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Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 9) - Invasion -

The Dreamer Dreamed 
- The Visions of Judgment 

(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 9)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams 
from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs 
to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words 
that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current 
world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He 
would show you about this story.

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Chapter 7


Jesus took him by the hand and the room faded away to be replaced with starry space. Steve appeared to be in outer space at about a thousand miles from planet Earth’s surface. He saw the continent of North America spread out before him, following the curvature of the earth. Clouds, resembling wisps of smoke, swirled over parts of Canada and over portions of the U.S. The view below began zooming into the western seaboard. The zoom-in continued, focused on a position of the ocean just off the California coast.

Container ships appeared, surrounded by multitudes of navy escort ships, such as cruisers, frigates, and destroyers. Steve could not tell what country they were from because he could only see them from high above. But, the zoom-in continued until he seemed to be a few hundred feet above the ships.

“What are all these vessels doing just off America’s coast?” he wondered to himself.

The view panned some miles away from the ships, toward the shore. Container ships were entering a port and some were already being unloaded by large gantry cranes. But, other container ships bristled with military hardware and tanks. Tanks, personnel carriers, and trucks were being loaded onto large flatbed, semi-truck trailers. Time passed quickly in this vision or dream, so that in just seconds of Steve’s time, the unloading operation was complete. Now, the trucks pulled out and headed down the streets toward their destinations.

“What is happening here, Lord Jesus?” Steve asked his Savior.

“My son, these are Chinese soldiers and sailors unloading their vehicles and equipment in preparation for the full-scale invasion of certain areas of America. They will invade and conquer America, and they will utterly destroy many cities and many people by way of poison gas, nuclear weapons, starvation, and bio-weapons. The bio-weapons that the Chinese and Russians have developed are very hazardous.

“Many will die from these plagues because many have rebelled against Me, and would not repent from their sins when I repeatedly called out to them. Many refused to seek Me when times got difficult, and chose rather to continue in sin, even though they knew I was calling out to them. Many chose to walk after their flesh, and after the world, than after Me. They knew the Gospel, but they rejected it because their sin was more pleasing to them. I am grieved with their hearts. Come, let us see what happened to America only weeks before this invasion is to take place.”

The scene changed to an aerial view of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Sparkling skyscrapers stood like a forest of silver pillars beside the calm water of the lake. From his vantage point above the city, Steve could see thousands of cars moving here and there like insects crawling through the grass. Suddenly, a fast-moving, metal object shot through the air and arched toward the city.

Steve quickly noticed three others not far behind it. They plunged toward the city like angry bees going after a single target. Suddenly, the missiles exploded about a hundred feet above the ground. Bright suns appeared, rapidly expanding outward, and huge fireballs engulfed buildings, reducing them to rubble and ash. Buildings nearby toppled like dominoes. A bright column of smoke, dust, and very hot air ascended high up into the atmosphere.

In seconds, the nuclear bombs had utterly destroyed every last building in the majority of what is known as Chicago. Outlying suburbs were mostly untouched by the nukes, but the radioactive dust or fallout from the explosions would soon reach the suburbs and surrounding countryside, making life impossible for Chicago’s neighbors. Sadly, the people who lived about twenty miles away from Chicago, or less, would suffer from radioactive fallout and acute radiation sickness, which would cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. Others would suffer from radiation sickness and cancer. It would be a slow and painful death for those poor souls, Steve realized as he remembered what he had read online about the aftermath of nuclear strikes.

The scene zoomed into a section of Highway 65 going from Indianapolis to Chicago. Somehow, he understood that it was about thirty-five miles from the outskirts of the “Windy City.” Steve descended to just about a hundred feet from the highway. From this position, he noticed a roadblock made of metal barrels. A large sign in Chinese, Russian, and English, standing by the side of the highway, boldly declared: “Quarantine Zone. No vehicles past this point. Any unauthorized vehicles will be confiscated.” Some light-armored Russian vehicles, bristling with light cannons and machine guns, with soldiers standing nearby, enforced the roadblock.

“My son,” Jesus said, “what you are seeing here is a small convoy of Russian soldiers guarding a check point that they have set up. This is a roadblock intended to keep anyone out who would be foolish enough to venture into the danger zone that is affected by the nuclear fallout from the nuclear explosions that will destroy Chicago, and its surrounding neighborhoods. Many large cities in America will have a similar judgment and similar checkpoints or roadblocks. Many souls will be destroyed in these blasts, but the worst is yet to come, for famine will grip America in its clutches, like an iron collar that is slowly tightening around the neck, until it cuts off all air from reaching the lungs.

“America will die a slow death, but it will be a time in which I will call out to America, more and more, and plead with America for their sins, and ask that they repent and turn back to Me. But, if they will not turn back to Me, judgment will destroy them and their loved ones, who are not turning to Me.

“I am grieved with their hearts, which have gone after idols and mammon, which is material goods. They love the praises of men and the love of money, more than they love Me. They say, “God bless America,” but they are not willing to acknowledge Me in their lives by reading and obeying My Word, the Word of Life. They will read novels and watch TV, but they will not read my Word.

“They will go to Church, but they will live like the world the rest of their time. They will say, ‘God bless you, brother’ to one person and ‘I hate you’ to another. They say that America needs to be revived, but they are unwilling to repent from their own sins. I shall not allow these people to continue. Now, watch what will happen to them after the Russians and Chinese take over their country.”

