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Thursday, March 22, 2018

■ Steven’s Amazing Adventures, and the Future of the World ■ (PART 47) - ➤ "The Invasion" // ➤ "The Underground" - (A STORY about the END TIMES, with Messages from God) (PART 47)

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Steven’s Amazing Adventures,
and the Future of the World

(A Story about the End Times 

with Messages from God)

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(This story chronicles the adventures of Steven O'Neill, his wife Sarah, and their friends during the End Times. Judgment has already struck the U.S., and Steve and his friends have reached the vast continent of Asia. Witness the amazing things God will reveal about the coming kingdom of the Beast (or the Antichrist), the Mark of the Beast, and the Tribulation period. This story should keep you fascinated, as a realistic account of the future unfolds in the form of a fictional story.

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But, this story is not just a story. It contains messages from God and prophecies that actually shall happen. It is written as fiction with fictional characters, but the message of the story is very real, and the cataclysmic events, touched on in this story, will actually impact this earth as God’s Holy Bible and its prophecies unfold. The world will soon enter a time much like that portrayed in this story. I encourage you to seek God about this to see what He will show you.)

Miracles will abound and awesome sights will astonish people in these last days.

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Chapter Forty-Seven

ART 47: 
➤ "The Invasion" // ➤ "The Underground"


“The Invasion”

- Russia –

(A trail through a forest. Pixabay. Free images.)
Steve and Sarah O’Neill, Jason Harper, and a new friend named Alexander Rostov walked along a narrow, winding trail through a dense pine forest in southern Siberia. They had been contacted by Kostya Bortnik, whom Alexei Khlebov had met in the forest earlier. Alexander Rostov, a friend of Kostya, had gotten Steve’s phone number from Kostya, who got it from Alexei. Alexei had met Kostya while fleeing into a forest on outskirts of the logging town of Sikorsky, Russia.

Alexei had recently “illegally” witnessed to Elizaveta, a lady working at a gas station, but the communist police had overheard his conversation via a hidden, high-definition microphone, and had tried to arrest Alexei. Before they could apprehend him, the red-haired Russian had made a beeline for a dense forest across the street from the gas station. The police did not try to pursue him through the tangle of dense undergrowth, and instead relied upon a drone to spy on Alexei, of which he was ignorant. In the forest, he had met Kotya, who had invited Alexei to stay at his home, which was a safe house.

____   ____   ____

Having been contacted by Kostya and Alexander, Steve, Sarah, and had Jason met up with Alexander, who took them to a primitive, seldom-used road in the forest. They had driven for half a mile on the bumpy, forest road before their cars could go no further since the road reached a dead end. After Alexander and Steve had parked the cars, the group had piled out and followed Alexander up a trail through the woods.

To quell their fears about police following them, Alexander had assured them, before they set off, that the police didn’t know where they were, and that he knew how to spot secret police from a mile away, so to speak.

“Where do you think this Kostya guy lives?” Jason said as he turned back to Steve, who walked beside his wife, behind Jason.

“In a cabin? Maybe a camouflaged house? I don’t know,” Steve said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Maybe his house is in a tree,” Sarah joked, “like a hollowed-out redwood tree.”

“And, maybe squirrels are his roommates,” Steve said, comically.

“Very funny, you two,” Jason said, chuckling slightly.

As they hiked along the trail behind Alexander, Steve, Sarah, and Jason expected to meet the man called Kostya at any time now. Their car was park in a clearing two miles back, so it was in a very remote location. They trusted that God would protect it.

“Hey, Alexander,” Steve said suddenly as he looked at the blonde-haired Russian at the front of the column.

Alexander turned to face his new friends. “What is it, Steven?”

“Would it be safe for me to call Alexei on my phone? Would that give away my location to ONI?” Steve said.

To protect their phones from being spied on by ONI, the Office of National Intelligence (a KGB-like organization for the 21st century), Steve, Sarah, and Jason had slipped some special, black covers over their phones, which Alexander had given them shortly after meeting them. Steve didn’t quite understand how the black covers would protect them from ONI, but he took Alexander’s word for it.

“It is safe,” Alexander said. “The new cell phone cases I gave you make it impossible for ONI to find your exact location. They only can tell that you are somewhere within Siberia.”

“That is good to know,” Steve said. “I’m going to try to reach our friend Alexei.”

Steve pulled out his phone and selected Alexei’s number. Then, he pressed the call button on his screen. In a few seconds, Alexei had answered his phone.

