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Monday, August 7, 2017

The Dreamer Dreamed (A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 10) - Collapse -

The Dreamer Dreamed 
- The Visions of Judgment 

(A Story that Contains Prophetic Words from God) (Part 10)

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This is a short story about a young man named Steven who was given dreams 
from God that reveal truth God has shown me (the writer) that His Church needs 
to hear. Though this is written as fiction, the words spoken by Jesus are actual words 
that God showed me. So, this is not just a fictional work. It applies to our current 
world and to the Church. I encourage you to seek God about this to find out what He 
would show you about this story.

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Chapter 8

The Decline Leading to the Collapse

“My son,” Jesus said to Steve, “I will now show you some events that will lead up to the nuclear attacks on your nation. These events will shake your nation to the core, but your nation will not repent from its wicked ways, nor will your nation turn from its wickedness and pride. We will leave this concentration camp and move to another location.”

With that, Jesus took Steve’s hand and the formation of men, standing at attention, vanished from Steve’s eyes to be replaced, the next moment, with the sparkling interior of a mall concourse. People flowed through the corridor, going from shop to shop, visiting with each other, and enjoying the social interaction of friends and the pleasure of purchasing merchandise. Women with strollers, college students with iphones, cliques of teenagers, husbands with their wives, and children moved about in a sea of faces.

Steve and his Lord were about fifteen feet above the white, glossy floor, facing a large fountain that once bubbled up water over its descending troughs. But, the water had been shut off and a sign nearby read “Out of order”. Banners hung from the ceiling on long cables, proclaiming that store space was open at lower rates than before. Other banners some distance away indicated that new space would soon be available for any business or organization, regardless of political or religious association. Steve could tell that the mall ownership was desperate for attracting businesses or enterprises to lease floor space.

But, beside the advertisements, Steve didn’t notice anything different about the mall. Jesus touched him gently and pointed toward a shop in the mall just fifty feet away. Steve looked and his eyes opened wider. Nestled between a coffee shop and a footwear store lay a shop that sold Bibles and Christians books. He hadn’t expected to find a Christian establishment in the mall. Jesus touched his shoulder and they moved closer. Now, Steve could see that some people were inside, looking at the Bibles, thumbing through the pages. Both Steve and the Lord descended, and Jesus led the way into the shop. Once inside, Steve approached a black man who was reading from a King James Bible, just a few feet from the entrance. The man seemed to be very curious about what he was reading.

“Excuse me, sir,” Steve said, “may I ask you if you know how much that costs?”
The man looked up and turned to the back cover. He glanced over it quickly and then said, “The blood of William Tyndale and the saints before and after him. That was the price to translate this Bible.”

Steve frowned, confused at the cryptic words. “What do you mean?”

William Tyndale translated the Bible into the English language. And, the translators of the King James Bible based much of their work on his earlier translation, improving it in some areas. The saints before Tyndale suffered persecution at the hands of Catholics and others who despised the Bible, and who did not want it to be translated into the common language of the people. These poor saints had to go in hiding, copying earlier texts that they had with them.”

“How did William Tyndale’s blood get spilled?” Steve asked.

“He was martyred by being burned at the stake,” the man replied gravely.

He looked at Steve for a few moments. “You seem to be interested in the King James Bible. Would you like to have it?”

Steve was curious about the King James Version (KJV). He had read from it occasionally when visiting a friend’s house, but his own Bible was an Amplified Bible. He had heard some tell him that the KJV was hard to understand and old-fashioned. But, Steve was curious after hearing the man mention that someone had to die so that the KJV would be able to exist.

“I don’t have any money with me,” Steve said. “I left my wallet behind.”

The black man extended the King James Bible toward Steve and said, “You may have it. I have money with me to pay for it at the checkout.”

Steve took it and thanked the kind man.

“Steve, My son,” Jesus said as he appeared beside him, “I will now show you three months later. We will see this same mall, and you will see something that will surprise you.”

Jesus led Steve out into the main concourse. As they walked, Steve felt some sweat irritate his eyes, and he wiped his eyes with his fingers. When they were clear, he saw the same mall, but there were now more “Space Available” signs in vacant shops. There were fewer people bustling about. And, as Steve scanned over their faces, he noticed that most of them looked somewhat grim and sad. Gone were the laughter, the taking of photos, the jovial hubbub, and the profusion of open shops.

