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Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 8) - Greed -

The Dreamer Dreamed 
- The Visions of Judgment 

(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 8)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams 
from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs 
to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words 
that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current 
world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He 
would show you about this story.

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Chapter 6

The Love of Money

Suddenly, two angels entered the cave, behind Steve. They were each about eight feet tall, and wore long, white robes that nearly touched the ground. Each angel wore golden sandals on his feet and a golden belt or girdle around his waist. White wings were tucked away, resting against their backs.

“Who are you?” Steve asked, surprised.

“We are messengers from the Lord, who have been sent to bring you to another place in Hell,” one said.

Jesus walked beside Steve as the angels led him out of the cave, and into the large cavern which was filled with smoke, lava flows, and pits. Then, one picked him up and they took off flying through the cavern, beating their angelic wings. The angels headed straight toward the mouth of a shaft in the ground, and the tunnel soon filled Steve’s vision. The craggy sides of the shaft rushed past as they descended rapidly. In a few seconds, they had passed through the tunnel and into another cavern. It was also filled with smoke and lava.

The angels landed in one corner of the cavern where a large furnace melted gold in a huge, ceramic pot. Some wingless, lizard-like demons pumped bellows to maintain a hot fire under the ceramic vat or crucible. Others flew over to the molten gold and dipped large, ceramic ladles into the liquid metal. With the molten gold, these winged demons flew away to various areas of the cavern.

Same noticed the screams again and the oppressive, atmospheric heat and sulfurous smell. But, the heat was somehow not as hot as he thought it should be.

“Dear Jesus,” Steve said to his Lord, “where are we and why do I not feel as hot as before?”

“My son, you are in a place of judgment, in which lost souls, who were covetous, are judged for their rebellion against Me; and for loving possessions; and material goods; and money more than they loved Me. That is true. The reason you do not feel the full heat is that I do not wish for you to suffer. What the souls in Hell feel is extremely high temperatures and suffocating fumes. They feel this intense heat because they are outside My domain of peace and blessing, and no peace or blessing can reach such souls who will not repent, but will only harden their hearts against Me. I cannot give them peace because they have willfully rejected Me over, and over, until their hearts were very hard. And, I the LORD your God and Savior have spoken.”

Steve suddenly noticed a dark shape zoom over his head, beating its wings quickly. It was a demon carrying a ladle and it was headed toward a figure that was somewhat obscured by smoke. The figure was only about forty feet away. Jesus and the angels escorted Steve as he approached the figure. He stepped forward with a mixture of curiosity and apprehension, not knowing what he would find.

As he got closer, he heard the guttural voice of a demon speaking to a man. The man was sitting in a gold-plaited throne that seemed to have the appearance of medieval luxury. It had an eagle figurine acting as a support to each arm rest. Four ornate, lion-like feet supported the weight of the throne and the man sitting on it. He was dressed in purple robes and wore a gold crown on his head. But, his skin was very wrinkled and sagging from decay. He was hairless and very miserable looking. “Was he some kind of king?” Steve wondered.

The demon talking to him stood nine feet tall and looked somewhat like a reptile. Its frog-like eyes blinked every so often, and a forked tongue shot out with regularity. It carried a golden scepter in its scaly hands, which it used to poke the man on the throne with.

“Jerome, king of the fools, you ruled in splendor while your peasants suffered. When they were toiling, you were reveling. When they were weeping, you were laughing. When they were dying from lack of bread, you were feasting on rarities, and filling your belly with food. When they were penniless, you were hoarding vast stores of gold. You purchased rare paintings and finery, and collected precious stones. Your gold has perished with you. Since all you lived for on earth was wealth, you will now get to enjoy wealth to your heart’s content.”

Turning to the demon holding the large ladle, the reptile-like demon ordered: “Fill his belly with the stuff he craves.”

The smaller demon yanked King Jerome’s mouth open and poured in molten gold. The white-hot metal flowed into his throat and burned through his skin. Steve looked away and covered his eyes. The man screamed, but his scream was drowned out by the fiery metal. [Click here to check out the "Footnote" in Part 3 about the topic of Hell.]

A hand gently touched Steve’s shoulder. She looked up to see Jesus standing beside him. A sense of peace swept over his spirit and the fear faded away. Even though what he was witnessing was horrible, Steve knew that Jesus was with him and that he was safe in God’s hand.

Jesus spoke to the demons and commanded them to leave. In moments, they had retreated and faded into the surrounding smoke.

