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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (PART 15) - Entertainment -

The Dreamer Dreamed 
- The Visions of Judgment 

(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (PART 15)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams 
from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs 
to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words 
that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current 
world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He 
would show you about this story.

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Chapter 12


Instantly, the church sanctuary vanished to be replaced by a living room with couches facing a flat screen TV. A small group of people sat and munched on popcorn as speakers mounted around the room throbbed with deep, booming sounds. A car chase was in motion on the large screen. Tires screeched and sirens blared as several police cars followed behind a reckless driver in a shiny, red Lamborghini Aventador, which had white racing stripes.

The Aventador raced toward a pile of rubble that formed a jump. In seconds, it sailed off the jump and over a concrete wall before landing in some sand on the other side, but the sand contained a surprise. Collapsible spike strips had been set up, in the sand, in anticipation for the Aventador’s move. The moment its tires hit the ground, they deflated with a loud hiss. The driver flung his door open and leapt out of the car.

He drew a pistol from his belt and headed toward a tall chain link fence. On the other side, a maze of alleys and older brick buildings looked promising for an escape. Police cars pulled into the vacant lot and tried to drive in close to the Aventador, but piles of junk left here and there hindered the police cars from getting closer to the fence.

The Aventator’s driver tucked the pistol in his belt and quickly began climbing the chain link fence, while police rushed out of their vehicles to pursue him.

Then, Steve saw the living room scene suddenly change to a dining room. The same people were sitting at a long table eating a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, potatoes, and various dishes were passed around the table. Little children sitting next to their mothers slowly chewed, and some didn’t realize that their faces were smeared with food.

The adults were talking about various topics, but Steve heard several men, who appeared to be in their thirties and forties, conversing about a movie.

“So, Tom, what did you think of the movie, Manhattan Safe?” a man with a short brown beard asked a man with salt and pepper hair sitting across from him.

“Well, Rick, the special effects were superb. I thought the main character resembled Pastor Craig.”

“That’s funny,” Tom said, chuckling. “Now that you mention it, he looked like a younger, stronger version of Pastor Craig.

“Think Craig would like that as a compliment? He likes action movies, especially one that has plenty of firepower.”

“I’m sure he would,” Rick said, chuckling. “By the way, would you like to go with me and Jennifer to see that new movie by Dark Specter Studios?”

“What is it called?” Tom asked.

Demon Lust Unleashed,” Rick said. “It stars an actor I know you like. It’s about a powerful ring of drug traffickers and car thieves that have moles working for the police. The cops have to track down the ringleaders and arrest them. But, it has a unique twist, they say. I don’t know what the twist is, but it sounds very interesting.”

“What rating does it have? I might want to bring my son Sam to see it with me if it’s Pg-13, like the movie we just watched in the living room.”

“I think its rated R for gore, violence, language, and sexual content,” Rick said.

“I might see it with you, but I won’t bring my son,” Tom said.

“Ah, it’s not like your son has to watch every scene in the movie. It would be good father-son time.”

Tom pursed his lips in thought.

“I took my teenage nephews to see Terror in Manhattan,” Rick said. “It was a zombie movie  rated R for gore and violence, but it didn’t seem to bother them. They go to Church every Sunday, and participate in their youth group, and in community outreach. They’re good kids.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Tom said. “You know, I grew up without a TV, and I only watched PG or G-rated movies on my first TV set. I went to see my first PG-13 film because I saw an advertisement for a movie that seemed very exciting and all my friends wanted to see it. Later, they invited me to an R-rated movie about World War II. Even the pastor of our church recommended it, but cautioned that it was not for children to watch. Now, I watch mostly PG-13 and sometimes R-rated movies. I try to fast-forward sexual content.”

Rick said, laughing, “You’re not trying to be Mr. Straight-lace, are you?”

Tom chuckled. “No, I just feel I shouldn’t take my son to see that film. I let him watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings films, but I fast-forwarded the part where Aragorn spoke to the dead.”