A man a few yards away was sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper. He wore a business suit and had nicely trimmed, dark hair. A large backpack was parked beside him on the polished floor. Every so often he would pull out his smart phone to check it before putting it back in his pocket. The man looked somewhat nervous and fairly depressed. He appeared to be in his forties. Somehow, Steve felt prompted to talk to him.

“Excuse me, sir, may I ask you a question?”

The man looked up at Steve, somewhat confuse. “Yes?”

“I don’t wish to be nosy, but I noticed you seemed to be anxious about something. Have you read something in the news that alarmed you?”

The man was somewhat taken aback by Steve’s question, but he said, “Oh, you’re fine. I’ve been following the stock market. It looks a little shaky. It dropped a hundred points--the S&P 500 dropped by that much. It was down by thirty points a couple days ago. I think the men on Wall Street are mistaken about their predictions. Certainly, the mainstream news is wrong.”

Steve thanked him and started to leave, but the man stood up and folded the newspaper quickly. Stepping forward, he said, “By the way, sir, may I ask a favor of you?”

“Sure,” Steve said, curious what he wanted.

“You seem to be a thoughtful person. Do you have any money to spare? I know it sounds strange for someone like me to ask for money. I would never have dreamed of doing that before my company failed. It went bust and I lost all my shares in the company. After the collapse, I couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage on my house, and it was foreclosed. Now, I’m homeless and in debt. I used up all my savings trying to search for a job and in paying off as much debt as I could, which is substantial. My phone bills are graciously paid for by my ex-wife, but she won’t let me stay at her apartment. We’re divorced.”

Steve felt sorry for the man. He was homeless and in debt. Steve didn’t know what to do or say. “I, I don’t have any dollar bills, but--” Steve stopped in mid-sentence and noticed something felt different about his right pocket. Something had suddenly dropped into his pocket. He reached in and felt metal coins. Pulling them out, Steve saw two gold coins in his fingers. They were nondescript and shiny. No serial numbers or features could be seen in their gleaming faces. “Where did these come from?” Steve wondered to himself.

“You may give them to the man, My son,” Jesus’s voice came to Steve.

Steve opened his hand and extended the coins. When the man saw them, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

“These are for you. They are a gift from God,” Steve said as he handed the homeless man the coins.

“Where did you get these from?” the man said as he handled the gold coins, turning them over in his fingers.

Before Steve could answer, the man said, “They have no inscriptions, but I would guess they are at least one troy ounce apiece.” Looking up, the homeless man said, “You don’t have to give me these. You should sell them.”

“I want you to have them,” Steve said, warmly.

“These will help me a lot,” the man said as he reached out to shake Steve’s hand. “Thank you for your generosity. My name is Paul.”

“I’m Steve,” he said, shaking Paul’s hand.

“Would you like to correspond by email?” Paul asked. “This gift really will help me out.”

“I would like to, but I need to ask God about that,” Steve said. “Please don’t take offense. I just want to follow God’s guidance.”

“I understand,” Paul said. “I am a Christian, but I got very weak in my faith. I was pursuing financial investment and my career. I didn’t put much time into God, but I want to.”

“God will help you, but God always tells me to rest in Him. God doesn’t want us to work for Him, only rest in Him.”

“I’ll try to do that,” Paul said with more cheerfulness than before. “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome. But, thank God more than you thank Me. He provided it for you when you needed it. He will provide for all your needs,” Steve said. “Didn’t Jesus say, ‘But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.’ ?”

Paul looked thoughtful. “I haven’t read the Gospels in awhile. I’ll read that. Where is that verse?”

“It’s Matthew 6:33,” Steve said. “Jesus was speaking to His disciples about not worrying about tomorrow, but just trusting in God for daily food, clothing, and all concerns.”

After a few more parting words, Steve left Paul and walked just a few yards before Jesus suddenly appeared beside Steve. The people walking nearby paid no attention to Jesus, or they didn’t see Him.

“My son,” Jesus said, “let us go to another location. There, I will show you a scene that will unleash chaos in your country. This chaos will usher in martial law, and the martial law will provoke great turmoil and unrest in areas not policed by soldiers. Let us go to New Orleans. There, you will witness something that will shock you, like I have spoken of earlier.”