“Hello Steve, where are you?” Alexei’s voice came through the speaker.

“We’re following Alexander, the Kostya’s friend,” Steve said into his phone. “Where are you now?”

“I’m at Kostya’s safe house,” Alexei said. “I am just walking through the trees to get some fresh air. The house is quite something. It is nearly impossible to find. You could search for it with an army and never find it. That’s how well hidden it is.”

“Really? An army can’t find it. Sarah just joked that he might be living in a tree. But, seriously, where does he live?” Steve said.

“I’ll let that be a surprise. You’ll see it soon,” Alexei said.

Steve and Alexei chatted over the phone briefly before ending the conversation. Even though Alexander had told him that the black phone cover would prevent his call from being monitored, Steve felt some apprehension every time he spoke over the phone. He hoped that the technology Alexander spoke of would really work.

Another mile of woodland passed by before Alexander came to a stop and pointed at a clump of bushes 50 to 60 feet from the trail, to the left.

“That is where Kostya lives,” Alexander said simply.

Sarah squinted at the bushes and shook her head. “You must be joking. He couldn’t be living in those bushes.”

“Not in the bushes, Sarah,” Alexander said, mysteriously.

To the rest of the group he said, “Come, follow me.”

Then, the blonde-haired Russian led them off the path and into the undergrowth. In many places, they had to crouch down and squeeze under low archways through bushes. It was somewhat arduous to push through, but soon they arrived in a small opening surrounded by dense undergrowth.

Sarah noticed two round rocks stacked on top of each other just a few feet from her shoes. Alexander picked up the top one and turned it over to reveal 10 black, numbered buttons which were located in a square depression in the “stone.”

“What is that?” Jason said, pointing at the stone-like object in Alexander’s hand.

“It is a remote control disguised to look like a rock,” Alexander said.

(Metal rungs in a shaft. Pixabay. Free images.)
He then pressed four numbered buttons in a specific sequence to enter a pass code, and a quiet whirring sound immediately reached Sarah’s ears. She saw a large, circular portion of earth slowly hinge open as a system of gears was activated. It was a hatch leading to an unknown, underground world.

The hatch, covered with earth, was approximately 5 feet in diameter. As it smoothly hinged open, it revealed a wide, circular shaft in the ground. The shaft was a little over five feet deep. Metal rungs were fastened to one portion of the shaft and continued down one wall of a square room below it.

“What is this?” Sarah said, amazed.

____   ____   ____  

“The Underground”

The group stood at the lip of the shaft and looked down into a concrete-floored room below. A few wooden benches, with some scattered tools atop them, such as screw drivers and hammers, appeared on either side of the room. Cardboard boxes, filled with scraps of wood and crumpled papers, were nestled up beside the wooden benches, along a concrete wall.

“We’re here,” Alexander said as he placed the stone-like remote control back where he found it. Then, he climbed down the rungs in the shaft and continued descending the rungs fastened to a wall in the room below it.

The others followed him down. Once they were all inside, Alexander reached for a metal box attached to a concrete wall and popped open a door, revealing more buttons inside. He pressed a yellow button and snapped the door shut. A whirring sound filled the air as the hatch slowly descended back into place. As it shut out the daylight above, florescent shop lights in the ceiling sputtered to life, humming as they activated.

Footsteps came from the right. Steve and Sarah turned in time to see a middle-aged man walking down a narrow, concrete tunnel, which was lined with florescent lights in the ceiling. The man wore a slate-black fiddler’s cap from under which sprouted curly, brown hair. He had a dark-grey knit sweater and dark-brown trousers. His clean-shaven face grinned as he spotted his guests.

“How good to see you’ve made it,” Kostya said cheerfully as he glanced at Steve and Sarah and then at Alexander and Jason.

(An underground bunker. Pixabay. Free images.)
‘He seems like a pleasant man,’ Sarah thought, smiling.

“It’s good to see you again, Brother Alexander,” Kostya said as he patted the blonde-haired Russian on the back.

“Brother Kostya, I’m glad that you haven’t been caught by the secret police for conducting clandestine Bible studies,” Alexander said, hugging him. “How has life been to you since I saw you last week?”

“I’m doing well, but I am concerned about the Christians who were recently arrested by the secret police in Gryaznov, our neighboring town,” Kostya said quietly.

“That is very tragic,” Alexander said, lowering his head.

“I just finished training a new brother in Siberia,” Kostya said, “and he has moved on to pastor an underground church about 200 miles from here.”

