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Sunday, June 3, 2018

A NOVEL ─ THE ADVENTURES OF KEVIN KRAMER IN COMMUNIST EUROPE ─ A Novel about the End Times ─ Chapter 12 ─ "Night Attack"

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The Adventures of Kevin Krämer in Communist Europe

- The Escape from Communist Europe -

 (A Novel about the End Times)

By: Justin Brown (a pen name)

Recommended reading for ages 14 and older.
This is a novel for teens and adults.

This novel contains some violence (such as gunshots and fights); intense chase scenes;
clean romantic elements (i.e. clean conversations between a guy and his girlfriend);
 and themes appropriate for teenagers and adults.
You will not find any profanity, immorality, or gore in this novel.
It is written to edify the reader, and not to provoke sinful thoughts.

This story is free to be copied, printed, and distributed, but it must remain unaltered.



Europe has been invaded, the superpower across the sea is no more, and the country of "Baltania" is controlling Europe through communistic puppet governments. Under the oppressive cloud of communism, a small group of underground Christians faces a powerful crime organization bent on their capture and destruction. 

Under this heavy, oppressive cloak, Kevin Kramer, a 30-year-old, and Maritza, his attractive, 27-year-old girlfriend, must decide who they will serve as they fall in love with each other, start a romantic relationship, and try to evade the unrelenting and dangerous members of a criminal organization, which seeks to kidnap underground Christians to sell to the secret police.

Together with some friends, Kevin and Maritza must do their best to avoid being captured as they learn to trust God and follow His guiding hand in these last days just before the rise of the Antichrist. This fast-paced story is designed to be fascinating. But, don't just take our word for it... 

[Note: Baltania is a fictional country within the Eurasian land mass. At one time, it had a communistic past. During a third world war, communism revived in this country as it's armies conquered Europe. Since we do not want to point fingers at any particular country, we will not name this country or coalition of countries.]


Chapter 12

"Night Attack"

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Going Northeasterly

“Are we going north?” Kevin asked Konrad as they hiked through the Kühnburg forest under the gaze of the moon.

“We are going in a northeasterly direction,” Konrad said as he pushed a low-hanging pine branch out of his face. “That is the direction God is showing me to take.”

“That may take us longer to get to Daniel and Monika’s house,” Maritza said, ducking beneath another needle-laden branch.

The forest undergrowth and tree spacing were now fairly dense, and the woods presented several obstacles, such as boulders, fallen trees, deep shadows, and the occasional shallow pit where a tree once stood.

“Yes, but we won’t have to find a way of crossing the Braun river because it turns toward the northwest,” Konrad replied. “A couple miles to the east of us, according to my map and memory, the river curves off to the northwest. Going to the northeast will get us around the river and keep us in the cover of the forest.”

“What about wolves?” Kevin said. “I just remembered hearing stories of wolves attacking people. Ever since they were released into the wild, they have multiplied in number and have been on the prowl for easy prey.”

“I didn’t even think about that much,” Maritza said. Looking at Konrad, she said, “Konrad, do you think we will meet a wolf pack?”

“We might, but God is for us, and He is protecting us,” Konrad said, looking back at her, “just like He did for Daniel when he was in the lion’s den, in Daniel chapter 6.”

Just then, Kevin noticed a sound wafting through the trees. He paused to listen for a few seconds. It sounded to him like the drone of a distant airplane, so he ignored it and continued walking to keep pace with Maritza and Konrad. But, the sound was growing louder.

“Konrad, Maritza,” Kevin said, “do you hear that sound?”

“What sound?” Maritza said, turning toward him with a questioning look.

“Listen,” Kevin said. “I think I hear an airplane.”

Konrad stopped walking and held his breath to listen. Maritza did the same. As they listened, Maritza’s face went from being curious to showing concern. And, Konrad’s expression matched her.

“That sound… It isn’t a plane,” Konrad said with concern in his face. “The Braun River isn’t far from us, but we can’t see it through all these trees and bushes. Someone must be plying down that river in a motor boat!”