King Jerome sputtered and gasped for breath. His skin and organs were completely gone where his mouth, neck, lungs, and stomach should be. The ribs of his charred skeleton were visible, as were his mouth and neck vertebrae. He screamed in pain, and then clenched his teeth as he reached into where his stomach would be to pull out the gold, which was now hot metal chunks. After he threw the chunks away, his fingers were severely burned, so that skin started falling off. But, in about half a minute, the skin and organs formed and filled in, until he was restored to how he had looked before.

Then, he looked at Jesus and the angels. His hateful eyes glared at them, especially at Jesus, for a few seconds before he spoke.

“You are the reason I am down in this horrible inferno. I have no reason why I should be down here, Jesus. I was a faithful Catholic. I prayed to the Virgin Mary and faithfully attended the mass. I gave tithe of all my possessions, and I gave alms to the poor on a regular basis. As a king, I could have killed people who insulted me, but I instead put them in prison and confiscated some of their property. Other kings would torture those who dare insult them, but I would not. I even abolished torture for the good of My people. The Archbishop praised me as a godly king and a friend of the church. I even donated money to help fund the building of a cathedral. I purchased indulgences to keep myself from purgatory. But, now I am in Hell, and not purgatory. I have since learned that purgatory was a lie of the devil to deceive poor Catholics like me. I am suffering greatly. But, you don’t care. You enjoy suffering, I think.”

“Jerome, you were a king that trusted in your own works, and who coveted what others had. Your love was for pride, the delights of the world, and the wealth you could gain through taxing your people and by way of borrowing from wealthy merchants, who you had no intention of paying back. You would covet a man’s land and get it by way of falsely accusing him. He would protest, and you would say he was insulting you, and that he was a thief. You would then throw him in prison, without a trial, and take his land from his family.

“You are and were a thief, a glutton, a robber, and a covetous man. No one could say ‘no’ to you. You ruled people with an iron hand, and only showed mercy if it suited your tastes, or to make you feel better about yourself. You were very deceived to follow Catholicism because it teaches that by your own works you are ‘saved,’ and not just by My blood. My blood alone can save a person from their sins, and remove them from the judgment of Hell.

“You knew that truth because I showed it to you, but you ignored it. You thought your own works could save you. When I had a man preach that you must be born again, you had him arrested, and thrown in jail. You took all his money and put it into your stash. Out of curiosity, you visited his cell to ask him about salvation, and he told you plainly how to be saved, but you rejected it, thinking that your money would be lost if you make Me your Savior and Lord.

“Your folly is now manifest, for you are in Hell because of your wickedness, pride, deception, false works, blindness, and greed. I am grieved that you did not repent from your sins while on earth, but I know that you cannot, even now, truly repent from your sins. You hate Me and despise My people.

“You died hating Me and you still hate Me. People who owed money to you, you did not forgive them their debts, but you expected them to pay you back, with interest. You even changed how much the interest would be, so you cheated people out of more money than they first agreed to give you. You are a liar and a thief. And, no liar can enter Heaven, I am sad to say.”

Jesus turned away from King Jerome, and Steve saw tears run down his face. He gently led Steve away from the man. Steve looked back to see the two demons return. Jerome angrily cursed God and blasphemed Jesus, shouting at the top of his voice as the evil spirits took him by the arms and began stabbing him with knives. Steve turned away and felt deep sorrow for the man’s soul. “Why did he not repent when the preacher warned him?” he thought.

Suddenly, the surroundings vanished, to be replaced instantly by the nondescript room with the screen on one wall. Jesus was standing in front of Steve and looked at him with loving eyes.

“My son, Steve, I know how you are feeling. I will help you. This man hardened his heart against Me, and trusted in his Catholic religion to save him. He loved money, wine, women, and wealth. His focus was on the ways of this world, and on pleasing his flesh. I do not ask you to live like a hermit, but I want My children to not set their eyes on the world and its ways. Greed is very destructive. It leads to other sins, including murder, bitterness, fear, pride, indulging in worldly pursuits, ungodly pleasures, and many other sins.

“Greed is a wicked thing that My Church must forsake. I am calling out to them to repent, for I am coming soon to take My bride to Heaven, but I will have to send her through refining on earth to prepare her for her home in Heaven. The refining is in the form of trials on earth, such as the loss of a job, difficulties in the work place, difficulties with people or coworkers, and other problems. I allow these problems to arise so that My Church will seek Me through these difficulties. If they never experienced difficulties, and if they continued in sin, very few Christians would make it to Heaven.”

