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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed - (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 2) - Rejection -

The Dreamer Dreamed - The Visions of Judgment 
(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 2)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He would show you about this story.

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Chapter 2

The Church That Ignored Their Savior

That night, Steve dreamed again. He found himself standing in the same hallway with the bulkhead doors on either side. The same ceiling light bulbs hummed in their steel cages. Now, as Steve began walking down this hallway, he wondered why it felt very familiar. He had forgotten his previous dream. He tried a door to his left and the handle moved. It was unlocked. Curious, Steve opened it and peered inside.

He found himself staring into a church building sanctuary. At the back of the large room stood a raised platform with a pulpit. A man was standing behind the pulpit and speaking to a large congregation of people. The people in the congregation were reading their Bibles, but were oblivious to Steve as he started walking down one of the four aisles. Then, Steve noticed a man in the front of the room, before the steps leading up to the platform. He was lying on the ground and clearly appeared to be in pain. He had a beard and hair that went down to just above his shoulder. He wore an off-white robe and sandals, like someone from ancient Israel or the Middle East might have worn.

Steve approached the man and was struck by how much agony and sadness he wore on his face and by the love and grief that appeared in his eyes. His side was bleeding, and nail scars in his hands gushed out blood, but no one paid any attention to him. The pastor should have been able to see him, but he completely ignored him and continued preaching. Then, it occurred to Steve that this man was Jesus. Running to his side, Steve said, “Lord Jesus, what has happened to you? Why are you bleeding?”

Just as Jesus was about to speak, a firm hand grabbed Steve around his wrist and pulled him away. Another hand seized his other wrist and some strong men led Steve away from the front end, and down an aisle toward an exit. They opened a door to a small room, pulling Steve in, and shut the door behind them.

“Why did you take me away? Why aren’t you helping that poor man?” Steve asked, shocked at their treatment of him.

One of the men frowned at him and said: “You were disrupting our service and we cannot permit that behavior in our church.”

“But, there is a man bleeding to death right before you, and you act like you never noticed him.”

“What man are you talking about?” the other man said.

“There is a man with blood coming from His hands and side. He, He is Jesus. Why hasn’t anyone noticed Him?” Steve said, with tears starting to run down his face. He wiped them away.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re hallucinating or something.”

“Let’s get him out of here. He must be drunk,” the other man said reaching to grab Steve’s arm. The men shoved Steve through a door, and he suddenly found himself in another location.  


He was in a manicured garden with marble walkways, streams, and beautiful, flowering trees. A hand touched his back and gently rubbed him. Looking up, Steve smiled. It was Jesus.

His green eyes looked down at Steve with great love and warmth. Brown hair flowed down to just a couple inches above his shoulders. His skin was of an olive complexion. A white or off-white garment reached down to his ankles where leather sandals kept his feet from touching the path. He wore a golden belt or girdle. Steve was six feet tall, but Jesus appeared to be at least seven feet in height.

“It’s you, dear Jesus,” Steve said, amazed.

“It is I. Be not afraid,” He said warmly.

“I saw you back in that church building. Why were you lying in a pool of blood, and why did no one notice you?”

The sound of buzzing bees and cheerful bird chirps filled the silence until the Lord spoke.

“My son, these people are blind, and cannot see their hands in front of them. They are unable to notice that I am suffering when I see the suffering of the lost souls among them. For, indeed, there are many lost souls suffering in those Churches. They are suffering because the Word is not being preached with power, and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. And, the pastors are not connecting with My Spirit to present the Gospel and to present the full counsel of My Word. They are giving the people cotton candy and unfulfilling talk. They are teaching things to tickle the ears of the people, while ignoring their deep, spiritual need.”

“What do they need, dear Jesus?”

“They need to be saved from their sins and to know My power and My Name. They don’t know My Name, except for a few. The pastors are afraid that if they teach My full counsel, they will be ridiculed and mocked. And, they are afraid they will lose prestige and money. Sadly, many pastors would rather have the acceptance of men and comfortable lifestyles than to care for the souls of the lost, and of those who do not know My Name.”

“I thought everyone or most people in a church would know your Name, Lord.”

“Sadly, that is not the case in many Churches. There are many people who profess that they know Me, but in works they show that they have rejected My Word, and rejected My call to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Me. Many profess that they love Me, but they live like they despise Me. When I say, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ they say, ‘We can commit adultery, and who can tell us not to? We have the right and liberty to sin. Let us follow our own minds and hearts. God will understand.’ By this, they are foolishly casting their lives away--their eternal lives. For, if they will not repent from their sins, and rebellion, and hardness of heart, I cannot let them enter Heaven. Only those who follow Me and learn to be humble will enter.”

“Dear Jesus, what would happen to a person who struggles with pride? Would that person not enter Heaven?”

“My son, these people, if they repent from pride will certainly enter. But, those who refuse to repent from pride shall not enter because their pride would be their god, and I would just be a word that they speak of without knowing the One behind the word. In other words, they would not know Me, their Creator, personally anymore.”