Konrad motioned for them to follow him before he increased his walking speed. They brushed through some leafy bushes and stepped over a rotting, fallen tree. Kevin could tell that Konrad was in no mood for playing games, and Kevin perceived that the 41-year-old knew there was danger.

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They continued pushing through the foliage for fifty seconds before Konrad Adebayo stopped and turned toward Kevin and Maritza. The droning sound was increasing in volume as Konrad said, “You two, I’m going off to pray. I recommend you do the same. I believe the people in the motorboat are looking for us.”

Without saying another word, Konrad walked eight meters from them and he mostly vanished from sight in the deep shadows of a large, old spruce tree. Kevin whispered to Maritza, “I’m going to seek God too.” She nodded and turned away from them to stand near a tree twelve meters from Konrad.

“Father God, what do we do?” Kevin said silently from his place between his two friends. While he was audibly silent, his heart was crying out. “You helped me and Maritza to escape the two gangsters dressed as plumbers. Will you allow crooks to kidnap Maritza, Konrad, and me? I ask you, Father God, to deliver us from our enemies and to lead us safely to Daniel and Monika’s home. Let your glorious name be magnified in this night, I pray. What would you say now?”

“My son,” God’s loving voice said, “you are precious to Me. I will tell you this. I will allow these men to come, but I will deliver you, and I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

“I wonder what that means,” Kevin said.

“Just trust Me,” God said.

The motor grew louder. Then, it suddenly cut off. Kevin’s heart beat faster. ‘Someone may have just pulled up along the bank of the Braun River,’ he thought.


Leaving the Boat

Python, sitting in the bow of the watercraft, had spotted something with his special night vision goggles. He had alerted Wolf, who had slowed the boat down to a crawl. Then, Wolf had shut off the electric motor. They had only gone just a little over 16 kilometers* down the river before stopping. [* Or, 10 miles.]

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“What did you see, Python?” Wolf asked as he removed his night vision goggles and gazed at Python, who he considered to be one of his toughest men.

“Wolf, I saw three human heat signatures, to the starboard side, but they were partially obscured by foliage,” Python said.

“Alright, we’ll row to shore,” Wolf ordered, facing his men. “We will catch these Christians yet.”

Python remained at the bow and flipped his night vision goggles down while Scorpion and Cobra took up oars lying in the bottom of the boat. Slowly, and as quietly as possible, they rowed to the nearest bank on their immediate right.

Once the boat reached the shore, Python hopped out and his boots quietly splashed in some shallow water. He had a rope in hand to fasten the vessel to a nearby tree. Once this was done, the rest disembarked. Wolf then had them split up into two teams. Cobra would follow Wolf, and Scorpion would follow Python.

“Wolf, I promise I won’t fail you,” Cobra said as he followed the taller man through the trees.

“Be quiet and listen to the forest,” Wolf said sharply, glancing back at the younger man with the Mohawk. “We need to catch these Christians off guard.”


The Sound

Just as Kevin was thinking about the boat motor shutting off, he noticed another sound. Some distance away, a howling sound came echoing through the trees. It sounded distinctly like a wolf. ‘I almost forget we are in wolf country,’ Kevin thought to himself.

“Dear Father God, I ask you to protect us from the wolves. In Jesus Christ’s name, amen,” Kevin said quietly.

The howl repeated, and Maritza turned back in the direction it came from behind them. She whispered to Kevin, “That howling. It sounds like a wolf.”

“I know,” he said, swallowing hard.

“My son,” God’s voice said, “don’t be afraid of the wolves. I will protect you. Just stay where you are and see the salvation of the Lord. And, I the Lord your God and Abba Father have spoken.”

“Thank you, Father God,” Kevin said. “I choose to trust you. After all, you and Jesus are one God, like Jesus said in John 10:30. I have tried to memorize that verse.”

“That is good, My son,” God’s loving voice said to Kevin’s spirit, “I am indeed one with Jesus Christ, who is your Lord. And, I am your Father. Now, rest in Me and watch what I will do.”

