bullet had hit the backpackers, thanks to a miracle of God, who was helping them escape communist regime of Norway. A few years ago, Norway and all of Europe had been conquered by the neo-soviet empire, which was controlled by a new, communist Russian government.

(A bird of prey. Pixabay. Free images.)
Once the communist Russians had conquered Norway, they had quickly set up a puppet government to control the Norwegian people. Soviet soldiers were the most common sight in the early days of the Norwegian puppet government, but soon, communist Norwegian soldiers and police officers, serving the interests of their new government, began maintaining order in the country. Thousands of people were arrested and placed in concentration camps in Germany, Poland, and Russia, which the communists had revived to maintain control over Europe.

Thousands of Christians were also interred in the camps and forced to work long hours with just barely enough food to keep them going. The Church was going through hardship as Satan prepared to usher in his New World Order under the Antichrist, who had not yet arrived on the scene.

Now, far away from civilization, the group of nine reached a place where they decided to set up camp. A brook gurgled as it flowed gently over round rocks and pebbles and meandered through pine trees as it made its way toward the sea hundreds of miles away. Near the banks of the stream, a carpet of pine needles kept the undergrowth sparse and provided an area where tents could easily be set up.

Through spaces in the canopy, Karl could see the forested mountains with fluffy clouds hovering near their peaks like ships at anchor. Grunting, Karl sat down on a fallen tree and undid his rucksack.

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“I think this would be a good place to stop, wouldn’t you think, folks?” Karl said as he bent down to reach for his water bottle which was strapped to his rucksack.

Toben, a Nigerian, took his pack off and said as he did, “It looks decent.”

“We should keep going, shouldn’t we?” Abdul, a 25-year-old Syrian man, said. “There is still more time to cover ground. It’s only 4:30 PM, after all.”

“Abdul, I heard Musa’s children complaining about how tired they were,” Karl said. “I don’t think we should go too far, for the sake of his family.”

“So, do you guys have any idea where we are going anyways?” Inga Jacobsen said from behind Karl. She had just finished a conversation with Elise Tangen, a 38-year-old Norwegian lady. And, she was still wearing her rucksack as she walked toward the men.

“God has shown me that there is a city of refuge in Scandinavia,” Toben said, looking at Inga. “He also showed me that He would tell me where to go. But, seek God for yourself to see what God shows you about what I’ve been hearing.”

“What is the city of refuge like?” Abdul said, curious, as he unfastened the shoulder straps of his rucksack.

“I don’t know much about it, but it is a safe place for Christians to go to. It has food, houses, a market for exchanging food and other items, and it has meeting places for worship and fellowship. I understand from God that God’s angels protect the city so that no human soldiers can reach it or attack it. It is also miraculously hidden from satellites and other forms of surveillance.”

“But, what if a patrol of communist soldiers were to somehow stumble across one of these cities of refuge?” Abdul said.

“The cities of refuge,” Toben said, “as I understand it, are only meant for Christians or for those who are open to the Gospel. They are not for those who want to do harm to Christians or for those who are not seeking to know the truth. And, God will supernaturally protect them, like He did for the ark of Noah. For 120 years, God protected the ark until the day that the flood came.”

“That sounds strange that God would provide cities of refuge like you said,” Abdul said, “but I believe you.”

“There are a lot of strange things that happen in this world,” Elise said, as she entered the conversation. “I have heard about UFOs being seen in Norway. A friend of mine told me that her husband had seen a UFO when he was teenager.”

(UFO. Pixabay. Free images.)
“What did it look like?” Abdul said, curious.

“It was shaped like two tea saucers placed together,” Elise said. “It resembled the human eye when viewed sideways. Her husband saw flashing lights along the top of the machine as it flew low over the trees in a forest he was camping in. After twenty seconds, the UFO vanished into thin air. His brother saw the same craft too, so there is more than one witness. After seeing that sight, they packed up their camp and left that place quickly.”

As she finished talking, Musa said, “What are you talking about? UFOs?”

Musa, his wife, and their son and daughter had just reached the place where the group had stopped at. They had hung back a number of yards behind the other group, but now the Muslim family was curious to hear what the Christians were talking about.

“I was just telling them how my friend’s husband had seen a UFO when he was young while on a camping trip. His brother had seen it too. They were so scared that they packed up as fast as they could, and left some of their things behind, like their tents.

“What time of day did this take place?” Musa said.

“It was, I think, at night,” Elise said.

Fadilah, Musa’s wife, who wore a hijab, stepped out from behind Musa, and said, “May I ask you a question, Elise?”

Her two children sat down, tired from their long walk.

