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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A NOVEL ─ THE ADVENTURES OF KEVIN KRAMER IN COMMUNIST EUROPE ─ A Novel about the End Times ─ Chapter 16 ─ "The Chase Underground” (Last Chapter)

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The Adventures of Kevin Krämer in Communist Europe

- The Escape from Communist Europe -

 (A Novel about the End Times)

By: Justin Brown (a pen name)

Recommended reading for ages 14 and older.
This is a novel for teens and adults.

This novel contains some violence (such as gunshots and fights); intense chase scenes;
clean romantic elements (i.e. clean conversations between a guy and his girlfriend);
 and themes appropriate for teenagers and adults.
You will not find any profanity, immorality, or gore in this novel.
It is written to edify the reader, and not to provoke sinful thoughts.

This story is free to be copied, printed, and distributed, but it must remain unaltered.



Europe has been invaded, the superpower across the sea is no more, and the country of "Baltania" is controlling Europe through communistic puppet governments. Under the oppressive cloud of communism, a small group of underground Christians faces a powerful crime organization bent on their capture and destruction. 

(The entire story is in a complete PDF file
which can be read at this link on Google Drive.
I make no money from this story. It is entirely free.)
Under this heavy, oppressive cloak, Kevin Kramer, a 30-year-old, and Maritza, his attractive, 27-year-old girlfriend, must decide who they will serve as they fall in love with each other, start a romantic relationship, and try to evade the unrelenting and dangerous members of a criminal organization, which seeks to kidnap underground Christians to sell to the secret police.

Together with some friends, Kevin and Maritza must do their best to avoid being captured as they learn to trust God and follow His guiding hand in these last days just before the rise of the Antichrist. This fast-paced story is designed to be fascinating. But, don't just take our word for it... 

[Note: Baltania is a fictional country within the Eurasian landmass. At one time, it had a communistic past. During a third world war, communism revived in this country as its armies conquered Europe. Since we do not want to point fingers at any particular country, we will not name this country or coalition of countries.]


Chapter 16

"The Chase Underground”

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The Crate Room

Wolf, Stingray, and Jackal were standing at the bottom of the staircase, inside the concrete room. Against two of the four walls, crates and boxes were stacked. The fluorescent ceiling lights were still on, proving that someone had been down there not long ago. Where the Christians had vanished to was still a mystery to Wolf. It seemed that the only way out of that room was by the stairwell he had just descended.

But, the crates stacked against the wall got Wolf thinking…

The rugged-faced, blond-haired man began walking along the wall, keeping himself at an arm’s length from the stacked, wooden crates and metal boxes. As he walked halfway around the room, Wolf saw nothing amiss, until his attentive, blue eyes noticed a small, dark gap between the edge of a crate and what appeared to be a shaded, metal doorpost. ‘What is this?’ Wolf said as he drew a small, LED flashlight from a pocket.

Shining the flashlight beam into the gap, he instantly realized that it was a partially-concealed tunnel entrance. ‘This is no doubt where the Christians went,’ Wolf thought.

“Jackal,” Wolf said, “I want you to get two more men to come down here. Do it as quickly as you can. Meanwhile, I and Stingray will unblock this tunnel and take a look inside.”

“Right away, Wolf,” Jackal said before he hurried toward the stairs.

Then, Wolf had the strong and muscular Stingray assist him in pushing aside the wooden crates. Stingray stood on the right side of the stack, which blocked the door, and Wolf stood on the left. While Stingray pushed on his end, Wolf pulled on his side. Stingray and Wolf were so eager to get the obstacle out of the way that they both applied as much force as they could and as quickly as they could.

Screech! The stack of crates scraped across the concrete, making a high-pitched squeak. But, the top wooden crate suddenly slid off the crate below it and fell to the floor. Crash! As the heavy crate struck the concrete, the wood splintered, and the contents of the crate ‒ large ball bearings and packaging material ‒ came tumbling out onto the floor. The metal spheres bounced and rolled as they struck the cement floor.

Started by the loud crash, Wolf jumped back, but his boots landed on several ball bearings which had just rolled under him, and he tried to regain his balance. He was unsuccessful and fell to the ground, hitting his back. Lying on the ground with ball bearings rolling past him, the Red Venom gangster groaned in pain and frustration.

“Do you need a hand, boss?” Stingray said looking at him with concern.

“No! Leave me alone,” Wolf said as he leaned forward. “I can get up by myself.”

Standing to his feet, the tall, muscular man winced in pain and placed a hand on his lower back.