“Very good,” Alexander said, looking up. “What’s his name and where did he come from?”

“I’ll tell you a little later,” Kostya said before he turned to face his guests. “You folks might be hungry. I’ve prepared a meal for you which you’ll be sure to enjoy.”

Before the others could ask him what he had prepared, Kostya led them down the hallway, to the left, and into a large dining room, which was furnished with a long, wooden table and ten chairs. Two, large, woven rugs had been placed over the concrete floor to make the room more hospitable.

“This is tastefully decorated,” Sarah said as she looked about the room. “I like it.”

A small, wooden cabinet, containing plates and bowls, was nestled up against the wall opposite the wall closest to the table. A decorative ceiling lamp (which was a chandelier consisting of four lantern-style cases, containing candle-shaped light bulbs, which were fastened to four metal arms) provided the room with warm, yellowish light.

“Thank you,” Kostya said before he excused himself and walked toward an entrance which led into another room.

Steve glanced in through the opening and saw a kitchen within. A woman and a man he had never met before were reaching for a large metal pot and some bowls on a countertop. Kostya spoke to the man briefly before he approached an oven and opened the door. Then, with a large baking paddle, he reached into the oven and pulled out loaves of freshly-baked bread.

The smell was very aromatic and made Steve think of the bread he used to bake at his old job in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“That smells good, doesn’t it, Steve?” Sarah said as she approached him. “I wonder what they’re having for dinner.”

“It looks like some kind of soup,” Steve said.

Dinner is served,” Kostya said as he emerged from the kitchen carrying a metal tray containing fresh, sliced bread. “And, I’m sure you folks will like it.”

Soon, the group was seated before the table and waiting for Kostya to give thanks for the meal. Sitting at the head of the table, the middle-aged man removed his fiddler’s cap and scanned the faces of his guests briefly. He could tell that they seemed mostly relaxed, but he could tell that some were a little nervous.

“What is the matter, Alexander?” Kostya said, noticing Alexander fidgeting in his chair.

“I need to be leaving in half an hour,” Alexander said. Then, he swallowed nervously and said, “I have an appointment I must be at.”

“Okay. That is fine,” Kostya said to his guest. Then, he closed his eyes and bowed his head and prayed: “Dear Father God, we thank you for this meal and for these friends who could come over. We ask for your blessing and protection to be on them, and that they will seek you with all their hearts, and rest in your love. We thank you for this food and for your love. In Jesus Christ’s Name, amen.”

Soon, the group was eating borsch, a type of Russian soup, and bread.

“This is very good how you made it, Kostya,” Alexei said. “It seems you added more meat to the soup.”

“Yes, I did,” Kostya said. “Some of that meat is chicken. I raise chickens at my other house.”

Steve glanced at the couple he had never met before and started up a conversation with the man. He had dark-brown hair slicked back, was clean shaven, and wore 1960s-style glasses and a knit sweater vest. And, Steve noticed that he had a pleasant demeanor.

“So, how is life in Siberia? I’ve heard the winters are cold,” Steve said.

“Here in southern Siberia, winter temperatures are usually below -17 degrees Celsius.* But, the summers are not extremely hot, which is nice,” the man said.

[* Or, 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit.]

“By the way, I’m Steven O’Neill,” Steve said.

“I’m Evgeny Yugov,” he replied. Turning to his wife, Evgeny said, “And, this is my wife, Nadia.”

Nadia glanced at Steve and smiled. She wore a modest, short-sleeved, dark-blue dress, the hem of which reached down to her ankles and the neckline was high up to preserve modesty. Brown hair flowed down her back. She and Evgeny both appeared to be a few years older than Steve and Sarah, who were in their early thirties. To Steve, Evgeny and Nadia appeared to be in their early forties.

“You have an American or Irish name,” Evgeny said, looking at Steve. “And, your accent is slightly different than what I’m used to. Where are you from?”

“I’m an American, but I’m an eighth Irish on my father’s side,” Steve said.

“But, he doesn’t have an Irish accent,” Sarah said, smiling, as she glanced at her husband.

Steve chuckled, glancing at his wife.

“So, how do you know the Russian language so well? You speak fluent Russian,” Evgeny said.

“It is a miracle from God,” Steve said. “I give Him all the credit. I would have no idea how to speak Russian had it not been for the Holy Spirit. You remember what happened in Acts chapter 2?”

“Yes,” Evgeny said. “Isn’t that where the early Church receives the Holy Spirit and they speak in tongues?”