“Why?” Rick said, getting serious.

“I remember seeing a Christian TV show about how some witches contact spirits that claim to be of dead ancestors, and how the Bible forbids this as necromancy. Actually, I have tried to get my son off Star Wars. I think he’s addicted to it. He says he isn’t, but he only wants to collect Star Wars toys, shirts, and posters. He seems to have no interest in anything else.”

“That’s nonsense. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are just fictional stories. They’re not going to hurt anyone,” Rick said.

“My son,” Jesus said to Steve, “we will now visit a place sometime in the past to show you the nature of some of the popular movies.”


The Warlock

Instantly, the dining room was gone and Steve found himself in a large room with a black and white checkered floor. The walls were made of grey stone. Torches mounted in sconces dimly lit up the chamber with their flickering flames. A group of black-robed men and women held hands, forming a hexagram shape on the floor. Some reels of film enclosed in black canisters were set on a stand in the middle of the hexagram formation. On the floor beside the stand rested a human skull with an attached jaw bone. Flowers were wreathed around the skeleton head. On the other side of the stand rested two crossed humerus bones, or upper arm bones.

A pot of burning incense on a stand a few feet away sent wisps of smoke into the air. The witches were chanting an incantation over and over, which Steve couldn’t actually hear. God must have kept him from hearing their words. Then, a male witch, or warlock, said, “We call on the power of the devil to hex the master copy of the Star Wars film. We release the power of imagination to transcribe the satanic code onto the master copy. Thus, we release the devil to deceive the souls of men by way of this film and its sequels. Let the grand design be established, and let the world be brought toward the New World Order.”

All the witches and warlocks said in unison, “So it be. Amen.”


The Meeting at the Chateau

The next moment, Steve was taken to a castle or chateau. Built on a hill overlooking a moonlit countryside, a restored 15th century castle or a fortified manor house, called a chateau, commanded the countryside with its majestic turrets and intimidating presence. A manicured garden ringed the building, extending outward for several acres in each direction, and a tall metal fence with thick juniper bushes protected it from intruders. A guard hut rested a short distance from the imposing security gate.

Steve was instantly taken to a study within the chateau. A roaring fire in a stone hearth snapped and cracked as it licked away maple wood. The next thing Steve noticed was very bizarre. A man lay prostrate on the red-carpeted floor, face down. Before him stood a demon with goat-hoofs, and two long horns protruding from his man-like head, and a serpent-like tail poking out through a flap in his leathery kilt, which hung below his knees. The demon was covered with grey scales on his upper body and with black fur on his lower body. Two large, dark grey, bat-like wings were folded up behind his back. He wore a hideous smile on his face and told the human to stand.

“Lord Satan,” the male witch stood, bowing, “it is my honor and privilege to worship you.”

“You have done well,” Satan said. “Because you have placed the curse on the master copy of the Star Wars films I will be able to bring my deception into every country of the world. Every person on earth will hear of my fame and of the Star Wars films, thanks to you. I will bring in the new age and my golden age. Soon, we will descend to earth and Babylon will be rebuilt. I will send for the armies of destruction to bring your world into chaos.”

The devil stretched out his hands, smiling gleefully. “Now, I have another assignment for you.”

“Yes, master,” the male witch, or warlock, said with curiosity in his voice.

“I want you to conjure up the spirit guides I’ve sent to you,” Satan said, “and send them forth to inspire the creation of a new film series which will present my Luciferian doctrine to the world. It will be called Indiana Jones and it will present to the world my power, so that they will desire it. Others will be deceived by its apparent ‘Christian’ themes. This will prepare the way for other movies which will promote the occult and my hidden wisdom.”

“Lord Satan, your will be done. May I ask your greatness a question?” the warlock asked.

The devil looked at him, waiting.

“When will we release a movie about the Beast, which Christians call the Antichrist?” the warlock said.