“Are you okay?” Stingray said.

“Yes,” Wolf muttered. “My back is just a little sore, but I will be able to manage.”

Wolf grabbed the latch of a heavy, stainless steel door, which had appeared after the crates had been moved, and opened it. In the opening, the gangsters saw the underground, concrete tunnel, with fluorescent shop lights still on, extending far into the distance. ‘The Christians went this way no doubt,’ Wolf thought to himself.

“Scorpion, let’s go. They are down here,” Wolf said as he removed a tranquilizer gun which was slung over his shoulders. Then, he started jogging forward down the tunnel, and Stingray followed him once he had un-slung his tranquilizer gun.

As they ran, they engaged in lively conversation, joking about how much suffering they’d inflict on the Christians. And, a minute later, as they increased their jogging speed, Wolf caught sight of a large group of people far down the tunnel. To Wolf, it appeared to be a large group of possibly 30 or more men, women, and children, who were still a considerable distance ahead of him. But, soon, they would be within range of his tranquilizer darts.



“Everyone,” Daniel said, as he turned around to face the anxious crowd, “we must stay calm.”

In the near distance, two gangsters, Wolf and Stingray, were quickly approaching.

“We are being chased,” Daniel continued, “but remember what Elisha said to his servant in 2 Kings 6? Elisha’s life was being sought after by an army of ancient Syrian soldiers. In 2 Kings 6:16, it says: [16] And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.’”

"Then, Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant. Shortly after his prayer, the servant’s eyes were opened to see God’s angels riding in fiery chariots, surrounding the fortified town in which Elisha was dwelling. Shortly after that, God blinded the eyes of those enemy soldiers to protect Elisha. What then could God do for us?”

But, as he spoke, Stingray and Wolf were quickly closing the distance between them and the Christians. Both were armed with tranquilizer guns and silenced pistols. Both also had several ammunition clips for their pistols, in case they had to empty their guns.

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The little girl in Maritza’s arms cried in fear, and Maritza held the girl closer, saying, “Shh. Everything will be okay, darling. God is with us.” Though she said those words, she felt some fear rising up in her chest.

The little boy in Kevin’s arms squirmed to get down. And, he lowered him to the floor. Once his feet touched the ground, the boy ran off to his dad, who was carrying one of the boy’s younger brothers.

Then, Maritza began praying quietly, and the little girl listened and began to calm down. Even so, many of the parents began to tremble in their shoes, and struggled to try to comfort their children.

“You Christians!” Wolf said loudly as he reached a point 16 meters from the group. “You thought you could escape the power of Red Venom, our great organization, but you can’t. I am called Wolf, and I am the new grand Venom commander of the Kühnburg chapter of my order. If you do not submit to me, I will be forced to kill you all right now, starting with the children.”

“No!” a mother cried.

“If you want your children to live, you will do as I say,” Wolf said as he slowed his jog to a walk, and Stingray followed suit.

“And, if anyone of you so much as attempts to run,” Stingray said, “I’ll shoot him in the leg.”

Wolf turned toward Stingray with an angry glare in his eyes. “What do you mean by that, Stingray? I am the one in charge here, not you! I will give the orders around here. Get back to your place as my subordinate, you ….” He uttered a number of swearwords.

Wolf said the last sentence with an elevated chin as he jabbed his left pointer finger toward the ground. As Kevin saw it, he was surprised at how arrogant Wolf was, and amazed that he would treat his men in such a disrespectful way.

“I thought that would be a good idea, Wolf,” Stingray said. “Why isn’t it?”

“I didn’t say it was a bad idea, but I’m the one making the rules, and you … have just as much leadership in this matter as my … pet dog,” Wolf said, uttering more profanity.

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Stingray raised his tranquilizer gun and aimed it at Wolf’s chest, but Wolf reacted instantly, and knocked the gun from his hand with a swift chopping motion of his left arm. The strong and powerful man with short, black muttonchops was now full of fierce determination and hatred for his arrogant boss, who had insulted him in front of men, women, and children.

Stingray would never tolerate that treatment from anyone, regardless of his position of authority. The powerful man suddenly moved into action and struck Wolf in the chest with some solid, quick punches, but Wolf tensed his muscles and blocked some of them with his arms. But, Stingray was fast like a bolt of lightning, and he began striking Wolf like a jackhammer hitting concrete.

As the two men fought, Daniel began walking away from the men, and the Christians timidly began to follow. Then, Daniel increased his pace to a light jog, glancing back to see if the others were following him. And, he was grateful that they were picking up on his cue.