“That’s right,” Steve said. “They speak to the people in Jerusalem who have come from all corners of the Roman empire for the Feast of Pentecost. They all have different languages even though they are all Jewish. But, Peter and the other Christians speak publicly in the languages of the people attending the feast, and speak about the wonderful works of God.”

“God is doing the same for us so that we can understand you and speak in your language,” Sarah added.

“That is amazing,” Nadia said to Sarah. “Glory be to God.”

There was a brief pause before Nadia said, “So, where are your children?”

Sarah felt a little ashamed to tell her the truth, but she knew she couldn’t lie. “I don’t have any children because I can’t.”

“Oh, but God can heal your womb, Sarah,” Nadia said, smiling. “After all, the woman you were named after was barren until God gave her a son, Isaac.”

“That is true,” Sarah said. “But, I don’t know when God will give me children. … He knows what is best. Do you have any children?”

“Yes,” Nadia said. “They are staying at a friend’s house right now.”

“You could have had them come here. I’d like to see them,” Sarah said, wondering why her children were not present.

“We are fugitives,” Evgeny said, looking at Sarah, sighing. “The government found out that we were conducting Bible studies at our house, and they sent secret police to arrest us. But, God warned me about it in a dream one night. He told me to place my children in the care of my good friends and move in with Kostya Bortnik. His house, which we’re in, has a couple spare bedrooms, and a second bathroom and kitchen. We will pick up our children and bring them here once the coast is clear.”

“How many children do you have?” Sarah asked.

“A girl and two boys,” Nadia said. “Our daughter is 10 and our sons are 14 and 12.”

“That is very hard,” Sarah said. “I feel for you.”

“Separation is a very hard thing,” Alexander said after he finished a brief conversation with Kostya. “My wife deserted me to live with her boyfriend, and she took my children.”

“That is really hard. I will pray for you,” Steve said, turning to Alexander.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, Steve,” Alexander said. “I mourned her loss a long time ago and I am ready to move on. I can find a suitable woman to marry. In fact, I’m already dating one now.”

“You didn’t tell me you were dating anyone, Alexander,” Kostya said, surprised. “Your wife divorced you, you told me, because you and she didn’t get along well.”

“That’s right, but now that she is gone, I am free to remarry,” Alexander said.

“Alexander,” Kostya said, with concern in his voice, “you know the scriptures we looked over. Remember, you asked me about the subject of marriage and remarriage? God does not allow for remarriage, does He?”

Alexander pulled out his cell phone and accessed a Bible app. Then, he replied, with a faint smile on his face: “1 Corinthians 7:15 says: ‘[15] But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.’ That proves that I am free to remarry. My wife was likely never a true believer, so, I can get married again.”

Kostya replied: “Jesus said to His followers this truth in Luke 16:18: ‘[18] Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery.’ What Jesus taught the disciples about marriage cannot be altered by other scriptures.

1 Corinthians 7:15 is not saying you are free to remarry. It is teaching that you are not bound to live with that spouse. You can get legally divorced, but you can never get remarried. In God’s eyes, to do so would be the same as living with a girlfriend, which is fornication and adultery.”

“I remember the sermon on the mount,” Jason Harper said, entering the conversation, “where Jesus taught these words in Matthew 5:31-32: ‘[31] It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement: [32] But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

“And,” Evgeny said, “in Matthew 19:9, Jesus said: ‘[9] And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.’”

“You people can say that because you’re all married,” Alexander said with a hint of anger in his voice. “So, it’s easy for you to say. Don’t judge me. Jesus also said not to judge anyone. I live with my girlfriend now.  We love each other and get along very well--much better than my wife and I ever did. If you have a problem with that, leave it with God. You’re not my judge. He is, and God is all about love and tolerance.”

Alarmed at Alexander’s reaction and words, Kostya blinked twice. This was more than a little surprising to him. He didn’t know that Alexander was living with a girlfriend. And, Alexander’s brash attitude disturbed Kostya. Alexander had been a faithful brother in the Lord who had gone out of his way to help other Christians. Kostya had seen him ministering to weak Christians and denying himself in order to serve the downcast of society. ‘Why is he now so bold and arrogant about his sin?’ Kostya wondered.

Steve said: “I don’t want to interfere in any way, but Jesus said this truth in John 12:47-48: ‘[47] And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world. [48] He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.’”

“Shut up!” Alexander suddenly shouted as he abruptly stood from the table. “I am doing what I feel is the right thing to do! I don’t need you to tell me what the Bible says.”