Steve was instantly taken to a street in New Orleans surrounding a tall monument, which was illuminated by some base lights. At the top of a large pillar a statue stood with a posture that gave the impression he thought he owned the city. Steve and the Lord hovered about twelve feet above the street. Below them, surrounding the hill on which the monument was built, glow-sticks, flares, cell-phone lights, and flashlights formed a sea of lights surrounding the monument. Crowds of people spread out from the monument and into adjoining streets, going as far as Steve could see. A forest of protest signs swayed back and forth and hopped up and down, among the crowds. People were chanting various slogans, in unison. Some shouted, “Raise our pay!” Others shouted, “Liberty from the Fed!” Another group shouted, “Stop the U.N.!”

Police were among them, arranged in lines. Other police, wearing riot gear, were starting to assemble nearby.

“What is happening here?” Steve asked Jesus.

“My son,” Jesus said, “these people are protesting the policies of the current administration. They are also expressing their anger over what they perceive to be unfair and unjust treatment, and the poor economy that will exist in America in the near future. They are blaming the current administration for all their problems, and want to get the president out of office. They will seek to protest until their voices are heard, and then, they will get violent when they see that the government can do nothing for them. I will now show you this same area a few months later.”

Steve and Jesus were now in a different part of the same meeting place for the protesters. Below them, Steve could see thousands of protesters throwing down their signs and rushing en masse toward the police. Many were equipped with baseball bats and chunks of concrete. They began throwing the heavy objects at close range, and some of the officers fell over. Police and protesters clashed violently. Bats swung and contacted with shields and helmets. Police truncheons connected with muscles and heads. Tear gas and pepper spray filled the air. Fists flew, and legs kicked, and Molotov cocktails burst into flame, causing people to scatter near the blazes.

As the violence intensified, some men wearing Halloween masks entered the fray and pulled out machine pistols from their belts. Bullets sprayed into the police lines and scores of officers collapsed to the ground, gasping in pain. Blood started to flow in to the streets. Steve was utterly shocked. He didn’t expect to see such violence. As he watched, thousands of people began screaming and running for their lives, creating a stampede. Many were trampled underfoot. Sirens began wailing.

The police opened fire on the armed men, but more officers were gunned down by rooftop assassins and thugs hidden within the crowds. The fight was going poorly for the law enforcement. Armed gangs were now entering the scene and were killing people left and right, both protesters and police. Men began breaking into businesses and looting valuables inside. In the mayhem, hundreds of people died, and many more were wounded.

The scene suddenly changed and Steven found himself in a coffee shop beside a table. Subdued lights in decorative cones cast buttery light on the glossy surface of the wood-textured table. People chatted in the background from nearby tables, but what drew his attention came from a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. It displayed helicopter footage of mayhem, the very mayhem he had just witnessed. Lines of text appeared at the bottom of the screen.

A news anchor was explaining the situation, some hours after the chaos first erupted. The anchor spoke of police officers being gunned down by armed men, who apparently had machine pistols, which had high rates of fire and could be easily concealed. They might have been part of gangs or criminal organizations. SWAT teams sought to take them out, but most had hurried off into alleys, side streets, and some escaped into the sewer. Their identities were unknown, except for two individuals who had been arrested. One was a member of a street gang. The other came from Mexico. Both refused to talk to the police or FBI.

“What is going on here?” Steve asked Jesus.

“My son, you are seeing the situation that began as a protest against the government, and against certain unfair or unjust practices, turn into violent and unruly mobs. The people were filled with demons to do what they did. The group of mask-wearing individuals were members of various gangs that agreed to work together to fight the police.

“They were sick of their lives and poor living conditions, and wanted to get vengeance or take matters into their own hands. But, they committed murder because they desire to cause suffering to others due to their fear, bitterness, and pride. They were bitter at Me and at their mothers and fathers, who abandoned them. I did not abandon them. But, they felt that I had. And, because they were very hurt and angry about it, they decided they would take their pain out on other people.

“By way of their actions of murder, pride, and bitterness, these people are sending a message to America that the reign of relative ease for most Americans is over. From here on, America will experience calamity after calamity, as I warn America and plead with her. Judgment shall be unleashed in stronger doses on America because it is resisting Me, and following after falsehoods and lies. Very few Christians in this country are truly humble over their sins, and very few want to know Me personally. I am grieved with this. I shall show them the truth that they are lacking, and bring to their spirits, hearts, and minds what I want them to do about this. I love you very much, My son. Now, we will go to a different location.”


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