The tough blond-haired man did his best to block Stingray’s hard and fast punches, but he was not as competent at Stingray since he had not been fully focused on the fight. Every so often he tried to catch a glimpse of the retreating Christians, but he often suffered a blow to his stomach or barely missing getting an uppercut to the jaw.

Then, when the Christians were a little over 228 meters away,* Wolf turned his head to glare at the people he considered to be “dangerous radicals.” But, as Wolf looked away, Stingray flicked out a sharp knife with a 10-centimeter-long blade. With some quick motions, Stingray struck his opponent as he was distracted, and the blond-haired gangster, known as Wolf, collapsed to the floor, dead. His days as a criminal had come to an end at the hands of one of his own men.

[* Or almost 750 feet.]

“You got what you deserved, Wolf,” Stringray said as he wiped his knife blade on the hem of Wolf’s shirt. “Now, I will be the leader, and no one will stop Stingray. No one!”

[See Matthew 26:52: "Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."]

“This is Rat calling Wolf,” a voice spoke into Stingray’s earbuds. “Where are you, Wolf? Over.”

“This is Stingray. Wolf is dead. A Christian killed him,” Stingray lied as he pressed the talk button on a device clipped to his shirt collar. “I just found his body. He foolishly ran out alone after the Christians, and someone jumped on him from the shadows, and killed him with a knife. Over.” As he spoke, his breathing was slightly heavy due to his intense and vicious fight with Wolf.

“This is Rat. Stingray, that is shocking. Over,” Rat’s voice spoke through Stingray’s earbuds.

Stingray turned back toward the direction he had come from and saw several of his team members running toward him down the tunnel. ‘They must have just arrived,’ he thought.

“This is Stingray. We need to stop those Christians from getting away. Over,” Stingray said into his two-way radio.

“This is Rat. I understand, Stingray,” Rat’s voice said through the earbuds of the man with the black muttonchops. “But, who will be the new leader?”

“I, Stingray, am the new leader,” Stingray said. “With his last words, Wolf told me that he appointed me to take over his position. Over.”

“This is Rat. I understand, sir. Over.”

“Scorpion, and the rest of you men, do you hear that? Over.” Stingray said, hoping all the men on his team were paying close attention to their earbuds.

“This is Scorpion. I heard you, Stingray. You are the new leader. Over,” Scorpion’s voice said. His statement was echoed  by other team members.

A short time later, the three men who were jogging toward Stingray reached him. As they slowed to a walking pace and drew near, he said, “We need to catch our breath for a couple minutes, and then we will continue our pursuit of these troublesome Christians.”

Scorpion, Rat, and Jackal were now standing before him, breathing somewhat heavily from their jogging.

“Sir, if I run ahead and tranquilize two adults,” Scorpion said, “that will slow down the others. I don’t believe they have any weapons, except for some knives, possibly, but I am a good knife fighter and I am much better armed than they.”

“Go do it, Scorpion,” Stingray said, “and kill anyone of them who offers the slightest resistance.”

“Yes sir,” the other said before sprinting off down the tunnel.

As he watched the man go, Stingray chuckled and said, “Christians, you will not escape the bite of the Scorpion.”



“Look out!” a man at the rear of the group of Christians exclaimed. “I see someone running toward us. He looks like he wants to kill!”

The Christians stopped in their tracks and looked behind them. Sure enough, a lone man was running toward them. He was armed with an uzi automatic pistol and a tranquilizer pistol. It seemed that he fully intended to stop their escape, and capture them.

Seeing this, Kevin and many of the others began praying fervently. As they did, a vibration began to pass through the tunnel along with a faint, low, rumbling sound. Dust began to appear in the air.

“Dear Father God,” Kevin said quietly, “we look to you for deliverance. We have no strength against these gangsters. I trust that you are the God of the Bible and that you will deliver us like you said in Psalm 18. Deliver us, I pray!”

The vibration began to get stronger and the rumbling sound increased in volume.

Maritza silently prayed at the same time as Kevin. She said, “Father God, your Word says this truth in Psalm 91:1-4: ‘[1] He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. [2] I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

“‘[3] Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. [4] He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.’ I ask you to do that for us now, and I trust that you will. In Jesus Christ’s name, amen.”