“Dear Jesus,” Steve asked his Lord, “why do Christians think that Hell is not a place for rebellious and ungodly former Christians to go? Why do they think Christians can’t fall away? I used to believe Christians couldn’t fall away because I was afraid of the repercussions of that doctrine.”

“My son, the reason they don’t believe what My Word says about the falling away is that it is a scary idea to them. They cannot fathom the thought that if they turn away from Me, they would have no place in Heaven. So, they weaved around the doctrine of the falling away, and have cleverly tried to say it only applied to people who claimed to be Christians, who never had a born-again experience, but who thought they did.

“This teaching has pervaded the Church that Christians cannot fall away if they were born-again. But, My Word says that thy do. That is why I warned My people to remove what it is that offends or leads them into sin, lest they are cast into Hell, by way of not choosing to forsake sin. I take no pleasure in seeing a wicked person die, nor do I take any pleasure when My people suffer as a result of their sins. If a man turns away from Me, and pursues idolatry, I will continue to call out to him, but if he does not repent, I cannot let him enter Heaven, because his sin would corrupt Heaven.

“He would not stop sinning in Heaven because he returned to his vomit of sin, which he had left earlier when he became a Christian. His vomit, or his sin, would look more appealing to him if he did not love My Word or Me. So, just look to Me, delight in My Word, and you will be blessed. Don’t try to work for Me. Just rest in Me and in what I did for you at the cross to save you, and to cleanse you from sin.

“Know that if you continue in sin, you cannot expect to continue in your relationship with Me, because your sin would come from a hardened heart, if you don’t repent from it. Repenting from sin means that you are recognizing that you are wrong and that you must forsake the sin. It is choosing to forsake the sin and depending on Me for the help to do that. I will bless you as you do that. That is correct, My son.”

“Dear Jesus,” Steve said as he glanced away from his kind face. He was trying to form a distinct question, but several questions were circling through his mind. Then one solidified in his mind. He thought it would be a hard question to ask God, but he wanted to know the truth.

“Yes, My son?” Jesus said.

“I wonder why so many people are in Hell, and fewer go to Heaven,” Steve said, trembling slightly.

Jesus touched him on the shoulders and peace returned to his soul, with the assurance that he was loved greatly by his God.  

“My son, the world is an evil place and men’s hearts are set in their ways. Few want to turn to Me and forsake all to follow Me. I call out to every person with the equal kind of love and grace that I speak of in My Word. I show no favorites because I have no respect to persons. I created all people in My image and likeness. I have not chosen some to go to Heaven and others to go to Hell against their own free will. For, I give every person a free will to choose life or death, and to choose obedience to My Word, or to reject My Word.

“Obedience means trusting in Me to save you from your sins. Disobedience ultimately means trusting in yourself to save yourself, and choosing the pleasures of sin for a season. If a person chooses disobedience and continues living in sin, even when I call out to them, they cannot enter Heaven, for they have rejected the only way of entering Heaven, and that is through Me, the Door.

“I am the Door. If anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved. But, those who seek to get into Heaven by their own works, or by way of a false religion, cannot enter because they are not entering by way of Me, the Door. Many choose to go in by another way because pride is more appealing to them than humility and trust, for pride is what many choose to go after. All they have to do is recognize their pride that I am convicting them about, and repent from it.

“I will help them if they recognize their need for Me. But, so many refuse to repent because they want their sin over Me. Even many Christians turn away from Me because they love this world more than they love Me. That is why I said that a servant cannot serve two masters. Either he will love the one, or he will despise the one, and love the other. You cannot serve God and mammon, which is the pleasures of this world and the pride of life. Mammon is money, but it is more than just money.

“For, the root of all evil is money or the greed for material gain. I am grieved with those who trust in their works to save them, and who follow after their flesh. They shall not inherit My Kingdom. The meek shall inherit My Kingdom. But, the proud shall be destroyed. I encourage My Church to seek Me and delight in Me, and all their needs will be met. And, I the LORD your GOD and loving Savior have spoken.”

Jesus touched Steve on his shoulder and said, “My son, let us go to another place where we will see judgment to fall on America, which has reaped for all its iniquity and for all its rebellion. This judgment will be strong, but I will call out to people until the end, and none shall perish, but those who will refuse to repent. And, I the LORD your GOD and Savior have spoken.”

Steve nodded, wondering where they would be headed next.


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