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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 5) - Unforgiveness -

The Dreamer Dreamed 
- The Visions of Judgment 

(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 5)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He would show you about this story.

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Chapter 4

The Unforgiving Husband

Steve found himself standing in a nondescript room, looking into a screen on one wall of the room. The screen was about twenty feet in width, and ten feet in height. Displayed on the screen was a kitchen. A man was just pulling a microwave dinner out of the microwave. He was muttering to himself and his eyes looked rather gloomy. He sat down and bowed his head to pray. After praying briefly, he peeled off the cover and began to eat his dinner, without any human company.

“That cursed woman,” he muttered between bites, “she doesn’t think I make a good husband.”

He cussed before saying, “She thinks Tom is a better man than I. She thinks I am selfish. She’s the selfish one. Stupid woman! And her stupid boyfriend!”

After some more bites, he said, “Margaret is a fool. She took the kids and doesn’t let me see them. She says that I’m unstable. Unstable? I’m perfectly stable. I provided a home and food for her, and all she does is complain about my lack of care for her, but I do care for her. Now, she’s with Tom. That scoundrel! He stole my wife.”

The man paused and chewed quickly. He coughed and sputtered, and raised a glass of water to his mouth to wash down the food.

“That Tom is a―” the man was moving his mouth, but Steve didn’t hear the words. A few seconds later, Steve heard him say: “I’m going to make him pay. One of these days, he’s going to pay for what he did. And, Margaret will pay dearly.”

The scene changed to a view of a highway from above. A tomato-red 1968 Chevrolet Camaro cruised down the asphalt, moving a little faster than the other cars on the highway. Then, the inside of the Camaro appeared with the angry man sitting in the driver’s seat. He was driving too fast because the speedometer read 75 mph and the speed limit signs outside read 55 mph.

The car approached a sharp turn on the side of a steep hill, and the signs indicated he should slow to 40 mph, and then 30 mph. But, the driver recklessly maintained his speed. Seeing that he was starting to lose control and skid, the driver tried to hit the break, but he was going too fast, and his car plowed through the guard rail with a loud shriek of metal, and tumbled down a steep slope to the bottom of a canyon. On its way down, the Camaro bounced and rolled, flipping like a toy as it struck boulders. Near the bottom it slammed into a large boulder and bent like a crushed pop can. Flames erupted from the engine, sending up clouds of black smoke.

Steve watched, with horror, as the scene change to a close up of the car. Two grey creatures, with bat-like wings and sharp claws, flew toward the car, and their long, thin arms reached inside. They pulled something out through the metal underside of the car, which was facing skyward, as if the metal were made of fog. It was the driver’s spirit and soul, Steve realized. It looked just like the man he saw at the dinner table, but this man wore black garments that looked somewhat ragged. Fear was on his face as the evil spirits pulled him out of the car and rushed straight for the ground.

A hole appeared in the ground where no hole had appeared earlier, and the evil spirits shoved the man down, with their fingers tightly wrapped around his arms. Steve heard him scream in agony. Then, he saw the picture move as what could be thought of as the camera was flying behind the evil spirits. Steve saw the tunnel rush toward the screen and seem to engulf him. Rocks and fissures appeared in the sides of this tunnel and rushed past at a great speed. Before long, Steve saw a huge cavern open up before him. The cavern was filled with smoke and a dim light from lava flows and lava pits. The sound of people screaming in agony filled the air. Dark shapes move about the chamber, scurrying here and there and flying from one place to another. It resembled a cave full of bats, but hideous bats. 

The evil spirits flew with the deceased soul of the man to a small cave in the side of the cavern where a metal cage had been constructed by the forge of Hell. With malicious brutality, they threw him into the cage, slamming him against the metal bars. They drew some black knives from their belts and stabbed them into the man’s body repeatedly. He screamed in agony, but no blood came from his wounds. Steve looked away and grimaced. But, Jesus touched him on his shoulder, reassuringly. [Click here to check out the "Footnote" in Part 3 about the topic of Hell.]

Then, the demons began taunting him, saying, “Greg, you’re wife and her boyfriend are having a lot of fun up on earth, while you have just started your eternity in Hell. Welcome to the pit. Here you will get to experience the suffering of those who held onto bitterness and would not let go of it. You knew God was convicting you to repent, but you did not repent from your bitterness, and now look where it got you.”

Greg screamed, “I am a born-again Christian! I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and His blood to atone for my sins. I did it twelve years ago at a church. I can’t be in Hell! This has to be a dream. I’m a good man. I regularly go to church, and I was a deacon for five years. I give ten percent of my income as tithe. Some weeks I give fifteen percent. I support three missionaries too. I’ve given people Gospel tracts at work. I can’t be in Hell!”

A demon with goat-like horns on his forehead laughed and the others joined in. After a few more laughs, the demon with the big horns said:

“You knew God was convicting you of sin, and that you wouldn’t forgive your wife or her boyfriend. You knew that Jesus said to love your enemies and that anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and that those who do not forgive cannot be forgiven. You are lost in your sins, Greg. Now, you are going to be with us where you will experience the consequences of your sins. And, we love to give people pain. It will be fun.” He laughed devilishly and grinned wickedly at his captive.

With that, the demons slashed at Greg’s body and large gashes appeared in his skin, but no blood came out. He cried in agony and cursed God. He cursed his wife, and her boyfriend, and God for sending him to Hell. Every time the demons slashed his body, the cuts began to seal up until the skin was restored to normal. But, the demons unmercifully slashed again and again.

Steve looked away and tears filled his eyes. The sound of the man’s cried faded and Jesus held Steve close to his side.

“Why, Lord, does he have to suffer so much?” Steve asked.

“My son, Steve,” Jesus said, “this man Greg was full of bitterness toward his wife and toward her lover, and would not forgive them, even though he knew that I was convicting him of sin. He read in My Word that if he does not forgive, he cannot be forgiven. In the parable of the servant who owed his lord many talents, and who had a servant who owed him fewer talents, the servant who owed many talents was forgiven by his lord, but then he went to his servant who owed much less, and demanded that he pay him what was owed.

“He did not forgive his fellow servant in the way his lord had forgiven him. Therefore, the lord demanded why this was. But, the unforgiving servant was unable to answer him. Therefore, the lord or king had the unfaithful servant locked up in prison to be tormented until he should pay every coin that he owed. So, if a man does not forgive his debtors their trespasses, neither can I forgive him his trespasses. In other words, if someone does wrong to you, forgive them because I have forgiven you.

“Unforgiveness becomes toxic and harmful to the soul. It is a disease that spreads throughout the whole soul, corrupting it with its infection. If a soul will not forgive, it will become very hardened and wicked. It will cease to know Me, and My blood will be trampled underfoot and disregarded by such an unforgiving person. That is why I could not let that unforgiving, bitter person into Heaven. Such a person would corrupt Heaven with his bitterness and hatred.

“For, Heaven cannot cleanse sin away. Only My precious blood can. But, if My blood is trampled underfoot by disobedience and rebellion, then the person is no longer under the blood. Rather, the blood is under his feet. So, that person would be lost, and bound for Hell. The wicked shall not inherit the place of blessing. Now, let us visit another sight.”

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