Bushes began to rustle fifteen meters from Kevin, in the direction where the motorboat had pulled to a stop. Kevin, Konrad, and Maritza listened very carefully to the sounds, almost holding their breath. Kevin could hear the rustling clearly, along with some snapping of twigs. Then, he heard a faint sound of a man’s voice speaking.

He quickly removed his backpack and set it beside under a bush. Maritza and Konrad followed suit. The less weight on their backs, the better.


The Incident

“Don’t make any more sounds, you…” Wolf said angrily as he shot another filthy insult at Cobra. “If you step on twigs or make sudden rustling sounds, you’ll give us away.”

Cobra clenched his teeth and restrained himself from shooting Wolf in the back of the neck with a tranquilizer gun. Cobra was armed with a tranquilizer gun, a knife, a silenced pistol, and two pairs of handcuffs, which Wolf had issued every man. The tranquilizer gun was the size of a large pistol and it came with a holster.

Cobra knew that if he were to kill Wolf, then Claw, the man in charge of the Kühnburg chapter of the Red Venom organization, would have him brutally murdered. So, Cobra let his anger simmer down, and he began greedily thinking about all the wealth he would accumulate in capturing non-conformist Christians.

Wolf slowly pushed through a bush, careful to not let the leafy branches rustle against each other, as much as possible. Once he was through, Cobra followed him, trying to mimic his boss’s movements. As he was most of the way through the bush, his foot caught on a protruding root, and he lost his balance and fell toward the ground.

Not able to control his fall, Cobra cried out as his face approached a small rock. Instantly, he dropped his tranquilizer gun as his hands reached out to stop his impact with the ground. Thump! His knees and hands hit the ground, and he winced in pain.

Slowly, he stood back to his feet and wiped his hands off. He had just saved himself from striking the rock and having a concussion, but his boss was now glaring down at him with hate-filled rage. Wolf had flipped up his night vision goggles to see what had happened and his teeth were clenched together in frustration and annoyance.

The muscular blond man controlled himself as much as possible, but he quietly said to Cobra, “If you do anything like that again, I will dump you in a landfill, plaster your face with tar, cover you with feathers, and chain you to a 227-kilogram weight.”

“I understand, boss,” Cobra said, gulping.

“Now,” Wolf said with a wicked glint in his eyes, “let’s quietly and slowly move toward the Christians. The drones are flying high overhead, and they are indicating to me the exact location of our prey.”


“Did you hear that sound?”

“Did you hear that sound?” Kevin said, whispering into Maritza’s ear.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “I heard snapping sounds and then two men talking.”

She slowly moved over to a cluster of bushes to hide within them. And, Kevin slowly followed her into the bushes, but kept himself from getting closer to her than two-thirds of a meter. He knew he must prevent himself from touching her because of what God had told him earlier.

In the dark shadows of the bushes, Maritza closed her eyes and prayed silently.

Kevin suddenly heard a faint flutter of leaves as someone slowly brushed past some foliage four meters from him. The sound was quiet, but noticeable. He moved forward twenty centimeters and peeked through the bushes.

Revealed in patches of moonlight, which shone through the trees, two men were walking in his direction. Both were wearing strange-looking night vision goggles and were armed with what appeared to be large pistols. They were dressed in black tactical gear.

Slowly, they approached Kevin’s position. It seemed that they were able to see him, for one of them pointed a finger in his direction and let out a quiet squeal of delight. The other man raised his gun and aimed it at the bushes where the Christians were hiding.

“I’ve got you now, you two Christians,” the man closest to them said quietly as he slowly approached. “Come out of the bushes and raise your hands slowly. If you both don’t comply, you’ll be sorry.”

Maritza and Kevin swallowed, uttered some quick prayers, and pushed their way out of the bushes and into a small clearing. As the stepped forth, another two men slowly emerged from behind a bush 12 meters to Kevin’s right. They both were armed with pistol-like weapons.