Just as Scorpion came within 17 meters of the Christians, a powerful earthquake suddenly shook the tunnel ‒ boom! ‒ and huge blocks of concrete began crashing to the floor and splintering into smaller fragments all around the sprinting man. But, Scorpion ignored them. As he closed the distance to 12 meters, a huge load of concrete chunks abruptly broke off from the ceiling and crashed down over him ‒ wham! ‒ burying him beneath their solid mass.

Chunks of concrete crashed to the ground directly behind the Christians, but not a single chunk landed closer than 10 meters from the group. Kevin was simultaneously bewildered and frightened as the large chunks violently impacted with the tunnel floor and shattered. He caught a glimpse of some men fleeing back down the tunnel as chunks of stone crashed to the ground behind them ‒ Boom! Wham! Crash! But, the falling chunks caught up with the fleeing men, and buried them under tons of rock. 

The earthquake continued for another minute, and caved-in a large portion of the underground tunnel, filling the air with dust. Seeing this, Kevin realized that this cave in would prevented the group of Christians from returning back the way they had come. But, Kevin had no desire to return to the compound.

He knew that the Red Venom organization would keep its eye on that place. ‘No, the place to go is where God sends us,’ Kevin thought to himself. And, he remembered how Daniel had told them that an underground bunker lay at the far end of the tunnel. ‘That will be a temporary place to stay before we would move on to the next place God has for us,’ Kevin thought as he scratched his clean-shaven chin.

After the earthquake had passed, Maritza looked at Kevin and sighed as she lowered the girl to the ground. He turned his eyes to her pretty face and they gazed at each other for a few seconds before Kevin said, “Maritza, you had said earlier how you wondered what God’s plans were for us. Do you remember?”

“Yes,” she said, smiling. “But, I think God has shown me something.”

“What’s that?” Kevin said.

“You have some dust on your nose,” Maritza said.

“Oh,” Kevin said, rubbing the tip of his nose. “What did God say?”

“I’ll let that be for a later time. But, tell me what God has shown you,” Maritza said. “It seems you know something I don’t know.”

“Maritza, I know this is a bad time and place to say it, but …” Kevin started to say.

“Yes?” she said.

“Maritza, would you like to court me?” Kevin said, looking into her eyes.

“I’d be delighted,” she said smiling as she gazed into his.

“What are you two love birds talking about?” Rolf said in his deep, gently voice as he approached them, with his brunette wife, Svenja, at his side.

As they walked toward Kevin and Maritza, men and women were simultaneously praising God for the deliverance and praying. And, some people were coughing or sneezing to clear the dust out of their nostrils and mouths. Children were staying close to their parents, but joy had replaced fear on their young faces.

“Kevin just proposed to me,” Maritza said, blushing.

“Is this the best place to do it?” Rolf said. “It’s not a very romantic setting, is it?”

“Well, I really just asked her if she wanted to court me,” Kevin said.

“Isn’t that the same thing?” Maritza said, looking at Kevin.

Kevin swallowed as he turned his eyes back to Maritza’s face. “I love you, Maritza.”

“I love you too, Kevin,” Maritza said, feeling her heart stirring. She wanted to embrace him, but both maintained some physical distance, and didn’t touch each other. They both desired to follow what God had told them, for Maritza had also heard from God about not touching her future spouse until he and she were officially married.

Rolf turned to Svenja, and said quietly, with a smile on his large, clean-shaven face: “Honey, I believe that these two are made for each other. I am glad your brother has a godly girlfriend.”

“Me too,” Svenja said as she glanced at her brother and his future wife. “May God bless their future marriage and give them many children.”


The Rumbling

Hearing and feeling the ground rumbling, Grizzly became very concerned about his own safety. He was standing guard over five shackled prisoners who were seated in the guest-house living room, and he was armed with a bullpup machine gun and a tranquilizer gun. He could feel the floor shaking and watched as pictures hanging from the walls began to vibrate. Plates and silverware rattled and clattered in the kitchen.

The bald, blond-bearded giant was nervous. He didn’t want to fall into a deep sinkhole or a fissure. And, he knew such strange occurrences were becoming more common in recent years than in past decades. One of his friends had had his entire house rapidly engulfed by a giant sinkhole.

Grizzly felt he had to leave, but he couldn’t just leave the prisoners the way they were. Grizzly reached into his backpack and drew out three pairs of handcuffs.

“If you don’t want to die, do as I say,” Grizzly said to them with a harsh, gruff voice. “Move a little closer together.”

The prisoners complied with his orders and moved closer to each other. Then, one by one, he began locking their ankles together. His captives included four men and one woman. To use as few cuffs as possible, Grizzly had earlier locked the prisoners’ wrists together using one handcuff for two different people’s wrists.