____   ____   ____


With that, Alexander stomped out of the room and marched down a hallway toward the work room Steve and his friends had first entered after passing through the hatch. There were no goodbyes exchanged between Alexander and the others. He refused to have any more admonition and Bible verses quoted to him.

‘Those idiots would change their minds if they were in my shoes,’ he thought as he entered the work room. He popped open the door on the metal control box and moved a switch. A low whirring sound started up, and the hatch in the ceiling began opening on its axis. Before it was completely open, Alexander ascended the rungs attached to a wall directly below the hatch.

“Alexander, where are you going?” Kostya said as he rushed into the room.

“Leave me alone, Kostya. I am going where I am going,” Alexander said coldly as he glanced back down.

“I didn’t want to offend you, Alexander,” Kostya said, “but we Christians are called to admonish one another. Living with someone you are not married to is adultery and fornication, and being married after being divorced is adultery and fornication.”

“Shut up!” Alexander said gruffly as he glared down at Kostya who stood directly below him. “I don’t need to hear about this anymore. I am my own man. I do not answer to you! Kostya, I am not like other people I know who get drunk and beat up their wives. I’m a good man. I’m a Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ when I was eight years old. I’ve lived for Him ever since.”

“Be honest with yourself,” Kostya said. “You know that living with someone who is not your first wife is sin. In Galatians 5:19, the Bible says: ‘[19] Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,’ In verse 21, the Bible says, in part: ‘…they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.’

Alexander continued climbing the rungs, ignoring Kostya.

(A trail through a forest. Pixabay. Free images.)
Once he had emerged back onto the forest floor, he stood up and gazed down into the chamber below. With an arrogant spirit, he said, “If I were you, Kostya, I would not speak of this matter anymore. There could be consequences if you do.”

Then, he grabbed the stone-shaped remote control and typed in the pass code on the numbered buttons. With a whirring hum, the hatch slowly began to lower back into position, symbolically shutting Kostya out of Alexander’s life and putting a “lid” on Alexander’s problems.

Once the hatch was shut, he pushed through the bushes and returned onto the trail he had taken earlier. Alexander began walking in the direction he had come from, trying to forget the scripture verses that had been quoted to him. As he walked, he waited for about five minutes to pass before he reached for his cell phone to make a call. After a while, he glanced behind him to make sure no one was following him. Then, Alexander began dialing a number he had memorized.

_____   _____   _____

“Calling a Friend”

“Hello, Viktor, this is Alexander Rostov,” Alexander said into his phone once a voice had answered on the other end.

“Oh yes, what can I do for you, sir?” Viktor said.

“You know that I was a non-conformist Christian,” Alexander said, “but now I want to officially join the state church. And, I want to inform you, and all those at ONI, that I have the ability to help you in your search for more underground churches. You remember that I told you about a clandestine Bible study in the town of Gryaznov? You raided that study and arrested the attendees.”

“What is your motive for turning in non-conformist Christians?” the voice on his phone said.

“ONI pays me well for every Christian I turn in. And, my former friends have insulted me,” Alexander said. “I assure you that I am still secretly working for you because I don’t see any reason to hide out and conduct secret Bible studies with those radicals, except to gain information so I can turn them in. I was very deceived by them before, but I am not any more. I now see the truth.”

“What truth do you see?” Viktor said.

“That my friends are narrow-minded and bigoted,” Alexander said before he glanced behind his back. He could tell that he was alone on the forest trail, so he relaxed a little. Turning back to continue walking, he said, “They judged me for living with my girlfriend. I believe that the state church allows for such living circumstances, correct?”

“That is correct,” Viktor said.

“So, how desirous are you to know the location of a secret Bible study?” Alexander said, thinking of the cash that would soon line his wallet.

“I was waiting for you to ask that question, sir,” Viktor replied.

_____   _____   _____

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[Footnote: The Chinese are not the enemy, neither are the Russians. Both are people just like you and me. But, God will use Russia and China to judge wicked nations, which will not repent from their rebellion against Him. And, the devil will seek to stir up men to persecute the Church. But, God will deliver all who seek Him and trust in Him.]

...  Ten minutes passed. Then, he heard what he had hoped never to hear. The hatch was opening again. He felt petrified with fear. Someone on the outside had activated the hatch! Then, shocked that he had been so foolish to turn on the power, Alexei sprang into action and ran toward the control panel, but as he did, a round object tumbled through the air and bounced down the rungs of the ladder, having passed through the widening opening. ... (Read all of Part 48.)

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