As they emerged, Maritza turned, and her face grew pale. She recognized the evil, blond man who had chased her with a razor-sharp knife in an alley. And, as the blond man’s accomplice, behind him, came into a patch of moonlight, she recognized his face. Kevin did too. It was Dietmar, but now Dietmar had a Mowhawk. Kevin was beginning to believe that Dietmar must have been part of the Red Venom organization for some time before he had crossed paths with Kevin and Maritza in the city park.

Seeing Dietmar again in the company of gangsters, Kevin felt like he had been betrayed, but he realized that Dietmar never had claimed to be a Christian. He had once told Kevin that he worked as a security guard on a night shift, but Kevin realized that Dietmar had been lying. All along, Kevin’s former friend had been working for the Red Venom crime organization while maintaining an appearance of being an upstanding citizen. Kevin had already realized this after seeing Dietmar and the two fake “plumbers” chase him through a parking lot, but the sting of the betrayal came back to him as he stood facing the gangster’s drawn weapons.

“Dietmar,” Kevin said as he watched his former friend approach him, “I should have known you were working for Red Venom all along.”

“I’m called Cobra now,” Dietmar said with hatred in his voice. “And, since you know my civilian name, I will have to kill you.”

Kevin felt his heart beat even faster. “You want to kill me?”

“I can’t let you live, Kevin. You know too much about me, and now you know where I actually work. And, your girlfriend: she’s going to be my girlfriend. She’ll renounce her silly religion, and I’ll have her as my perpetual girlfriend. She is mine and only mine.”

The muscular blond man turned toward Dietmar and scowled as he said, “I am the one who decides what will happen to the girl. She is not yours. What happens to her is for me to decide, not you. After I bring her back to Kühnburg, I will hand her over to the authorities and get a nice reward. Since you’ve failed me too many times, I will not give you even a small fraction of the reward money.”

“You double-crossing swindler and two-faced liar,” Dietmar said viciously as he suddenly drew his silenced pistol and trained it on Wolf’s chest. “If you don’t let her be my girlfriend, I’ll snuff out your life like a candle. I’ve changed my mind about her. She’s too good to be sold to the authorities. She’ll be my girlfriend, do you hear?”

Wolf glared at Dietmar, without moving. Then, a smile slowly spread across his face, and he said, “Okay, Cobra, you win. You get the blond girl. We won’t sell her to the authorities. I promise.”

“You better mean that, or I will shoot you here and now,” Dietmar said firmly.

“I promise to not turn her in to the secret police or any member of the government,” Wolf said calmly. “And, I’ll put it in writing for you too.”

“I don’t want either of you near me,” Maritza said suddenly with boldness that surprised Kevin. “I am God’s vessel. Jesus bought me with His blood. I belong to Him. If you step any closer to me, you will be sorry you had, because God is for me and He is protecting Me with His angels.”

The blond man turned toward her and grinned. “Okay, girl, we won’t set one foot closer to you. We’ll let you be with your little, Christian boyfriend.” Then, he looked at Dietmar and laughed. Dietmar chuckled, glancing at Maritza, and let down his guard as he did.

In that moment, Wolf whipped out his silenced pistol and fired at Dietmar. Pow! Pow! Pow! The younger man had been caught off guard by Maritza’s bold statement and by Wolf’s arrogant humor. As the three suppressed shot echoed through the trees, Dietmar collapsed to the ground, clutching his chest. He had been hit in his heart region.

Maritza screamed and placed her hands over her mouth.

Kevin was shocked that the man he had once been a friend to was now dead. ‘Why would Dietmar sell his soul to crime?’ Kevin thought with some sadness.

Wolf turned his pistol toward Maritza and motioned with his free hand for her to walk toward him. As he did, he said, “Blond girl, come over to me.”