“What are you doing?” Wilfred said.

Grizzly didn’t respond to the young man as he bent down and used the same pair of handcuffs to lock Wilfred’s and Viktor’s ankles together. After doing this to all the prisoners’ ankles, Grizzly stood up to his full height of 2.49 meters and said, sternly, “You Christians must stay in this house, do you understand? If you try to escape, I will kill you.”

The prisoners nodded. Then, Grizzly hustled over to the front door, and passed through it.

About ten minutes earlier, he had noticed a thick tree limb on a spruce tree, which was not far from the guest house. He had earlier located a handsaw in a small tool shed on the property, and had placed the saw at the base of the tree, in preparation for what he was about to do. The limb was over 8 centimeters in diameter. It was perfect for what he needed.
_ _ _ _

With the earthquake past, the remaining gangsters had realized that Scorpion, Rat, Jackal, and Stingray were dead due to the underground tunnel caving in. Only Whiplash, Vulture, and Grizzly remained of the team of nine. Claw had been killed by Wolf, and Wolf had been killed by Stingray.
_ _ _ _

Taking the handsaw, he rapidly sawed through the limb like a madman. Once he had severed it from the tree, he quickly sawed the limb in half. Without wasting any time, Grizzly ran toward the front door. Upon reaching the solid, wooden door, he snapped a metal cuff tightly around the limb. And, he snapped the other end of the pair of handcuffs tightly around the metal door knob. Now, the door could not be opened unless the handcuffs were somehow removed. Those inside would be trapped since both their ankles and wrists were shackled.

Running around the house to the rear door, Grizzly fastened the other half of the thick limb to that door, using the same method. ‘Now, it will be nearly impossible for the people inside to escape,’ he thought, gloatingly.

A powerful rumbling vibration suddenly came from the ground under his feet, and Grizzly felt fear creep up his spine. So, he didn’t waste any more time and made a beeline for the chain-link perimeter fence. As he ran, he caught sight of Whiplash running too. But, he soon saw that Whiplash was running for a different reason.

A lone Eurasian wolf was chasing Whiplash, and it was full of predatory fury. It appeared that the animal was gaining on the stout, muscular man. It was closing the distance between itself and Whiplash to three meters when Grizzly stopped running, raised his bullpup, and fired a rapid burst. Rat-tat-tat! It was accurately aimed because all the bullets struck the wolf in its torso, and the beast fell to the ground, dead, just a meter from Whiplash.

“Thanks, Grizzly,” Whiplash said, breathing hard as he slowed to a stop. “You saved me.”

“Don’t mention it,” Grizzly said. “You’d probably do the same. Now, let’s get out of here. It seems that a sinkhole could open up at any minute.”

“What about the prisoners?” Whiplash said.

“I locked them in the house,” Grizzly said.

“We have to bring them with us,” Whiplash said, angrily.

“Look out!” Grizzly shouted.

A pack of ten wolves were charging toward them from only 18 meters away. That distance would soon become 5 meters if the two crooks didn’t start running immediately. Without hesitating, the men ran toward the fence. Hitting it, they threw their guns over the top to the other side, and Grizzly left his backpack behind as he began clambering up the tall, chain-link structure. Whiplash was slightly ahead of him, being shorter and faster than the 2.49-meter-tall giant.

Just as the wolves reached the fence, the men were halfway up it, climbing rapidly. From the bushes on the other side of the fence emerged Vulture, with a grin on his face.

“You two look like a couple of frightened tabby cats,” Vulture said, mockingly as he snickered.

The wolves were standing on their hind legs and placing their front paws on the fence, looking hungrily up at the men climbing above them.

“Be quiet, Vulture!” Whiplash snarled. “If you don’t, you’ll wish you had.”

Before long, the men reached the top of the fence and quickly climbed down the other side. Near the bottom, they dropped to the ground and landed somewhat hard.

“That was close,” Grizzly said, standing up straight, and stretching.

“We’re not out of this mess yet,” Whiplash said. Pointing toward Grizzly’s left, he said, “Look!”

A group of at least fourteen tawny wolves was hustling toward them through the bushes. They appeared to be a little over 35 meters away. Without wasting any time, the three gangsters dashed toward a large oak tree, which stood seven meters from the fence. They had no time to grab their guns. And, to gain more speed, Vulture tossed aside his machine gun and dropped his heavy, slotted ammo belt.