Instantly, Steve was translated, or quickly moved, to another location. Steve and his Lord were looking down at a city street from a height of twenty feet. School buses, city buses, military trucks, and tanks drove through the streets of an American suburban neighborhood. Armored trucks patrolled the streets while helicopters beat the air, high overhead.

Rumbling forward like hungry lions, several trucks pulled up beside different homes along the street, and soldiers poured out, heading for the front and back doors. Steve focused on a tan, two-story house. Like a SWAT team break-in, several soldiers quickly and cautiously approached the front door, while another group headed toward a back door. A man with a shotgun blasted the locks and another man slammed a metal object into the door, near the handle, creating a loud, splintering crunch. It flew open and the team moved in.

A few minutes later, soldiers emerged bringing with them a man whose hands were zip-tied. His wife was shoved out after him, along with three children. A fourth child was dragged out, screaming as she went. Steve gasped. “They have children with them!” He was shocked. This was very disturbing. What were they going to do?

The soldiers shoved the man and his wife into a bus and locked their wrists into shackles that had been attacked to the floor of the bus. Chains linked the cuffs to the floor, keeping the prisoners from escaping. The children were dragged into another bus and were likewise cuffed to their seats. The next house was treated with the same break-in strategy.

In about three minutes since their loud entry before the soldiers emerged and threw a man and woman into the street. A soldier walked toward the man to drag him to his feet, but the man surprised him with a sudden Karate move, tripping the soldier and causing him to fall to the ground. In a swift move, the civilian slammed his arm into the soldier’s ribs, causing him to cry out in pain. But, another soldier took aim and shot the civilian dead, with one automatic burst. The wife screamed, but was grabbed roughly and shoved into a bus. The injured soldier was helped up by his comrades and was sent back to a vehicle.

After that incident, his team became more aggressive with people they were rounding up. Steve turned away and asked Jesus, “Lord, why is this happening and what are these soldiers going to do with these people? Where are they taking them?”

“We will go there now,” Jesus told him.

Before he could blink, he and Jesus were inside a concentration camp and hovered about ten to twelve feet above the ground. Men and teenage guys, wearing orange jumpsuits, walked below in long lines, which were surrounded on either side by chain link fences, surmounted with barbwire. No women or children could be seen. Soldiers conducted them through, pushing and shoving those who lagged behind. The fenced-in corridor opened into a large area where many barracks were located. As the men entered the larger enclosure, soldiers herded them into a staging area where hundreds of prisoners were made to stand at attention. Any who resisted was severely beaten and yelled at.

They were arranged into rectangular formations. Once all the men had been moved into formation, a voice laden with a thick Russian accent spoke over a base-wide intercom system. Dozens of speakers, mounted on tall poles, blared out:

“Attention, prisoners, you have arrived at camp 47. You are here for your own safety and protection. Due to numerous episodes of looting and urban violence, you have been brought here to insure your safety and protection. Due to the continent’s current state of affairs, it is unwise and illegal for you to be involved in your normal civilian duties.

“You will stay at this camp until it is deemed safe for you to return to your normal civilian lives. On behalf of the United Nations, and the Russian Federation, we welcome you to this haven. You are advised to obey all rules and orders given by camp personnel. There will be no disobedience to your supervisors, or to members of the Russian-Chinese coalition, or to the U.N. troops that are here in North America.

“On behalf of the Union of Peace, we welcome you to stay as long as is necessary. To maintain morale, we request that you observe our guidelines for peace and order. You will be expected to assist your country in restoring itself to order, and ending all chaos. You can make your contribution here, at this camp, by serving in work assignments. We will give you your assignments tomorrow. Until then, follow your supervisors’ orders, and you will be successful. That is all.”

Once the speakers were silent, Steve heard a faint grumbling from the prisoners. Jesus brought Steve to the ground and set him down. He was now standing just feet away from a prisoner on the edge of a formation. Since this was a vision or dream, no one noticed Steve or Jesus Christ watching them. The man was blonde and freckled but had a tough appearance. His hair was short and was combed back.

He muttered something quietly, but Steve somehow was able to hear him clearly. “When do I get to leave this place and see my family? My wife is pregnant. I hate this terrible place!”

A Hispanic man standing beside the blond man glanced toward him. “I agree. We’re in a world of trouble. My girlfriend just got pregnant too. She has our little boy in her womb. I pray to the saints every twenty minutes for her protection.”

Another man, a Chinese-American, said: “I heard rumors from my relatives in China that China was preparing to invade America and that I should leave, but I didn’t listen to them. I had become a naturalized citizen of America a few years ago, and I used to earn a six-digit salary as a biologist. Leaving was unthinkable, until the economy started falling apart, but the president grounded all flights to and from America.”

The blonde man nodded in agreement, nervously watching for Russian soldiers. He said as quiet as he could, while still being heard: “These miserable Russians are slaughtering our children. Someone told me he saw Russian soldiers shoot a little boy who was screaming at them. I should have listened to my crazy conspiracy friend, Dave. He warned me about this invasion years ago. I laughed at him behind his back, but now I’m seeing his words fulfilled before my own eyes. These murderous Russians nuked our country, killed millions of people, and then invade our cities. No one stopped them. The military was destroyed and weakened until it collapsed.” 

“I used to make good money as an electrical specialist, but I’ve had to live on one meal a day,” the Hispanic man said, “because the food prices were so high and my income had drastically lost its buying power. My family is gone. I don’t know where my wife is or where her kids are. That cursed economic collapsed ruined me!”

“Shh,” another man whispered angrily, “do you want to get us all killed? The Russians are going to hear you talking if you don’t shut up.”


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