As Steve and the Lord walked along the path, they came up to a hill and looked out over a large valley spread before them. In this valley below lay a city with high-rise apartments, office buildings, and town houses. Smoke rose up into the air, from the buildings, in black columns which expanded high up in the clouds. The city was all in flames, burning in a fiery inferno. Some buildings began collapsing as the flames gutted out their structures and weakened them to the point of collapse.

“What is happening?” Steve thought to himself. “Why is this city burning? Something must be done to save these people!”

After the shock of seeing the devastation below began to fade a little, Steve looked up to Jesus. “Dear Jesus, why is the city burning?” he asked.

Jesus looked lovingly at Steve and placed his hand on his shoulder. He said:

“My son, the city is burning to show you that your country, the United States of America shall be attacked from many fronts, and it shall collapse into an inferno eventually. But, the attacks will bring in great destruction on many fronts and in many areas of life. The ways of your nation are not hidden from Me. I see all that they do, and they cannot hide their wickedness.

“Indeed, before you can describe to me your fears and tell me all your concerns, I already know what you were going to say. I know you are concerned about your friends and about your family, but trust Me, for I shall call out to all of them. I will not bring down judgment without warning the people. And, I will have you warn your family, and warn your friends, and warn your church. They need to hear the message that judgment is coming, and that now is the time to prepare their hearts, and their lives for the events that will soon come to pass. I love you very much, just as I love all My children. Now, rest, My son, and I will show you more.”

Jesus said: “Come, let us travel to a church building where I will show you some things.”


Suddenly, the grassy hill and the valley vanished from Steve’s vision and new surroundings appeared. The Lord had instantly moved or translated Steve to a new location, similar to what happened with Philip after the Lord took him away from the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-40). They were now standing inside the sanctuary or auditorium of a large church building. But, something was different about the sanctuary than the last church building he had seen.

This one was filled with skeletons. They were sitting in the seats and paying attention to the man speaking from the pulpit. The man was wearing a tie and a suit and walked back and forth on the platform overlooking the crowd. Among the skeletons were regular people wearing modest, white clothing. These people had a normal, healthy appearance. As Steve looked at them, he couldn’t understand why skeletons were sitting right beside them. Then, to his shock, Steve realized that the skeletons were moving as if they had life. But, the shock was short lived, because Steve remembered that he was seeing a vision or a dream.

The pastor or speaker on the platform was speaking and using a computer enhanced presentation. From time to time he would pick up his Bible and speak of a few verses, but he tried to make them more culture friendly and easy to swallow. As he paced back and forth, preaching or teaching, a man or woman would say “amen” or “praise the Lord.” Sometimes, a skeleton would speak the same words. Strangely, the pastor didn’t notice that many of the people in the room were actually skeletons.

“My son,” Jesus said, “what you see here is an example of the modern Church in America. It is neither hot, nor cold, but it is lukewarm. What can I do with such a Church? I plead with them every day and throughout the day, but many will not listen to Me. Even many of those who wear white will not listen to Me when I plead with them.

“Some have turned into skeletons after persistently resisting My Spirit and My convictions. I am grieved over their hearts and over their rebellion against Me. They have forsaken the right way, and turned aside after deception and falsehood. The pastor is teaching scriptural truth, but he is not teaching what I desire him to teach, and he is not telling the people that they must repent and trust only in Me to be saved from their sins. He is not telling them about being born again and knowing My Name.

“He is not preaching that souls can be lost, who are walking after the world, even after they got saved. I speak of this in My Word, in Hebrews chapter 10. I warn the people all the time, but many will not listen. They go on in sin and think that they will somehow enter Heaven, but they are choosing for sin to be their god and master, and they are forsaking Me. Sadly, this is why many will start out in the faith and walking with Me, but they will cease to bear fruit, and will die. These are the bad soils from My parable of the soils, or the parable of the sower. They start out right, but as sin creeps into their hearts, by and by, they are offended by the true Gospel, and forsake it for a false gospel.

“They love the pleasures of the world and the delights of the flesh more than they love Me. They love to walk in the shoes of the world, but refuse to walk in My footprints of humility, and of trusting in My blood, and of trusting in My Word for salvation and for righteous living. You are not saved by your works, but your choices and decisions show who your God is. If you live like the world, your life shows that you love the world more than you love Me.

“Eventually, if such a soul will not repent, I could not let him or her enter My Paradise of Heaven. Such a soul would be cast into outer darkness where shall be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. This is a description of the darkness in Hell. I am grieved that so many people in the Church do not live like they know Me, and so many do not even desire to know Me that much. I desire for them to know Me deeply, and much better than they have ever thought they could know Me.

“I desire that they would look only to Me to fulfill their desires and to meet all their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. If they don’t believe that I will meet their needs, they would be drawn into the ways of the world, which include performing or working to earn credit, and pursuing the flesh. These are harmful to their spiritual condition.

“If they harden their hearts greatly against Me, I could not let them enter Heaven because they would have cast Me out of their lives, and rejected Me, in order to serve their false gods, such as pleasure, in a worldly sense; lusts of the flesh; lusts of the eyes; and the pride of life. All who follow those things shall not enter Heaven. I am pleased that you, Steve, want to follow Me, and obey Me, and know Me more personally. You may pray that My Church will do that too. I am with you. Now, let us go on from here.”


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