“Later down the road,” the devil said. “Now isn’t the time. But, you will release movies leading up to that.”

The scene faded away and Steve once again saw the outside of the chateau. Jesus was standing before him. His green eyes looked lovingly at Steve and He was placing a hand on Steve’s shoulder, reassuringly.

“Lord Jesus,” Steve asked, “why did you show me that scene of the people talking about R-rated movies, and then reveal a group of witches casting spells on a master copy of the Star Wars film? And, what would you tell me about the devil meeting a warlock in that chateau?”

“My son,” Jesus said, “the people who were visiting and discussing Hollywood movies were Christians who had gone after the world, and not after Me. They loved the pleasures of this world, more than they loved Me. The man who seemed to have more of a conscience than the others was still resisting My Spirit, and listening to his peers, but he was starting to feel convicted about movies, while his friends were not listening to the convictions they felt.

“I do not approve of any Hollywood movies or of any movies that display kissing, violence, sexual content, bad language, or any form of wickedness. These things are harmful to the viewers and do dishonor My Name. I shall hold Christians accountable for refusing to repent from Hollywood movies. Some will not enter Heaven because of resisting My Spirit, and refusing to repent when I repeatedly called out to them.

“Others will enter Heaven because they were not strongly resisting My Spirit, but they will lose rewards they could have gotten. But, I will love them the same as if they had many rewards. I have no respect of persons. I love all the same.

“The witches who were casting spells on the master copy of the Star Wars film were a group, or a coven, of both men and women, who served the devil. They were casting spells and hexes on the Star Wars film to make it very deceitful and destructive to people, especially to Christians. The evil spirits associated with the hexes would bring great deception into the homes, and hearts, and minds of those foolish enough to embrace Star Wars or to accept it as being ‘okay.’

“I am grieved with Star Wars and with other films like it that promote the Force or the occult. The Force is really just another word for the witchcraft concept of a powerful energy field that witches believe they can control and manipulate with wands, rings, and charms.

“The darkness in your land is great. I am calling out to people to repent. If they will not repent, then judgment will fall on them. But, I am very patient because I do not want people to perish. That is true. The male witch or warlock, who was speaking with the devil, was learning from the devil his game plan for deceiving Christians and for deceiving many people to prepare them for the New World Order that Satan wants to create.

“This New World Order will bring in the Antichrist and the lawless one. This man will seek to destroy the Church and bring all religions together under the worship of Lucifer or Satan. This is the Luciferian doctrine that movies promote in various ways. That is why I do not want you to watch Hollywood movies or read worldly books that promote immorality or magic.

“I love you very much. You may seek Me on this more. And, I the LORD your God, and Father, and Savior have spoken, because I AM One God.”

Steve gulped, thinking about what Jesus had just said. He realized that he still had a fondness for some Hollywood movies, but he realized that he needed to get rid of them. He had felt convicted for a long time that they were not good for him to see, but he struggled with letting go of them.

“Dear Jesus,” Steve said with sudden determination, “I renounce and give up all my desires to watch Hollywood movies or movies like them. I had some stored in my bookshelf, but I plan to destroy them once I wake up from this vision.”

“Very good, My son,” Jesus said. “Now, I will take you to see the rock music industry and to learn what spirit is behind the music that most people around the world enjoy. And, I the Lord your God and Savior have spoken.”


Rock Star

Steve was suddenly moved quickly (or translated) from that sinister location to a bedroom in someone’s house. The bedroom was cluttered with various odds and ends. Posters of rock bands hung on the walls. Three electric guitars rested on their stands, waiting to be used. Steve could see small serpent-like demons lurking beside them.

A long-haired man was on his knees as if he was praying. But, what he said didn’t sound like a prayer to Steve.

“Satan, I vow to give you my soul and my career if you will give me fame, fortune, and beautiful women,” the musician said.