Once they reached the tree, Grizzly lifted his two companions, one at a time, into a large tree limb, which was over two meters from the ground. Then, he climbed up after them. His feet left the ground just as five snarling wolves reached the oak tree. The vicious canines looked up at their unarmed, human prey and bared their teeth.

 __ __ __ __ __

In the House

While the wolves had been chasing the gangsters, Ludwig, Mary, Mark, Wilfred, and Viktor had been standing in the living room of the guest house and looking out through the windows at the wolfs running through the compound.

“What should we do?” Mary said to her husband.

“We should pray,” Ludwig said. “Folks, I must confess something to you. I was wrong to not seek God about Hans, that stranger, and I was wrong to mock those who didn’t trust Hans. Hans and his cronies were bent on our capture and death. I was also wrong to have disrespect for Daniel’s leadership and to doubt that God had translated Rolf, Svenja, and Abdul. I asked God for forgiveness just minutes ago, but I needed to share that with you because some of you had heard what I had wrongfully said.”

“Those evil men shocked me when they revealed their true purpose,” Mary said.

“Yes, they shocked me as well,” Ludwig said. “But, regarding our present situation, I believe that God will give us the ability to leave this house, free of our shackles, and will help us find Daniel.”

“Let’s pray then,” Mark suggested as he looked at Mary and Ludwig.

The group closed their eyes and began praying, and soon felt the Holy Spirit guiding them in their prayers. Suddenly, clicking sounds came, and Mark opened his eyes to see that his handcuffs and leg cuffs were unlocked. Bewildered by the miracle, he awkwardly drew his hand out of a handcuff and then removed his unlocked shackles.

Feeling his friend moving, Wilfred opened his eyes and turned to see that his handcuffs were unlocked.

“What is this?” he said, baffled. “My handcuffs are opened?” Looking around the room, he noticed that all the shackles were unlocked. Then, with enthusiasm and joy, he shouted, “Our handcuffs are opened! God has freed us from these chains!”

“What?” Ludwig said, opening his eyes. “The handcuffs are unlocked? What?”

Seeing the reality that all the metal cuffs were opened, he shouted, “Praise God for His deliverance!”

“Hallelujah,” Mary said as she removed her shackles. “God is watching over us even though we were not following Him the way we should have.”

“I want to stop playing video games from now on,” Viktor said, as he smiled with wonder and joy. “If I hadn’t been glued to my VR game, I would have seen that crook enter the house. Now, thanks to God, I’m free.”

After having a time of rejoicing, the group settled down, and Ludwig said, “Let’s seek God separately and see what He shows us to do now.”

“Good idea,” Mark said.

The group then began to seek God in separate rooms on the first floor. After several minutes had passed, Ludwig reentered the living room from the hallway. He walked over to a window and slid it open. Then, he moved the window screen out of the way and dropped to the ground outside. He was glad to be outdoors again.

“Are the wolves gone?” Mary said as she poked her head out the living-room window to look at her husband.

“God told me we are protected from the wolves,” Ludwig said as he turned back toward his wife with a peaceful smile on his face. “Come, join me, dear. We will be safe out here. Do you remember how God shut the lions’ mouths when the prophet Daniel was thrown to them in the book of Daniel, chapter 6?”

“Yes,” Mary said. “So, God will do that for us too.”

“I believe He will,” Ludwig said, calmly. “Come.”

She hesitated a moment before she overcame her fear, crawled out the window, and dropped to the ground.

“It’s good to be free again,” she said, looking up into her husband’s eyes as they stood outside near the house.

 __ __ __ __

In the Tree

Some distance far beyond the couple, the three surviving gangsters’ teeth were chattering in fear, as they sat in thick tree limbs above the snapping jaws of dozens of hungry wolves. “One of these days, I will return and kill all these pesky Christians,” Vulture said as he held onto a branch to steady himself. “One of these days…”

“That’s only if we make it out of here alive,” Grizzly grumbled.

“Grizzly and Vulture, your talking is not helping our situation,” Whiplash said, with annoyance in his voice, from a limb above Grizzly.

As he spoke, several wolves hopped up, with exposed teeth, trying to reach a lower branch.

“Give me some time to think, and I will find a way out of this predicament we’re in,” Vulture said. “Just give me some more time…”


~ This is the end of this novel.
There may be a sequel coming out sometime. ~

(Writer's Note: I do not make any money from this story. It is free to be read, printed, and distributed, but the text must remain unaltered.)

(The entire story is in a complete PDF file
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