Maritza was still in shock over the murder that had just taken place. She didn’t know how to respond. Then, Kevin stepped forward in front of her so that he was blocking the blond man’s view of her. He took a deep breath and said boldly, “She’s not moving any closer to you. And, if you come closer to us, you will be sorry you did. Leave us now if you want to survive because God will fight for us. And, greater is He who is in us than he who is in you.*” [* Note: See 1 John 4:4.]

Kevin didn’t quite understand why he said was he said, but he felt a surge of peace and supernatural strength enter his being. It was with boldness he knew only was from God that he had spoken that way.

The blond man laughed. “You think you can threaten me when you don’t even have a gun, not even a plastic water gun? And, what is your God going to do? Send a golden chariot to rescue you. Huh?”

Python and Scorpion, standing some distance from Wolf, laughed and glanced at each other.

“This Christian thinks he can stop us with his silly words,” Scorpion muttered to Python, gloatingly.

“You come against us with bullets and guns,” Kevin said loudly, “but we come against you in the name of the Lord God of hosts, whom you have treated with spite and contempt. You will see now the power of God to fulfill His Word like He did for David when he faced Goliath.”

As he spoke, a guttural howling sound came from the woods.

“You … Christian,” the blond man said with some vulgar expletives, laughing. “I can’t believe what boldness you have when you are weak, unarmed, and powerless. I could snap your arm in two like a wishbone. Why, you’re so small that you probably don’t even weigh 45 kilograms.”

The other crooks laughed raucously as Wolf said that.

Then, Wolf got serious, and said, “I’ll tranquilize this Christian first and then his girlfriend. The third man is already tranquilized. I’ll handcuff him soon. I didn’t do it earlier since the cuffs might have given away our position with their distinct clicking sounds. Once we’ve knocked out these clowns, we’ll load them in the boat and haul them off to the cave.”

He slipped his silenced pistol back into its holster and drew out his tranquilizer gun from another holster on his belt. Then, as he trained it on Kevin’s chest, the bushes to Kevin’s left rustled and five tawny Eurasian wolves suddenly shot out from the undergrowth, running fast.

The blond man was taken off guard by the suddenly appearance of the wolves, and, terrified, he ran for his life. His two accomplices darted off, screaming as they tore through the bushes.


Heading for the River

Python, Scorpion, and Wolf didn’t bother with their gear. They threw their night vision goggles on the ground, and forgot about their tranquilizer guns. They knew they needed as much distance as possible to be between themselves and the hungry wolves.

As they ran, branches slapped in their faces and stung their cheeks, but they didn’t care. A wolf ran up beside Python and snapped near his heels. He shrieked and tried to outmaneuver it, but the wolf kept pace with him, playing with him, trying to see what he was made of. The strong man knew how to handle himself in an uneven fight with other gangsters, but he didn’t know how to handle a wild wolf.

“Get away from me, you monster,” he said with terror in his rugged face.

Scorpion, being more lithe and wiry than Python, outran him and soon reached the riverbank. He untied the boat and started up the motor just as his blond-haired boss reached him. The man called Wolf jumped into the boat as it started to pull away from the riverbank.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” Wolf said angrily after they had reached the middle of the river.

Scorpion just pointed to the forest they had emerged from. Wolf turned, and his eyes widened. The riverbank was now covered with tawny, wild wolves coldly staring at them and growling. Scorpion was glad that the wolves were too far away to reach him and were separated from him by moving water. Neither he nor Wolf had any interest in waiting for Python, so Scorpion throttled up the motor and sent the boat down the river toward the direction they had come from earlier.

Unknown to Wolf and Scorpion, Python was gone. The wolf chasing him had seized his trouser leg in its teeth with vice-like strength. Then, other wolves had pounced on him. Python’s fighting skills and years of training could not save him from the wild beasts.


Seeing the Wolves

Kevin tensed up as he saw the Eurasian wolves emerging from the bushes. But, surprisingly, they charged right past him on either side, and none got closer to him than two meters. Maritza drew near to Kevin and grabbed his right hand as a large pack of wolves ran past them. But, Kevin didn’t make a move to touch her or hold her hand, remembering what God had told him.