A faun-like demon with bat-like wings suddenly appeared, standing before the man. It was the devil himself, Steve realized, remembering his hideous appearance from the chateau study room.

The musician pulled a knife from his pocked and snapped the blade open. Making a small cut in his thumb, he winced slightly, and placed the bleeding cut on a piece of paper, on the floor. On it he had written out his vow to serve the devil to the end of his life in exchange for fame, fortune, and beautiful women. As he moved his hand, a red thumb print appeared at the bottom of the sheet of paper, beside his name.

The devil gloated over the man bowing before him. The rock artist did not see him, but he heard the devil’s sweet-sounding voice, which was filled with the poison of deception.

“You,” Satan said, “shall have your wish and I shall make you famous, and rich, and give you plenty of fleshly desires, but your soul belongs to me. Now, start writing a song. That song will become a number one hit in your country and around the world. People will love you.”

The devil suddenly flapped his large, bat-like wings and shot through the ceiling, almost in a blur of motion. The musician stood and raised his hand toward the sky in a satanic salute. His index finger and pinky finger were raised while the thumb and two other fingers were folded down.

The scene changed instantly to a covered football stadium filled with multitudes of excited people. Lights flashed, changing colors, and smoke ascended in wispy clouds. Steve didn’t hear the sound, but he could see that everyone enjoyed the music. On the stage stood the long-haired musician. He wore a T-shirt with a strange, reflective logo that appeared to be a triangle in a circle. Rays shot out from the circle and streaked across his shirt.

Steve was lowered to the ground and saw two high-school guys come through an entryway into the stadium, and he overheard their conversation.

“Dude, this artist is better than your favorite bands,” a guy with gages in his ears said.

“Totally,” the other said, somewhat dazed by the performance on the stage.

Time sped up, suddenly, to bring Steve to the end of the performance. The rock artist was on stage signing T-shirts and band posters. But, so many people wanted to get their merchandise autographed that they started to overwhelm him. So, his assistants ushered him outside to a waiting limo, which had heavily tinted windows.

Steve could somehow see into the limo where the rock star was reclining in his leather seat with a glass of beer. A sound-proof plexiglass partition separated the front from the passenger compartment.  

Suddenly, the devil appeared in Steve’s view, calmly flapping his wings to keep pace with the limo. It seemed to be effortless for Satan to do that. Somehow, since the devil was from a different realm of nature, he could fly inside the limo without being physically affected by it. It was as if the limo was made of air.

“Davis,” the devil said, as he placed his claws into the rock star’s temples. “Davis, it is I, your father the devil.”

“Yes, master,” Davis said.

“I want you to say that you have become a Christian,” Satan said, smiling wickedly. “That way you will fool Christians to believe that are one of them, so that they will buy into your power. Making yourself look like a Christian will boost your sales, and you will still have your old fans.”

“What do I do to look like a Christian?”

“Tell them how you had a salvation experience, and that you invited Jesus into your heart. Then, place Jesus and God in your songs, but sing them to worship me. You will fool the Christians to think you are worshiping my enemy, while you actually are giving all the praise to Me. But, don’t sing about the blood of Jesus or about the empty tomb. Don’t sing about salvation. Just sing songs that are very vague, that mention God once or twice.  And, go to church once in a while. I have the perfect church for you to attend. It’s a mega-church not far from where you live. It teaches new age messages, eastern meditation, Gnosticism, and hardly any Bible teaching. You will be welcome there. I have many followers in that congregation.”

“Who is the pastor?” Davis asked.

“Cole Benson,” Satan said. “He is one of my followers.”

“Good,” Davis said, watching the city blocks pass by.

The scene suddenly faded and Steve found himself in a new location.


(Note: All human characters in this story are fictional. But, Jesus Christ is truly real and is the living God. And, the devil is real and seeks to devour whom he may. This is simply a novel with prophetic messages from God. I encourage you to seek God about the words spoken by Jesus to see what He will show you about them.)


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