“Certainly, Fadilah. What is it?” Elise said, curious. She could tell that the woman was concerned about something.

The two children sitting crossed-legged on the ground looked up at their mom, curious about what she would say next.

“Do you believe that your friend’s husband was telling the truth?” Fadilah said. “Did he actually see UFOs or aliens?”

“I can’t prove he wasn’t making it up, but why would he keep telling his wife and other people the same story if it wasn’t true?” Elise said. “Also, his brother and their friend saw the same thing. I guess I can’t prove it happened, but I’ve also heard of many other cases of people seeing aliens or UFOs. It would be hard to say that all the many thousands of people in the world, who have claimed to have seen UFOs, would all be lying.”

“This is a strange conversation we’re having,” Inga Jacobsen (a 22-year-old) said, entering the conversation.

“The reason I ask is that my sister’s cousin has seen UFOs and monsters, or jinn,” Fadilah said. “He calls them monsters, but I thought they might be jinn.”

“What are jinn?” Elise said.

“They are mythical creatures of Arabian folklore,” Fadilah said. “They might be similar to demons or elves that you European people are used to hearing about.”

“Like a genie in a bottle?” Inga said as she approached Fadilah.

“Yes, but jinn also appeared to people without manifesting in bottles,” Fadilah said.

The conversation went on about jinn for a little while before it shifted to other matters, such as what to have for supper. The Christians talked about the Bible, and a debate began between Musa and Toben regarding how the Old Testament is doctrinally sound and uncorrupted. Musa argued that there were corruptions in the Old Testament and that the Koran solved those problems. But, Toben didn’t agree and pointed out some contradictions in the Koran.

Then, Karl talked about what Jesus taught in the New Testament and how He demonstrated love for His enemies and compassion that is impossible for a normal man to have. Musa and Fadilah both spoke of how they believed that Jesus was a great prophet but that He could not be anything more than that. While the adults talked, Musa’s son, Yaser, an 8-year-old, and Musa’s 6-year-old daughter, Aarifa, spoke quietly with each other.

“I’ve seen jinn before,” Yaser whispered in his sister’s ear.

“Jinn? Really?” Aarifa said with wide-open eyes as she looked at her older brother with amazement. “You never told me that before.”

“They come into my dreams, Aarifa,” Yaser said. “But, I pray to Allah that they will leave, but Allah hasn’t heard my prayers because they keep coming to me when I am asleep. They scare me, but they don’t actually attack me.”

Aarifa said, “Those Christians have talked about Jesus. Do you know who He is?”

“Papa has talked about the Prophet Isa. I think that the Prophet Isa and Jesus are the same,” Yaser said.

“You should pray to Jesus to help you,” Aarifa said quietly. “Ever since I’ve seen those Christians praying to Jesus, I have started praying to Him. They say that Jesus listens to our prayers and answers them.”

After finishing supper, Yaser found his copy of the Koran in his parent’s tent and began reading from it until the sun set. After the sun had set, his dad, Musa, had his family pray, facing Mecca. The Christians were respectful to the Muslims and just talked quietly among themselves.

After the prayers were over, Yaser continued reading from the Koran in the light of a campfire. Then, his mother had him and his sister prepare for going to bed. Yaser decided to sleep outside his parent’s tent in his sleeping bag, on a pad. The moon was out and so were a multitude of stars. Since there were no city lights to drown out the light of the stars, a field of bright jewels appeared against the black velvet of the night. Like jewels, the stars made Yaser think about the wealth that Allah must have.

In his childlike simplicity, Yaser spoke to Allah as if he were talking to a close friend. “Allah,” he said, “you are way up in the Heavens, but you are merciful. Will you give me good sleep this night? I keep seeing jinn in my dreams. Please give me peaceful rest and make me into a good Muslim. I want to go to paradise. Amen.”

After saying those words, Yaser drifted off to sleep.

(Forest at night. Pixabay. Free images.)
It was a moonlit night and Yaser was standing in a forest: an oak forest. Trees with gnarly branches and spindly, finger-like twigs surrounded him on all sides. Misty clouds partially shrouded the moon which peeked through the tangled network of twigs in the uppermost branches of the trees. He could hear himself breathing as if he had been running. Yaser turned to the left as he noticed a snapping sound. It had come from deep within the woods.

Something was lurking in the darkness of the forest away from the small clearing in which he found himself. More snapping came. Yaser swallowed hard and started backing up, step by step. Then, directly behind him he heard a loud crack as a fallen branch snapped in half. He wheeled around to see a tall, dark, human-like figure wearing a black, hooded cloak. Goat-like hoofs appeared from beneath the hem of the robe, instead of human feet. And, the hood created a dark shadow over the being’s face, hiding its features. A small hiss filled the night air, like the menacing hiss of a cobra. Strangely, it must have issued from the creature’s dark hood.