After about fifteen seconds had passed, the last of the wolves had run past them and had vanished into the shadows of dense undergrowth to their right. Maritza looked at Kevin with concern in her eyes and a questioning look. She let go of his hand and backed up from him a little. The sound of the wolves snarling and crashing through bushes came from some distance away, and slowly grew fainter.

After a minute had passed, the blond-haired girl looked Kevin in the eyes, placed her hands on his, and said, “Kevin, God protected us from the wolves like He did for Daniel in the lion’s den. I knew He would. And, I sensed Him showing me to say what I did to that evil man.”

“I also felt God put it on my heart to say those words,” Kevin said, feeling a little embarrassed that she was holding onto his hands.

Then, Maritza drew closer to him and hugged him around his chest as she said, “You’re a great friend, Kevin. You stood up for me, and that is very manly of you.”

But, Kevin didn’t hug her back. He awkwardly stood with his arms straight down as she embraced him. He felt too nervous to tell her what God had showed him earlier, and the temptation to embrace her and kiss her on the lips was starting to get stronger. But, Kevin stopped himself from touching her or kissing her.

Instead, when she released him from her embrace, he stepped back several steps and said, swallowing, “Maritza, I care about you greatly. You are a very good friend to me. But, I must tell you something that God had shown me earlier back when we were sitting with Konrad by the campfire.”

“What’s that?” Maritza said, looking into his eyes with love and a warm smile on her face.

“God showed me that I must not touch you until the appointed time,” Kevin said, feeling the fear start to leave, along with the temptation to kiss her.

“What do you mean?” Maritza said. “What appointed time are you speaking of?”

Kevin swallowed, feeling some nervousness return. Then, he said, “Maritza, I love you. Do you love me?”

“I love you very much, Kevin. You are the best guy friend I’ve ever had,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“Will you marry me?” Kevin said, hopping he didn’t make that request too soon.

Without blinking an eye, Maritza said, “I was waiting for you to ask me that question ever since we escaped those fake plumbers. Yes, I will marry you, Kevin.”

Kevin chuckled, feeling relieved. Then, his smile grew. “You are a lovely girl, Maritza, and not just because of your looks. Looks are transitory or temporary, but the beauty I see in you is your heart and your character. I want you to be my wife. And, God showed me that you and I will be married. But, I must not kiss you or even touch you until the time when we are told by the minister at the wedding that we are pronounced man and wife, and that we may kiss.”

“Thank you for sharing that with me, Kevin,” Maritza said. “I respect you for your decision to obey God, even though you would naturally want to kiss me. I respect you that you are willing to control yourself and do God’s will. And, I see that you are a man of God who is willing to do what is right, even though the authorities and the bounty hunters seek to harm you. And, I also love you for that. But, your personality is a great personality that I see God is working on to heal and to transform more into Christ’s image, as He is doing with me.”

Kevin smiled again as he said, “Thank you. It’s a relief to me to see that you understand.”

Their conversation continued for another ten minutes as they shared with each other their thoughts and feelings. Both stood a little over a meter apart as they talked, and both were now more conscious of maintaining godly propriety.

Suddenly, they heard the bushes rustle, and both turned to see a man emerge. He was in the shadows, so Kevin couldn’t tell who it was. Kevin stepped forward in front of Maritza and said, “Who goes there?”

“There is nothing to worry about,” a man’s voice said from the shadows. Then, he walked into a patch of moonlight, and Kevin and Maritza recognized their Nigerian friend.

“I was hit by a tranquilizer dart,” Konrad said, rubbing his neck where a dart had made a small puncture. “I was hiding in a bush one moment, and then I began to lose consciousness the next moment. I woke up, it seemed, only seconds later. But, it must have been longer than that.”

“It was,” Kevin said. “God spared our lives and had a pack of wolves run past us and chase away the gangsters. And, one of crooks shot the other one during an argument.”

“That’s too bad,” Konrad said. “I wanted them to be saved.”