Then, the creature began to slowly step, with its goat-like hoofs, out of the woods and into the clearing. Frightened, Yaser turned around to run, but he found that another hooded being was entering the clearing, blocking his escape route. This being resembled the first creature he saw. He thought, perhaps, he could run toward the woods, either to the left or right.

But, just then, all four compass points of the clearing were now occupied with cloaked figures, which had just emerged from the shadows. They started to walk toward Yaser, who stood petrified in the middle of the clearing, now seeing no way to escape. All four beings appeared to be tall, mysterious, and evil, but none of their facial features could be seen. Then, all four extended their gloved hands toward him.

Yaser’s heart was beating in his ears and his breath was coming in quick, short gulps. He couldn’t see any way to escape. He was trapped. At that moment, he could only think of one person to call on.

“Jesus, please help me!” Yaser cried from the top of his lunges. “Help me!”

Just as the monsters were within feet of reaching him, a bright light suddenly appeared, cutting through the darkness. It was descending through the air to the clearing. Shadows shot out from behind the cloaked creatures’ bodies in the intense light, and they recoiled in horror at seeing the brightness. Without hesitating a moment, they ran toward the dark forest and vanished into the shadows of the gnarly trees.

The light touched down on the ground and vanished, and a man appeared, wearing a white robe, which went from His shoulders down to His ankles. He had a golden girdle around his waist and gold sandals on His feet. His beard was brown and several inches long, and His hair came down to just above His shoulders. His eyes were green and full of life, joy, and compassion. Love and grace radiated out from Him like light from the sun.

“Fear not, Yaser,” the man said. “Reach toward me, and you will find the Light.”*

[* See John chapter 1.]  

Yaser felt waves of warmth pass into his being: waves of love and life. It all emanated from this mysterious man with the green eyes.

“Who are you, Lord?” Yaser said, slightly bewildered.

“I am who you call Isa, but I am also Jesus,” the kind man said. “I died for you so that you may live. My blood was shed about 2,000 years ago so that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.”*

With that, the dream vanished and Yaser awoke to find himself on his sleeping bag. The bag had slipped off the sleeping pad and onto pine needles. A few pine needles were trapped in his hair, but he didn’t notice them at the moment. He could only think about that kind man with the green eyes.

It was still dark out, but the night sky was barely starting to lighten as the sunrise drew near. Full of excitement and joy, Yaser slipped out of his sleeping bag and ran to his parents’ tent, where his parents and sister slept. Without any hesitation, he unzipped the tent door.

“Papa, momma, Aarifa,” Yaser said excitedly, “Isa rescued me from the jinni! Isa rescued me from the jinni!”

His dad, Musa, groaned and rolled over in his sleeping bag. He looked at his young son and squinted. “Yaser, why don’t you just go back to bed? It’s still too early for morning prayers.”

“Papa, I was being attacked by jinn, but Isa appeared and drove them away. He told me that He is the Light and that His name is Jesus.”

Hearing his son speak of Jesus, Musa sat up. “Son, you know that the Prophet Isa was a great prophet. But, we don’t call him Jesus. Go back to bed. Then, we can get up for the morning prayers.”

“Son,” his mother said frowning as she sat up in her sleeping bag, “did you tell your father that the Prophet Isa said He is the Light? What else did He say?”

“Isa said, ‘Fear not, Yaser. Reach toward me, and you will find the Light.’”

His mother shook her head. She was bothered to know that her son had had a dream about the One the Christians worship. ‘How could Allah give my son a dream about Jesus and have Jesus say that He is the Light?’ She thought to herself. ‘This dream must be from the devil.’

“Yaser, don’t speak about this dream to me anymore. You hear me?” Fadilah said sternly.

“Yes, momma,” Yaser said respectfully before he slipped out of the tent and zipped the door shut.

But, Yaser couldn’t keep himself from thinking about Jesus, the man with the loving presence and kind eyes. Yaser wanted to know more about this loving being who said of Himself that He is the Light.


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[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

... Sheng found his heart beating fast. Part of him wanted to run into the dense jungle foliage and hide, but something seemed to be telling him to stay. He watched as a communist PLA soldier, armed with grenades and a bullpup Type 95 machine gun, ran down the path through the jungle, with his face directed toward Sheng and the six other Christian men with him. ... (Read all of Part 43.)

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