“I did too,” Kevin said. “When I was a non-Christian, I would have wished all of them dead. But, as a Christian, I desire that they live so that they can repent before God and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. If there is still a chance for them to be saved, if they are not too hardened against God to repent, then may they repent.”

“I agree with you,” Maritza said. “But, I want them to be arrested and imprisoned, for the good of society.”

“They do need to be arrested and put behind bars,” Kevin said. “But, now they have escaped.”

“Not all of them have escaped, Kevin,” Konrad said soberly. “I saw some grisly remains of a man not too far from the edge of the river. It must have been that the wolves you had seen had apprehended him.”

“Should we continue walking?” Kevin said.

“Yes, let’s continue moving due northeast,” Konrad said.

He walked over to the bush where they had stowed their backpacks and grabbed his. Then, Kevin and Maritza did the same. All three donned their backpacks and started hiking again through the shadowy forest. Konrad had a sense of urgency, so he decided he would do his best to make double time.


On the River

“Python is gone, thanks to those rotten wolves,” Scorpion said angrily as he steered the motorboat between some river boulders. “He was a good player on our team. I hate to see him go like that.”

The moonlight shimmered and sparkled off the water as the lunar body slowly traveled through the night sky. The willow trees cast dark shadows over the banks of the river, possibly hiding more vicious wolves. Scorpion had no desire to set foot within the forest unless he was armed with a silenced machine gun and plenty of ammunition.

“I should have planned better,” Wolf said, for once admitting his failure. He was standing in the bow of the boat, looking out over the frothing water. Then, he turned back toward Scorpion and said, “We will track these Christians to their final destination. Then, we will seize them when they are at their weakest. And, we will be better prepared. None of us will have to face the wolves like we did tonight.”

“Cobra was unwise to confront you with his gun,” Scorpion said. “What did he think you were? A pushover?”

“He was power-hungry,” Wolf said. “But, I taught him a lesson he’ll never forget. Now, I want you to know that I will promote you to a higher pay grade if you and I successfully capture those …” He said some expletives and finished with: “…  Christians.”

“I’ll do my best, Wolf,” Scorpion said.

“Good. And, I’ll have Claw send me Stingray, Jackal, Whiplash, Vulture, and Grizzly. With you, Rat, the others, and I, we will form a powerful team for apprehending the three Christians. And, we will also ensnare any Christians at the place they are fleeing to.” 

“Jackal is good at deception,” Scorpion said. “He’ll deceive anyone foolish enough to listen to his clever words and friendly persona. I’ve seen him lead many people into his snares with a winsome smile and smooth words.”

“We will need a smooth-talker to trick the Christians,” Wolf said.

“And, Jackal will appear godly and very religious so that he will seemed to be a genuine Christian,” Scorpion added.

“With our clever strategy,” Wolf said, “we will capture those foolish enough to follow Jackal.”

“Yes,” Scorpion chuckled. “No one will be able to escape from his and my iron grip.”

“Or mine,” Wolf said, arrogantly.

“That’s right, boss,” Scorpion said, glancing up at the muscular man standing in front of him.

A cruel grin appeared on the blond-haired man’s face before Wolf flexed his right arm muscle and said, arrogantly, “Especially mine.”


AN EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 13 ("Before a Guillotine" // "Divine Miracle"):

'... A heavy, razor-sharp guillotine blade, sparkling in a bright, overhead light, hung in slotted tracks over Svenja’s head. The time displayed on a large, digital clock, which was fastened to one of the concrete walls of the execution room, was 5:28:03 A.M. On the wall beside it was an electric buzzer. A row of fifteen guillotines sat empty to Svenja’s left.

At 5:30, a guard was scheduled to pull a metal chain which would release the heavy guillotine blade, which hung menacingly over her neck. ...'

(Note: I do not make any money from this story. It is free to be read, printed, and distributed, but the text must remain unaltered.)

If you would like to know Abba God the Father and Jesus Christ (God the Son), and be saved from sin, click here to read more.

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